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  1. Hey all! I'm back after 10 months of offline training in the queue. If you'll have me back, I'd love to rejoin! I've been sitting in the station, so it will be pretty easy for me to get up and going and join you all. Thanks! Wuzin
  2. In-game Nickname: Artaxerxes Race: Mechari Class: Warrior Focus: PvE DPS (Could have a tanking build and gear on the side if needed). Professions: Armorer, Master Crafter (Currently working on getting the crafting vouchers to learn the Adventus armor set). I'm applying to your guild by reference of Darlantan. I played with him and 3 other of your members in a Crimelords of Witevale veteran run. The run was smooth and fast wich peak my interest to join your guild since I still don't have one. My goal is to experience end-game content including veteran adventures, veteran dungeon, 20-man raids and 40 man raids. I'm pretty focused on clearing content, don't mind the wipes and repair bills, and you will get no drama from me. I'm not really a PvP guy, I joined a PvP server because my friends selected this server and I followed them but I guess I could also do some PvP on the side if its required. I tried to include all the information that seemed relevant at the moment. Some of your guild members played with me and that could be reference to my skills if needed. I'm not talkign about stats yet since I've only been lvl 50 for 2 days and still need to gear up. I guess this is it. Thank you for your consideration.
  3. Our contact was Musushi. I'm Codepage9, I've got extensive gaming experience in RPG, FPS, and turn based/real time strategy. I was a secondary tank for hardcore raiding guild <tys> horde side on Spirestone (starting on Runetotem) from Burning Crusade to Wrath of the Lich King (I quit Feb 3rd, 2009 due to the game negatively effecting my education). I was also the founder of the Day of Defeat clan (pie) of [RFSS].(pie). We ran four 32-player 24/7 map servers that pretty much remained full except between 3-8am, and lasted for ~2 years before the release of DoD:S caused a rift among our players. I'll hold off and listing the rest of my gaming history. I'm a software engineer and make for a good field commander. NWMSerenade is my other half, she's far more sociable and easy going than I. She usually makes up the healing half of our tank/healing combo in these sorts of games. She's going to be going back to college soon so her raiding may be sporadic. She has played WoW, GW, GW2, KOTOR, and the NWN MMO. Neither of us mind getting split for raids and we're both really huge nerds. I hope we can work together TO CRUSH THE REBEL SCUM, HAHAHAHAHA. With love and lasers, Codepage9
  4. Hello, My name is Oxidious, long time gamer. My friends and I are always looking for a good PVE/PVP (especially WPVP) MMO to play, and have been constantly let down. Wildstar finally seems to be a game to fit the bill, and after the beta we are all excited to play. After deciding on the game the grueling task of finding a guild began, after alot of research we decided South of Heaven felt like the right fit, Vansung and Mobilefiber have already applied, now it is my turn. A little about myself, I am 35 and the Director of IT for a development firm in Ohio and I have a 2 1/2 year old. I have been gaming for fun and competitively for the better part of 17 years. Starting with Quake through Counterstrike I played near the top levels never making to the very top (this is very hard to admit LOL). In relation to MMOs I have played nearly all of the major ones, from the original Everquest to Tera. In Everquest I was an officer in Legacy of Steel, one of the 3 most successful guilds on the planet, I actually recruited Tigole (Jeff Kaplan), who would eventually become leader, followed by a much smaller accomplishment…Game Director and Vice President at Blizzard (whatever that title means). As with Everquest, in the games where I devoted a decent amount of time, I found myself as one of the main healers with guilds at the top echelon of progression, Warhammer, DDO, Rift, and WoW (pre-WoLTK) were the games where I ended up playing at high levels, but not never really as high as Everquest. Later during my MMO career, I began PVPing and found an excitement and accomplishment level just as high as when I played FPS games competitively. Since then it has been a mix bag, I still enjoy WoW arenas 2v2 and 3v3 (although being a priest is no where near what it once was), and I casually raid in a my own guild of 12 (we are 13/14 normal 10man), but we just started raiding 6 months ago when 4 or 5 of us decided to come back. After having my son, and my career taking flight my time to game is no where near what it once was, so for me the 2 most important things in a guild are: 1) the people I game with, they have to be laid back and fun, 2.) there needs to be a possibility of top end content (pvp or pve) with limited amount of time to game (mostly weeknights after 9pm EST) you want to get the most out of the time as possible. As for Wildstar I will be playing a Mechari Medic (no surprise there) down the Scientist path (group reinforcement summon anyone?) and am really looking forward to gaming with a group of good guys and gals. Hope I make the cut! -Oxi
  5. Hello SoH, My real name is Tommy and I am interested in joining your guild. I am 30 years old and married. I live in Louisiana and work as a petroleum engineer. My MMO experience is in both Guild Wars 2 and WoW. I primarily payed WoW and used to be in a hardcore progression guild with mandatory attendance back when i had much more time to play the game 2006-2010. From 2010 on I looked for guilds that were a little more laid back but still had quality players that could understand boss mechanics and enjoyed progressing and playing together. From what i have read about this guild it sounds like a good group of people that i believe i would be a good fit for. The Raid times for Wildstar are perfect for me and will be able to have good attendance. I still have not decided what i am going to roll as my main yet. In WoW my main was in enhancement/elemental Shaman named Shudz on kel'thuzad server. So I am leaning towards stalker or Warrior, but have also thought about spellslinger. I would be interested in any discussion or opinions on what other people think about these classes or if the guild has more need for one over the other. Please let me know if you have any additional questions for me and I look forward to hearing from you. Tommy H.
