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  1. Pride Lionheart

    Vaxattack MIA

    Thanks for letting us know. Have a great time !!
  2. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Snurff - Introduction / Application

    Heya Paul and welcome, glad that Devon and Phil lured you in. It was good talking to you last night. When you say werewolf are you refering to Fippy Darkpaw? That bastard still owe's me a full set of leather armor for my druid and a decent staff, corpse decay was the worst.
  3. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Into - Crazyzora44

    Welcome to SoH I have sent you a message with a lot of vital information, please read it and follow the instructions you find there. Feel free to reach out and jump in, this is about as friendly a guild as you'll ever encounter.
  4. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Inro - Cramzi

    Hello and welcome, I have sent you a welcome message in your forum mail. Please read it and follow the directions you'll find there. I also noticed your not registered in mumble and you'll find information about that in the message I sent as well. Please jump in get involved and have fun !
  5. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Intro - Vomitory

    Heya Vom, good to see you again. We didn't get to play much together in GW2 because I didn't care for the PvE content there. I hope to right that wrong here in Wildstar where the PvE content is proving to be much more fun and challenging, at least IMO.
  6. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Introduction - Codepage9

    Welcome to the forums Someone will be along shortly to update your forum status. We have many couples in the guild and it's funny how many play that combo. One of the things we do is have each member of the couple post their own introduction thread, so Serenade will need to post her own. I know it's different as many of us couples always app together but having each person make their own helps us get to know people better. We don't just want to know the gamer we want to know the person behind the keyboard. I am sure others will have many questions for you, I look forward to see you both in game.
  7. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Intro - Exxel

    Hey welcome, I'd ask questions but servers are coming up.
  8. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Intro - Kazyn

    Welcome Who's the best Villain of all time?
  9. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Intro / Application to Join - Soularpower & Ducgirl

    Always love seeing another couple coming in. Congratulations on the baby !! If you need help with names let us know, I am sure we are full of good idea, like Jade Starkiller, or maybe Max Levels of yeah that's good one or for a girl Anna May. Anyway we are here to help. You're a monster hunter, which one are you going after and why? Bigfoot or Loch Ness monster.
  10. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Intro/application

    I am psychic ^^
  11. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Intro/application

    Welcome to the forums !! Someone will be along shortly to update you to guest status so you can access more of the forums.
  12. Pride Lionheart

    Voice Server

    Currently there is not Nine, many of us are floating and working on getting ready for Wildstar release. Don't worry though we have a plan and we will get you taken care of shortly.
  13. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Intro - Jabbers

    Welcome to the forums !! Someone will be along to update you too guest status shortly so you'll be able to access more of the forums. Nice to see you have early access, you will be in good company. 39 hmm, who was your favorite 80's hair band? Did you have big hair, if so do you have pictures of it? Is your prom picture backdrop an off shade of blue with balloons in it?
  14. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Intro -- Druthia

    Welcome to the forums !! I look forward to meeting playing with you. Pssst, if it come down to healing me or those other guys ^ in PvP, pick me.
  15. Pride Lionheart

    Wildstar Intro - Avenge

    Welcome and are you a real Pirate?