  6. At the suggestion of Commander Tyrlis I submit this application for membership. My real name is Brandon... I am an RN and I live in the Seattle, WA area. I am an old school gamer. I am 35 and have been playing video games my whole life. My fav genre(s) tend to be FPS and RPG's, though I dabble in them all. I play GW2 alot... I have 5 games I downloaded/pre-oredered from Steam that I havent even played yet because of this @#*& game! So here I am... ask or chop away... however you guys do this thing Fremen_Aleph
  7. Oh Hi! I didn't see you there! Let me just draw my swords and I'll show you what these beauties can do! As you've probably already figured, I am a Fury Warrior, currently 528 ilvl, and am very interested in your guild, therefore am applying to it. I'll use the next few paragraphs to get the official stuff out of the way and then we'll get to the fun part! I do know what you're not recruiting until you get Lei Shen down, but I'll take the chance to drop my application now anyway Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thrall/Ragebarr/advanced Current Interface (in combat) http://i.imgur.com/EG4Gfra.jpg Recent Parses http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/zjzjdanqhxt0rkwt/ http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/am2r7tw5o8c7bebk/ http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/eaiqgv92e5v6kxlq/ All logs form my current guild: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/129435/ I would like to add that should you chose to review my logs, I would really appreciate any feedback, be it positive or negative, as it would present for me an opportunity to get better. Alright, now we can jump into the fun stuff! Who am I - As a player I am a warrior at heart. WoW is currently the game I'm playing the most, and whereas I can play any class to a decent level if I need to, there is nothing I enjoy as much as DPSing as a Fury Warrior. I can play Arms and Prot when needed, though. I also currently have at max level an undergeared Blood/UH/Frost Dk (aroudn 500 ilvl) and a very undergeared Ele/Resto shaman (around 470 ilvl) but I can play both of those if needed, even if they are nowhere near as fun to play as Ragebarr. My goal as a player is to always be the best I can. The only person I'm trying to be better than every week is myself. If for a given week I do worse than I did the week before then I have failed. No matter which toon I'm playing though, I am almost always in-game if I'm home. I love to do anything in this game, from soloing old content to running old raids with friends for funs. I make bad puns in guild chat and I like to pick at people I play with. The other games I am currently playing are Mass Effect (the full trilogy), Diablo 3 from time to time and Starcraft 2 when I feel like being bad at an RTS. I'll also add that I am currently the warrior moderator on the Ivy-Vein forums, dealing mostly with everything related to Fury. I am currently maintaining a small Fury Guide over there that you can check out at http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/1797-53-fury-warrior-tips-talents-and-gear-questions/ I have gotten this moderator spot not because I know everything about Fury warriors, but because when there is something I don't know I always want to learn about it. There is no better feeling than going to bed at night knowing you've learned about something new today, be it a new tip on how to use your CD's as a warrior, a new math concept or the dangers of ionic radiation. Who am I - As a human My name is Guillaume Lavoie-Harvey, I am a french Canadian currently living in Montreal, Quebec. I'm currently a student in Software Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal, which is known to be one of the bests (if not the best) engineering school in Canada. If you wonder, I can assure my school schedule will not interfere with raiding. I've been raiding for the past 2 years and never had to miss a raid due to university issues. As you may have guessed, English is my 2nd language, French being my native one. I still think I'm able to handle English pretty well Moving away from gaming, I enjoy going on Bike rides every now and then (in early june this year I went on a 3 days trip with only a backpack and a tent and it was awesome) and I love swimming. Other than that I'm not a big fan of sports (I do watch hockey, because I am canadian). Last but not least, my native french language has given me something a lot of people I've raided with (especially females) have called a "Sexy French Accent". What am I doing here? I've decided to apply to South of Heaven because this guild is basically the guild I've been dreaming for. Now, I know this sounds childish, but let me explain: Ever since I started playing WoW mid-Wotlk I've looked up at heroic raiders kind of in awe. Always getting the first kills, always having to overcome the biggest challenges, and being in a spot where 25 people have to be *together* to make things happen. The moment I started playing WoW, I said to myself: "This is what I want to be". However, I simply don't want to commit to raiding 5-6 days a week to get those harder heroic kills. I play WoW often enough that I could, in theory, raid 7 days a week, however I want to have the possibility to have an outside life. I mean, I have 1 real life friend and tons of other games to play! from what I've seen and gathered, you guys raid with a small, thight schedule, which would work perfectly with my current lifestyle and you get the kills which I've always wanted to be a part of. Also, I want to raid something bigger than 10 man. I want to feel the epicness of killing a boss not with 24 other players, but with 24 friends. I am not looking for a guild only to get loot or kills. They are part of the game, and I'm up to the challenge, but what I am really looking for is a place I can call home. I am not a guild or team hopper, and should you recruit me, I am there to stay. I've been in my current guild for 95% of my WoW career (The guild did change of name and leadership in march this year but the core is the same) and I plan on finding a new place where I can spend the rest of my WoW days. Why am I leaving my current guild & team? The main reason why I am currently leaving my current guild is a feeling of unhappiness. Raid Leading has taken its toll on me, and I want to be able to focus on playing my warrior to its limits in a place where I won't have to micro-manage 9 other people in order to get bosses down (and that was on normal). Now that we're pushing heroics, I simply cannot micro manage every player anymore, therefore our progression has pretty much come to a stop. As long as we had been progressing I was relatively happy, even if I almost had to tell the Disc in my team when to PW:Shield but I am now at a point where more and more members of my team are holing me back. As I said, I strive for something better but I simply cannot achieve it where I am. I have close to 0 heroic experience, why should you still give me a chance? I'll start this part by putting this out of the way: My raiding experience is almost only 10 man normal. Yet, I still believe I can be a good addition to your roster. The reason behind it being that I strive on new challenges, and that I adapt quickly and efficiently to any new situation. On top of that, I firmly believe my raiding background gives me an edge over other people: I started raiding mid-Dragon Soul in a *very* casual raiding guild. For me this was a first step into raiding. After stepping up to notify the Raid Leader of some underperforming members he ended up ragequitting the guild (the underperforming member was a healer which happened to be his wife) and the leftover raiders asked me to raid lead. It is a spot I've been holding for about a year and a half now, with a decent amount of success: I made our team go from 8/8N to 6/8H in Dragon Soul in about a month (Though with the nerfs I would dare to say DS didn't count as any kind of progression) and in MoP I transformed a team which had trouble killing Stone Guards (Normal) in MV to a team that is currently pushing heroics. My raid leading experience can help me adapt faster to new situations, and makes it easier for me to see the encounter situation as a whole instead of tunneling only parts of it. However, as I said before, I am not interested in taking the flag of raid leader again. I also believe that being able to concentrate on playing my own character, instead of micro-managing everyone, will only allow me to improve. I am also a fast learner, and once I ifgure something out, I never fail at it again. On top of everything, I am a very dedicated raider. In the past 2 years of raiding I've been late to a raid once due to a car accident and I missed a raid night once due to a power blackout. If I join, I can promise a 99%+ attendence. 3 reasons I'm a better raider than dancer: I have better hand dexterity than feet dexterity. When I hear the word "Dance" the first thing I think of is Will of the Emperor. When I learned how to shuffle (the dance) I forgot it in 2 weeks, whereas I still remember my spot for the lightning phase on Heroic Hagara. Thank you for taking the time to read my application, and I look forward to talking with you more and answering all the questions you may have for me. Best of luck on Lei Shen, Ragebarr
  8. Maes

    GW2 - Maes

    Hello! Aloha! Guten tag! I answer to Maes mainly and occasionally Maesy, M, M-dawg, "The artist formally known as M," and Gregor. And that intro was the most interesting part about me so don't expect much past this. When I am not getting yelled at by Mina for probably doing something wrong in her mind or not carrying her on a chariot I am decently proficient with every class sans necro in both pve & pvp, though I main and started with a guardian. However, my proficiency in pvp is much less, because while strategy and tactics is my forte my willingness to throw that away and throw caution to the wind is greater. Clearly I am babbling so in closing: I look forward to playing with you all. ...I probably could of worded that better, but whatever.
  9. Mina

    GW2 - Mina

    Hi guys My name is Judy and my main is Mina Aino. I was the defacto guild leader of Vicimus until we PvEed the world and got slightly burnt out on the game... and abandoned all my babies. I sent them to the loving arms of SoH knowing that you guys would take good care of them. I went back to playing League of Legends for a while until I realized I missed the GW2 community... so here I am! I have a lv 80 ranger and Necro and PvE and WvW... (Mostly PvE... the only time I ever seriously WvW was when I run with SoH or run around as tonics) I'm coming back into the game, and since most of my core guildies joined SoH - I didn't want to be that guy and try to steal all of them back so I decided to join the "dark side" (*cough*Hunt*cough*) instead. I have talked to a lot of the guild before and ran dungeons with a lot of you so I hope you guys remember me and will welcome me into the guild I'm looking forward to running around WvW with Tyrlis again and I'm up for running dungeons any time.
  10. Good Evening I'll keep this short for you guys Armory= http://us.battle.net...zenorb/advanced Wowheroes(with links to logs and ranks)= http://www.wow-heroe...aver/Frozenorb/ Main tank at guilds - Cue the Credits 10/25m heroics Cataclysm 2010-2012 Easily Distracted 10M heroics 2012-2013 Reasons for leaving, - raid disbanded due to low attendances My interstes in the guild Core leadership 25man Competitive attitude What I bring to the table Attendance stability Comeptitive natured tank thick skin grit backup internet connection raid geared dps offspec What I do I am employed as a plumber in Alberta, Canada I record first kills and post with some editing My POV Heroic Primordius Kill Availability Immediate , with an empty lockout you can contact me at Deanr#1619
  11. A little different format than I am use to, forgive the lack of organization/etc, not really sure what info you are looking for. Current Info/Gear: 524ilvl equipped warlock Raid lead experience since Ulduar 25m (aware of all fight mechanics regardless if it directly effects my play-style or not) Have mumble/vent installed, and a 75m-vent owned if needed. Current Raiding Experience: 12/12 normal content (10m) 1/13 HM normal content (10m), with 2 other HM bosses attempted and not killed. Current guild has a quite a few very good progression raiders that have been active since TBC, however some have been unsubbed and inactive for some time, brought back to the game by friends that still played (the group has stayed in contact out of game via phone/email/etc since TBC). When we formed in 5.2 we killed 12/12 in 4 hours without much research into fight mechanics. Our current life schedules don't match up very well to put together a solid raid group every week to put time into HM bosses and learn the mechanic changes etc... - 5/12HM in 5.1 before nerfs (10m, with a different guild than 5.2, mostly pugs from trade chat that could make our raid times). Guild at the time had a mindset of "former progression raiders turned casual" so we only raided a couple hours a night for 2-3 nights a week depending on people's availability and work schedule. When we decided to "do some HMs" it was strictly out of boredom and we got 4/5 in a couple hours without really practicing/knowing mechanic changes outside of watching fights on icy-veins/fatboss or looking at dungeon journal. - Firelands: 6/7 HM before nerfs, with most of the same guild as from 5.1, minus a few pick-ups from trade that didnt stick around for 5.0/5.1, 7/7hm for awhile and sold 7/7hm runs for mount before it was a freebee. - DS: 6/8HM before any nerf, 8/8HM at first nerf. Pretty much same group of people as firelands minus a couple people that didn't play at the time, had a couple we picked out of trade chat that stuck around. - Info that isn't that recent: Naxx10/25 was my entry into raiding on Illidan, I changed to Cho'gall because of latency problems at the time to Illidan that I thought I could fix via server transfer because Cho'gall was hosted in the same state as I lived. Ulduar is where I actually got serious raiding. Previous to those, I PVP'd with my brother who initially introduced me to world of warcraft. I played Warcraft I,II,III and stopped gaming, didn't hear about WoW until he mentioned it. I did BG's/arenas (even earned challenger) back when I didn't know what a macro was or how to install add-ons (as I said, it was my introduction into the game.) I started raiding when a couple friends I had met in the game (through PVP and on the realm) thought I had 'potential.' I ended up their main tank and raid leading once i understood what raiding was about. We ran a 25m-guild with a 15 man roster, pugging the others out of trade chat each week, and ended up one of the top 5 horde progression guilds on the server (Cho'gall has almost always been horde-centered since I started playing) C Personal: I am 30 years old. I work in the technology industry as a web designer/programmer/developer/etc. My work schedule does not change, and I can easily make your raid schedule (tues-thurs 8:00-11:00 as i understand it.) My day usually starts at 8am or so and ends around 3:30 so I am pretty flexible about raid times and the need to stay late on a progression boss when we are close etc... My Goals: To be honest, I do not want to spend 7 days week to be in a progression-minded environment. I would enjoy being around players that are like-minded and take advantage of the time we have to raid and not waste it. I have a good sense of humor, have no problem taking criticism, and in previous raiding experience have not given much reason for criticism. I usually analyze recount/skada/world of logs to see where my own faults or activity can be more efficiency, as well as look at efficiency of others. My most recent WoL info is probably at: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/219815/ which is the WoL i have ran since 5.0 (i think, a few other guildies ran it some times that i may have not)
  12. Hey all, I'm Derek from Indiana. I've been playing MMOs for... well close to 8 years now. I'm 24 years old with a BS in History. I've been playing GW2 since the first beta weekends, with a few months off in the middle for some soul searching. (read: girlfriend and other video games). I like to consider myself a very laid back person, but when it's time to get a job done I am definitely your man. I used to Co-GM my long time guild in WoW and have had years of experience raid leading. But that is kind of in the past. Now, I just like to be told what to do and enjoy the games. Souls Assassin is the SoH member who tipped me off to this delightful little group. Apparently, he shadowed me in game for a while during some Timer Bosses and declared me a competent gamer (which is really awesome to hear from someone not myself <3). He pointed me in the direction of this fine site, and after reading through all the different 'About Us' kind of topics you all sound pretty great. I have no problem being a contributing member to this guild. Anyway, look forward to hearing from you! -Derek PS: My current play schedule tends to be in the late evenings. I work tech support from 12-8:30 EST so my play doesn't really tend to start until about 10ish. Tues/Wed are my days off.
  13. hey my name's jun and people usually call me tj,i'm not much of a writer and i may have flaws in terms of grammar and such since english isn't really my first language,huntyre sent me here for registering approval,i'm 20 this year currently studying in feng chia university of taiwan,born and raised in malaysia,stopped playing gw2 for about half a year now,joined back because of so much new content being released into the game since i last played,currently looking for a better guild than my last one that could actually respond to my questions and such since i've missed out alot of stuff,i'm much a PVE person since i needed gold and such for so many new stuff,but after i'm satisfied with skins and stuff i'll be pvp-ing all day long,i have a history of playing command and conquer titles,dota,league of legends(rookie league silver division 1st runner up),dead space 3 and pretty much an overall gamer.
  14. Hello everyone reading this from South of Heaven! My name is Brian, although I have been going by Fixall both in games and on forums for almost the last decade. I hope you don't mind me using a basic application template so as to help me keep track of my thoughts. Name: Brian Age: 29 Timezone: Pacific Standard Real ID: Fixall#1351 Character: Fixall Armory Link: http://us.battle.net...Fixall/advanced Screenshot Link: http://i28.photobuck...nspath/ui.jpg�� My self portrait and target addon was disabled in this screen shot. Otherwise that's my basic set up. I'll be making some changes to it however when I am consistently running 25 man raids. About me: I just turned 29 a few days ago (scary). I was diagnosed with pretty severe Gastroparesis about three years ago and have to spend a lot of my time in the house. Previous interests have included basically anything dangerous and stupid; from skydiving to backpacking trips to areas people tend to avoid. Current circumstances have caused me to focus more on getting my adrenaline rush from raiding. Other current hobbies include computers and their many components and I currently make a living consulting and building computers for personal use. Philosophy on raiding: My attitude towards raiding is "work smart, not hard". What I mean by that is I like to go into a fight with a well planned strategy as well as an understanding of all known mechanics. I feel this goes a long way towards shortening an individuals learning curve which is what seems to hold 25 man guilds back the most. With that being said... I am in no way discouraged by long nights of wiping. As I hope my raid history shows... I am not a stranger to difficult content and have spent many a raid night throwing myself at a boss until all the tweaks to our strategy are worked out. Many of my favorite boss fights have involved several raid nights of wiping such as; Mimiron Firefighter, heroic Anub'Arak (ToGC), and recently Heroic Vizier (tanks had to learn the dance!). Addons I most rely on for raiding are: Weak Auras - Whether it be to track a debuff placed on myself or tracking a cooldown, I find this addon pretty much indispensable. TellMeWhen - I use this as a backup to Weak Auras. It's a nice addon when you want to quickly add something to your track list without having to worry about the icons and strings of Weak Auras. Grid - I enjoy how customizable these raid frames are (although the Vuhdo out of range tool is making a case for itself lately). I also use Grid Corner and Side Icons as well as Raid Debuff Icons in conjunction with this addon. Clique - I use this as well as a combination of keybinds and mouseover macros for my spells. *Addons I use for raiding but could live without* Quartz - Mainly used for latency tracking of my casts. Bartender - Moved action bars for efficiency. ICEHUD - Easy mana and health tracking. Mik's Scrolling Battle Text - Easier access to combat numbers, cooldowns, etc. DeadlyBossMods - Useful for farm content. I often find it a hindrance to progression for myself though. World of Logs parses: http://www.worldoflo...4&e=4924#Fixall http://www.worldoflo...0&e=3345#Fixall http://www.worldoflo...6&e=4849#Fixall The first log is a 10 man log of Heroic Garalon. I didn't choose it because I hold the third highest world Holy Priest rank for that fight, but because we two healed it with a Resto Shaman who had never seen the fight and it went the whole 7 minute duration. I feel this is a good representation of my adaptability in stressful situations as well as my ability to maximize my healing while in spec that isn't know for sustainability. The second and third logs are from Modern's recent switch to 25 man raiding. They are first and second kills of those particular bosses so I think they show my performance in both a brand new tier as well as how I adapted to the change to 25 mans in both the Holy and Disc specs. Guild History: My past guilds with Fixall have consisted of <Thats What She Said> on Mannoroth. This is the guild I progressed through Karazhan through Ulduar with. My fondest memories in WoW come from the period I was with this guild. I left this guild as it became a casual guild as the majority of the officer base quit the game. I still have alts in this guild and continue to talk to past and current members. After that I was in <Malevolent> (the name was later changed to <Whatever>) for Trial of the Crusade through the Frozen Throne. There was a rather large falling out that I don't know a lot about. I logged in one day to the message that a lot of people had left and they would be converting to 10 man. I left the game until MoP when that happened as I was pretty disheartened.. When I came back to the game I hung around in <Thats What She Said> until I was picked up by <Incite> on Mannoroth. After spending a few weeks in <Incite> the ten man raiding core split off from the guild and started <Endurance> to prepare to transfer off of Mannoroth onto Stormreaver in hopes of converting to a 25 man guild. When we transferred to Stormreaver, <Endurance> was already taken so we became <Modern>. I am leaving <Modern> as they are going to downsize back to ten man to push progression as hard as possible. They would like me to stay, and I would love to continue to raid with them but unfortunately they want to switch to a 5-7 day raid week and that along with downsizing to 10 man doesn't sit very well with me. I will be leaving on good terms and spent a portion of my time as an officer in there. Raiding Experience: I started raiding on Fixall as my main back in the Burning Crusade. I finished the tier in the Sunwell Plateau, having cleared all content from Karazhan through Black Temple before the patch hit. I was working on Twin Emps when 3.0 was released. I took a small break from the game to focus on my health while my guild went on to clear Sunwell before the WotLK expansion dropped. I came back to the game at the towards the end of Naxx. On the 25 man side of things I progressed through all of Ulduar except Algalon pre nerf. In 10 man we achieved "Glory of the Ulduar Raider" in June I believe (with Algalon also dying sometime around then). In ToGC I (along with my guild) achieved "A Tribute to Skill" in December of 2009. My 10 ten man group went on to achieve "Tribute to Insanity" the following month. Our guild continued to be competitive throughout normal 25 man Icecrown Citadel up until Sindragosa (one boss from the Lich King!). This was when the big falling out happened. I came back for MoP and ended the first tier 11/16 on 10 man heroic (started raiding a month or so late) before the 5.2 patch hit (13/16 since then as we went back to finish HoF). This tier I have done a full clear of the Throne of Thunder on 10 man as well as going 11/12 on 25 man normal mode. Officer Experience: I was an Officer and Raid Leader for <Thats What She said> for about 6 months up until the choice was made to become a casual guild in Wrath. More recently I was an officer of <Modern> helping lead the 25 man raid to 11/12 in Throne of Thunder after converting to 25 man only a couple weeks earlier. Why I think I would be a good fit: I consider myself a very skilled and competent player who is always working on improving himself. Whether it be reading every priest forum out there while joining in on the theorycrafting or combing the logs of myself and fellow healers to find issues with spell and cooldown usage. I am very dependable, achieving almost 100% attendance in my past guilds. I am very friendly and open to both receiving and giving help on most any gameplay matter. I am very adaptable and have continued to play at a very competitive level on my priest as both Discipline and Holy no matter the changes to gameplay. Other Information: Internet Connection: 40 down/5 up. Computer Specs: 2600k @ 5.8Ghz, GTX 680 @ 1250Mhz, 16GB ram and an SSD (load times).
  15. The Undead know best when it comes to the darker side of magic. And setting foot in the unholy ruins of Lordaeron, one must always...beware the shadow. One of the highest and most skilled practitioner of the art of shadow is one called Urmac, a Pandaren Shadow Priest hailing from the unknown realm of Akama. This lonesome Shadow Priest has been practising her dark arts for 172 days and 20 hours, but who's counting? Beginning her humble beginnings destroying the Scourge with her companions who claimed to only be smiting evil because they were <Rep Farmers Inc> yet still defeating all her enemies during the reign of Kel'Thuzad before the terror that was Yogg'Saron surfaced. Times were tough during the reign of the old god, and the poor Shadow Priest and her companions were unable to conquer the old god, and only defeat two of its heroic followers. Then on to the Trial of Crusader to prove her worth along side her companions, defeating the corrupted Nerubian King Anub'arak, but not bothering with the more heroic trials of the crusader. Then she went on in an attempt to conquer the Lich King himself, but her companions were unable to vanquish him, despite being with her companions for a year and a half, only two of his heroic underlings were defeated. Urmac was unsatisfied with her companion's inability to defeat the Lich King, so she moved on to another group of companions, who were <Hellbent> on defeating the Lich King. Her new companions were fierce, and she was able to defeat all of Icecrown Citadel's most heroic foes...but yet, the true power of the Lich King proved too much for the group. After defeating the evil Twilight Drake Halion the Shadow Priest found herself alone in the sea of companions who had all decided to go their separate ways after 8 months of fun, but with some luck, she was brought into another group of companions who loved to play <Team Sports>. All those hours on the court, rink, and field paid off, as the Shadow Priest and her companions defeated the Lich King once and for all, along with the more powerful Halion with only 10 of their strongest companions. Then...the real terror came. The team found 15 more companions and began to fight against a new threat, the one they call, Neltharion, Deathwing. The Shadow Priest and her companions went off on a slow start, only defeating 5 of the 6 minions of Nefarion the Risen, 2 out of 6 of Cho'Gal's underlings, and only the Conclave of Wind that was summoned by the Wind Lord himself, all challenging heroic foes. Suddenly, the ground shook, the fires of Hyjal blazed harsher than ever, as Ragnaros was risen once more. The companions managed to defeat Ragnaros, if not for it escaping their grasp at the last second. Only able to kill one of Ragnaros' most heroic challengers, but then something unthinkable happened to Urmac. After 8 long months with the great team, it all went wrong. A Terrible darkness invaded her soul, leaving her unable to raid, no matter how hard she tried. For four long months she struggled to find the strength to even enter the world of Azeroth, but finally once those four months were over, she had returned once more. Though her sports Team was not the same when she returned. They too sought to move elsewhere, and with the help of her friends, she moved on to a guild that certainly was an <Acquired Taste>. The Shadow Priest was inexperienced and under geared from having been down and out for those four months, but she managed to bounce back, completely terminating all of Ragnaros and his foes at their strongest, and not just that, she also destroyed Deathwing himself, along with his Spine, and his Warmaster at their most heroic, being the first group of 25 people to do so in their realm. The Firsts did not stop there either, the Shadow Priest discovering the land of Pandaria, where she and her 25 companions were the first to down all of their most heroic kills on their realm. Downing 11 our of the 16 mightiest foes. The Shadow Priest also has experience in progressing on the Heroic Protectors of the Endless, and the Heroic Lei Shi. Though the Pandaren was quite aware of just how much of an <Acquired Taste> her companions were, it seemed that some were unaware just how strong of a taste it could be. This caused several companions to flee the realm in search of greener fields, along with others leaving Azeroth forever. Urmac stayed determined, however, though the New Year was not a good one for a Shadow Priest who's single target strength was not as strong as others. This caused the Priest to have to relax and cheer on her companions on the bench, but until now, the Priest is not waiting around anymore. The guild is no longer trying to progress and has allowed their members to move on if they wish, and the Priest is tired of not progressing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More about the Shadow Priest: - The Priest has always done what she could to attain the best gear possible. http://us.battle.net.../Urmac/advanced - The Priest always does everything she can to be at her most valorous every week since she set foot into Pandaria. http://i50.tinypic.com/t9ihif.jpg - The Priest is well prepared for Wrathion's future tasks. [the 40 Trillium Bars in case you don't catch it] http://i47.tinypic.com/2wmktq8.jpg - The Priest has shown her capabilities in battle.[see December 30, January 10] http://www.worldoflo.../guilds/222762/ - The Priest has many lovely different outfits. http://i50.tinypic.com/2gspvm8.jpg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now about the player...who is not a girl, GOTCHYA. My name is William, I am 27 years old, I am from Ontario Canada, and I have a Master's Degree in Teaching, a Teaching Degree, and an Honours in English Literature, I currently have 9 characters of each class 85 and up, a 71 BM Monk, and a level 0 Hunter. I work as an executive administrator at a Health Centre, and can easily make raid times. The only unforseen circumstance that could make me late for a raid is if after-work meetings take longer than they should, which should not happen anyway since your start times are later than my previous ones. My average FPS during high graphic encounters is 30, my average latency is 100ms. I have Vent and Mumble, I have several high tech toys, one of which is a SiberiaV2 headset which I have no problems using and being vocal. Aside from WoW I also play Minecraft on a private server with some RL friends, a large Steam collection. Currently working on the Dead Space 3 campaign, my favourite colour is Blue, I live with 2 roommates, in a tiny apartment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Last few things (promise) - This is the first and only guild I have currently submitted an application to. This is because I tried so hard to stay on my server, but it just won't happen. My guild has called it quits and none of the officers, or the GM himself are trying to recruit back to 25 for 5.2, so I am moving on. Any other questions I am more than happy to answer. Shadow is also looking much better for single target in the patch. I always stay up-to-date with the PTR changes, and those that are implemented so far look to be putting Shadow in a much better overall position. Of course it is PTR and things could still change, but so far these changes are quite good: - 5% increase in damage from all sources when in Shadowform - Maximum Number of Shadowy Apparitions increased to 10 - Both tier bonuses are increases in single target DPS [Apparitions have a chance to increase the duration of SWP/VT & VT has a 10% change to spawn an apparition] - Shadow word: Insanity has been greatly improved: a 3 orb Devouring Plague with the Talent makes Mind Flay tick for 100% increased damage while DP is on the target. In closing, I think I would make an excellent addition to your guild. My attendance record has been nearly flawless in every guild, and as a teacher, I am always looking to learn and improve be it about my class, encounters, gear and beyond. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  16. Well, maybe not like the upper level Gods, but more like the mid-level Gods. Like the Gods of the Lawn. Or the God of Coke Classic for example... Greetings HoS, My name is Nerdrage (Angus) and I'd like to introduce myself to your guild. SoH seems like it could potentially be a good fit for me, and I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. A bit about me: I was the MWarrT for TemerityofWindrunner back in T11. We were around US150 at that time. Killed ToGC, Naxx, Ulduar, ICC. with many Metas. Stepped away due to graduation from University, kid, and intro career, all happening within 90 days. Sufficed to say, it fucked my world up pretty bad! As such I stepped away from game until HDS. Came back (to a different guild as my prior spot had been filled) about 10% nerf. Killed Spine and HDW at 15% nerf. Currently, I am 10/16H. Although my kill #'s are as low as they could be. I was the MWarrT for the inaugural HWill, HGaralon, and HWind Lord, while progressing on HVizier. However, I stepped away due to the fact that the 3 night a week guild I applied for, had been a 5 night a week guild ever since I joined. The last 2 guilds I have been in were great. Good people, solid players, and a decent enough environment overall...However, when I came to the realization, that with my current guild, I have been raiding 20+ hours a week. I thought holy shit, this is ridiculous and shut down my account. I am mid 30's, married with a kid. I am a Sales Executive for a NanoPhotonics software firm in Vancouver BC. I work with some heavy hitting nerds, and make it rain $$ on them. Here's the thing...I really like this game. I have been tanking at a reasonably high level for quite some time. However, I do not have the time to currently raid 3+ nights a week. I am of course online most evenings, capping Valor, Heroics, Dalies, etc, etc. I have been a serial guild hopper as of late, and frankly, I do not want to be 'that guy' anymore. I am looking for a solid, well played guild, where during the raid I can contribute at a very high level, and off nights I will be contributing to forum discussions and pre-raid prep to kill bosses and spread the purps around. Ok...Well you seem neat, but how do you keep your beard so shiny? Primarily, I creep WoL and do direct comparisons between my rotation, spec and CD usage to those who have downed the boss prior to me. Of course I also follow a few Prot Warr blogs, and Theck Prot Pally blog is a great resource for tanks in general. What's your general understanding of how you are so awesome at Prot Warr'n? (in my own mind of course) Pull: Pre-pot STR or Armr or Greater Rage Battle Shout Zerk Rage Shattering Throw (if not needed during BLust, or if BLust phase is greater than 5 minutes away) Heroic Throw Charge SSlam/Dev/TC pretty much in that order. Revenge when it lights up. Maintain 100% uptime with TC/Weakened Blows/ Battle Shout. Demo Shout / Demo Banner / SW / LS / Enraged Regen / Rally Cry : As necessary. (I have an aversion to Hstones, and really need to get better about using them, and not being a dumbass...) Sub 20%: (If I have the presence of mind at that point!) Double Pot: Greater Rage / Str SW (if available) Avatar Reck Dump rage into Execute. Skull Banner? EVERY CHANCE I GET!!!! (but in all seriousness, generally on the pull or better yet during HeroLust) Yes, but we will need some type of moderately descriptive record where we can judge you silently, and assume that your ePeen is very tiny. http://www.worldoflo...s=14230&e=14574 (Protectors Normal Mode/Hard. Nothing special, just an general performance.) Hmmmm...well. You must be well dressed and have nice teeth. Let's see your Mog. http://us.battle.net...rdrage/advanced Tell us your most negative self-speak about why we would not want you in the guild, and let us take it from there... Well, I'm old. Probably older than most of your other guildies. Given this, I am unable to put forth as much time in the nerd matrix as I could. I mean don't get me wrong. If I could, I would hit the nerd matrix 24/7, all the while Kate Moss feeds me chesseburgers, rubs my back with a slightly scented peppermint oil, and we laugh and laugh about how rad I am. Here's the deal, I have been in WAY too many guilds as of late. 2 in the last 3 months. I want a place where I can call home over the longer term. Currently my account is inactive and has been for a few weeks. However, modding Skyrim so that Khajits have boobs, just does not hold that same pull for me that killing a new boss in WoW has, and as such I am trying one last kick at the can... However, I have sworn to myself that I will not be spending half as much time raiding in a week as I spend at work. If SoH started at 7pm PST until 10pm PST, I would literally transfer over today and just sit around until a spot was available for me. Currently 6pm PST, is a bit of an early start, but I *normally* get home from work about 5ish, so an hour to eat and chill out, and then be ready for 6pm is doable as far as I am concerned. Given that you guys wrap things up close to 9pm, I'd like to think that I could make this work over the longer term. Essentially, I wanted to reach out today, introduce myself and take things from there. In closing, although my app may make me seem like a bit of a dumbass, I would like to reassure you that as a tank, I take my role very seriously. I am quite well researched prior to the first pull, and any issues that come up on my behalf, I am sure to remedy prior to the next raiding day, if not immediately. If I am ever late or absent, I would definitely post on the website, or text someone within the guild an ETA. I will certainly be checking this post regularly, but also feel free to email me directly at: thunderfunk@hotmail.com. What...Hotmail? Who even uses that any more? Like, from 1997? How are we supposed to communicate properly if we cannot do so by using some forum where we can use self shot, shirtless pictures? Or cyber bully? Ahhhh...progress. Anyway, as I stated earlier. I'm old as hell. Cheers, and thanks for your time SoH, Nerdrage (Angus)
  17. Hi SoH, I'm posting in response to your recruitment post on WoWProgress. My name is Ben, and I play an Elemental Shaman. A little about me I started playing WoW in Dec 2004 (patch 1.4?) during my first year at The Ohio State University. I was a total noob, just ask my lvl 19, agi-dagger wielding warlock... Over the the last 7 years I've learned the ropes and slowly climbed my way up the ladder of progression raiding. I've stuck it out as guilds have disbanded, and long time friends moved on to other endeavors. This is always a hard process, and I now find myself at a crossroads again. My current guild has imploded, and my current 'playmates' have found their way to guilds like <Gag Reflexes> and <Pure>, to continue chasing world firsts. This time around, however, I'm disinclined to follow suit. I'm 27 years old now. I have a job, and real life responsibilities. I simply can't justify (and honestly shudder at the idea of) raiding more hours per week than I work. So with that in mind, I've set out to find a more reasonable solution. I found <South of Heaven> through a search on WoWProgress for similarly-progressed guilds, recruiting Ele Shamans, ...with reasonable raiding schedules. And of all the guilds that met my criteria, SoH really stood out. A little about you Everything I've read on your recruitment post, and in these forums, paints a picture of a mature, storied guild. One that places the social aspects of an MMORPG on equal footing with the game-play itself. This is exactly what I have been searching for! A little about me and you I've never attempted such an open-ended application post, but I think we're a good fit. If SoH had an eHarmony account, I think it'd match us up! (Note: I don't have an eHarmony account... that was an attempt at a joke...) If I've left anything out, or there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask! I'd be happy to provide answers to any questions you may have (No, I don't have an eHarmony account.... seriously, stop asking). Thanks for your time, look forward to reading your replies, Ben Potentially useful links: Armory World of Logs UI Screenshot Videos (rDruid PoV, just look for the Lightning Bolts...) Contact info: Skype: benburrell85 Battletag: Evgeny#1920 Computer Spec: Intel quad i5 @ 3.4ghz 12GB RAM nVidia GTX570 2GB Razor Blackwidow & Naga Logitech H390 Headset
  18. Muckz, 90, Orc, Resto/Elly Shaman Armry: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ysera/Muckz/simple (Currently in Pvp Spec/glyphs) PvE Talents: Astral Shit, Earthgrab Totem, Totemic Restoration, Ancesteral Swiftness, Healing Tide Totem, Primal Elementalist. PvE Glyphs: Healing Wave, Telluric Currents, Totemic Recall (Often switch to Riptide, Healing Stram Totem and Spirit Walker's Grace depending on fight) UI Screenie in raid combat: http://i1356.photobucket.com/albums/q727/Muckz1/WoWScrnShot_123112_185738_zps6acbcead.jpg I give 110% every raid for the entire raid time. I'm always repaired stacked with buff food and consumables and outside the scheduled raid instance 15 mins prior to start time. I love pushing myself to do the best I can and I love friendly competition between myself and the ther healers in the raid. I've raided all content wow has to offer, including heroic/hardmodes most of which pre nerf, a few (KJ in TBC) with nerfs. I've mained main classes, love to theorycraft, and love to offer/take addvice whenever it's available. Sidenote, the guild I was raiding with prior to this app has server changed to Zul'jin, I'm in the process of tracking down the WoL from our most recent heroic HoF. All that said thanks for the consideration and your time.
  19. I found your guild through WoWProgress when I searched for guilds that were recruiting healing priests. I saw that your priority for priests was "medium," so I assume you don't have an immediate need for the class, but I figure I'd give it a shot, anyway. Name: Sylviette Gender/Age: Female, 24 Class and Specialization: Priest. Discipline (main spec), Shadow (offspec). Holy is my preferred offspec, but out of necessity, I changed my offspec from Holy to Shadow at the beginning of the raid tier in order to DPS fights requiring only two healers in the ten man setting. Alts: Sylera (Windwalker Monk), Sylvietta (Disc/Shadow priest)--Yes, a second priest... I love them! Server: Moonrunner (Horde) Guild History: I'm currently in Lethal Reunion. I've been in the guild since 2010. Before LR, I was in a guild called Overdose for several months, but it disbanded due to leadership problems, and then it was essentially reformed as Lethal Reunion. Prior to Overdose, I had applied and was accepted in the now-defunct Words Under My Name, but most of my friends went to Overdose instead, so a few days later, I moved to Overdose. Prior to that, I was in Poached Innocence, which is where my love for raiding began. (Yay Ulduar!) It's also the reason why I eventually left the guild, since it was rather casual. Reason for Leaving: The ten man group that I was a part of had six people who were focused on progression and four people that made it quite obvious that they did not care about progression or raiding in general anymore. This lead to a scism in the group, and so the raid leader and other five of us decided to disband instead of continuing to raid with several people who were unwilling to compromise. Myself and a couple others have decided to look elsewhere for a progression-centered guild. Raid Progress: 6/6(H) MSV, 3/6(H) HoF 4/4(N) ToES. Before the group disbanded, we were working on heroic Lei Shi. I've been doing ten man raiding since Cataclysm. During ICC, I did both ten and 25 man raiding, so I do have some experience with 25 mans (although rather outdated, I admit.) What I'm Looking For: I am searching for a raiding environment that is dedicated, yet familial at its core. By this, I mean that I want a guild that get work done but also have fun and feel "at home" in the guild. In perusing the website and some of the feedback on some of the other applications, SoH seems like a good match. Raiding Tools: I have a working headset and microphone. I also have both Mumble and Ventrilo installed, and I've used both in the past. I noticed on your guild information on World of Logs that you use Mumble. Yay! I use a Logitech G600 for keybinding and such. Professions/Talent Choices/Gear Enhancements: I have maxxed Tailoring and Enchanting, and I keep mats on me at all times, so that I can enchant gear for myself and my raid members when we acquire new gear. For Discipline spec as of right now, I have Void Tendrils, Body and Soul, Mindbender, Desperate Prayer, Power Infusion, and Cascade. I have Void Shift and Desperate Prayer macroed together. Sometimes I choose Angelic Bulwark instead of Desperate Prayer, but while I was working on heroic Lei Shi (and while I'm currently working on Challenge Modes), I've found that the Void Shift/Desperate Prayer macro can make quite a difference in clutch situations. For Reforging, I've been playing around with stat weights recently, changing from pure mastery to greater haste/crit. I've been reading on MMO-Champion's Priest forum, as well as Battle.net's forums, about different stat weights based on 10/25 and assignment focuses. I've been testing out various things lately in light of this information. World of Logs: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/49085/ Addons: Deadly Boss Mods, Grid, Clique, TidyPlates, GTFO, HaloPro, Recount If you want any additional information, I would be glad to add it. Thanks!
  20. Basic Information Character Name: Chibihikari Class/Spec: Priest - Discipline (main spec) and Holy (off spec) Armory URL: http://us.battle.net...hikari/advanced Raiding UI: http://imgur.com/UQH3h Addons: DBM, Decursive, Rapture Timer, Grid (with mouse over macros and corner highlights to indicate buffs/debuffs), PowerAuras and Xperl WoL Parse: http://worldoflogs.c.../?s=3811&e=4511 (variety of logs also available for other fights) Real Name: Lani Age: 35 Astrological Sign: Virgo Chinese Zodiac: Snake Blood Type: A Computer/Internet Info: AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor 3.00 GHz, 8GB RAM, 40+FPS in 25-mans (High), and 100 MS or lower (a few DCs now and then thanks to awesome wonder of TWC) Current (MOP) Raid Progress MSV - 5/6 Heroic with "Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor", HoF - 2/6 Heroic and ToES - 4/4 Normal WoW and Raiding History (aka, "how I spent the last six years in front of the computer") My husband (then boyfriend) introduced me to WoW at the beginning of Burning Crusade by waving pretty Blood Elf hunters in front of my face. I sat down in front of his computer and after rolling my very first character (Akumamiyu), I made my way around Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms with my loyal kitty by my side. After dinging 70 and getting the key to Kara, I experienced my first raid...and I was hooked! With my one-button "steady shot auto shot" macro and my leather working drums, I mashed my keys as a BM hunter from the dark corridors of Karazhan to the vast interiors of Black Temple. Unfortunately my guild at the time burnt out after Mother Shazrah right before the blanket nerfs were put into effect (all those hours farming Primal Shadows *shudder*), and we did not start to raid again until WotLK. As we moved from the Outlands to the chill of Northrend, my hunter was placed into a retirement home and her were pets stabled. To better suit the class needs of my guild, my protection/holy paladin (Pikako) picked up her sword and shield to main tank Naxxramas (10/25), Malygos (10/25) and Obsidian Sanctum (10/25). Unfortunately the guild began to fall apart a few weeks before the release of Ulduar, and I joined an Alliance guild on my resto shaman (now called Chibimaruko since she has gone through a couple of identity changes throughout the years). With this guild, I dropped my totems, tossed Riptides and Chain Healed all through Tier Seven (Naxx, Maly and OS), Ulduar with hardmodes (10/25), Trial of the Crusader/Trial of the Grand Crusader (10/25) and the beginnings of ICC. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks into Tier 10 my roomie's cat was chasing my bunny around the room and knocked over my computer tower. Not sure how the crash managed to completely screw up my computer, but I had to switch to my laptop which could not support 25-man raiding. I spent the final months of WotLK raiding strictly 10-mans on both my paladin and my shaman, and continued with 10-mans with the changes introduced in Cataclysm. When Deathwing broke Azeroth and brought WoW into Cataclysm, I raided casually on my priest (now Chibihikari the gnome) and worked on Heroic Tier 11 on my resto-shaman. My shaman's guild fell apart at the beginning of Firelands, and it was fortuitous that many of my friends returned to WoW around that time and asked for me to raid with them as a disc priest healer. We stamped out the fires of Tier 12 (6/7 Heroic) and although we were constantly having to replace one or two players during the entire tier, we jumped feet first into Dragon Soul and quickly cleared it on our first night. Our guild suffered from the same issues of Tier 12 (8/8 Heroic) and had to replace one or more players on an almost semi-monthly basis, but we carried on while I healed on both my resto shaman and my priest. Now here we are, in the Mists of Pandaria! The beginning of the expansion started slowly, and unfortunately a family emergency had me going to Tokyo for a month. By the time I came back, the guild had all but collapsed and all of the raiders had gone their separate ways. Frantic to find a raiding guild, I jumped into the first one that caught my eye, and although I have been progressing well with them, the raids just ends too late, so my search continues... Raiding Summary (aka the "TL;DR") Burning Crusade: Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, Tempest Keep, Serpent Shrine Caverns, Mount Hyjal, and Black Temple (up to Mother Shaz when current) - (Character: Akumamiyu - BM Hunter) Wrath of the Lich King: Naxxramas (10/25), Eye of Eternity (10/25), Obsidian Sanctum (10/25), Ulduar (10/25), ToC (10/25) and ICC (10 - Heroic Clear minus LK) - (Characters: Pikako - Prot Paladin and Chibimaruko - Resto Shaman) Cataclysm (10-man): BWD (6/6 Heroic), BoT (3/4 Heroic), Tot4W (1/2 Heroic), Firelands (6/7 Heroic) and Dragon Soul (8/8 Heroic) - (Characters: Chibihikari - Disc Priest and Chibimaruko - Resto Shaman) SoH and why would you want me? After going through the many guild recruitment posts on the WoW forums, yours drew me in and grabbed me! I simply love the way it is written and what it has to say. Not only do you take raiding seriously, but you also realize that there are actual human beings behind the screen and at the keyboard. It is a pleasure to see a guild that puts an emphasis on personalities as well as game play. What will you get with me as a raider? You will get someone who understands that raiding is a group effort that is only as strong as its weakest link and therefore pushes themselves to never be that wobbly link. From theory crafting to research to testing out skills in dungeons and LFR, I do whatever I can to make sure that I can perform to my optimum level. I am also borderline OCD about making sure that I have all of my food buffs, flasks, gems, enchants, etc. and gold necessary for repairs and the aforementioned items. My Healing 411 Healing has been my passion in WoW from the first time I used Flash of Light in Burning Crusade. As much as DPS enjoy seeing the HP of the boss dip, I love watching the boxes in Grid stay nicely topped up and full (with the exception of Heroic Anub *shaking angry fist*). I have rolled with the changes that have occurred in healing from the times when you could spam utterly inefficient heals to victory towards the end of WotLK to the 180 degree flip at the beginning of Cata where one Flash Heal/Healing Surge would eat half your mana pool and now to MoP where I think a fine balance has occurred. Depending on what role I am playing (tank or raid heals or both), my healing changes as needed. Tank healing has me mainly focusing on keeping a PW:S on them as soon as Weakened Soul allows it (and tossing it out on someone else if my Rapture is available and there will be incoming damage to break it), Greater Heal for continuous healing (with Inner Focus used for a nice crit heal), Flash Heal for any "Oh sh...!" situations, and depending on my other healers, I will pop a Spirit Shell on them with Greater Heal to get a good barrier if necessary with PoM and Cascade as both single target and raid heals. Raid Healing consists mainly of PoH (yummy DA procs), with PW;S for damage reduction and rapture procs, and Spirit Shell for the predicable damage that occurs in almost all of the current boss fights. Cooldowns such as Pain Sup, Void Shift and Barrier are used as necessary. Stat Priority and Spec Choice: Spirit and Mastery please! Once 5.2 is released, I will be prioritizing some Crit as well since Spirit Shell will no longer benefit from Mastery. The changes to how specs work in MoP has allowed for a lot of customization on a fight by fight basis and I keep a stack of Tomes in my bags to reglyph and spec as necessary for each fight. About Me: I was born in Tokyo, raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and currently living in Queens, NY with my husband, best friend, Corgi, bunny and my roomie's demon spawn cat. I graduated from the University of Hawaii with a double major in Journalism and Asian Studies, and also spent a year at Sophia University in Tokyo as well. Currently I work from home as a website content writer for an online activity company that sells tours and activities around the world. Basically I write about how awesome something is and why you should spend $200 on the tour ^_^ I am also a theater fanatic and a founding member of a non-profit theater company focusing on experimental/avante garde productions. When I am not working, theater-ing, or playing WoW, you can find me downloading copious amounts of anime, traipsing about the Metropolitan Museum of Art or watching one of the many theatrical productions that are always showing throughout the city. My husband also introduced me to the wonders of Steam and I have been playing a variety of games ranging from Civ to Recettear to Lego Harry Potter. Console wise, I have been sticking with Little Big Planet, Dance Central and the Star Wars Kinect game. Hard core amirite? Conclusion: Thank you very much for taking the time to read my application, and no matter what comes as a result, I wish you all the best of luck in life and in WoW~!
  21. Character(s): Liquephyre, 80 Engineer; Lenakai, 62 Mesmer RL Name: James Activity: Usually mornings (8-11am) and evenings (7-11pm), varies with work and energy level. Interaction: Primarily W3. Slowly working on my legendary, sometimes fractals (lvl4), Daily Orichalcum. Achievement whore; Indiscriminate Slayer being the first one I worked for. Playstyle: I focus on Durability and Self Reliance however, I participate and function well within a group. Ability to follow directions or take initiative. Other Games: Chess, League of Legends, Skyrim, Magicka, Retired WoW (Beta-LK) Just some basic information. Please feel free to ask questions.
  22. Greetings all. I am Thwackdaddy, but you can call me Matt. I am a Protection Paladin currently residing on the Shadowsong realm. I am applying to South of Heaven to hit things with my hammer/sword/axe, and have the bosses hit me back. It is really rather masochistic. Some brief history: I have been raiding since classic WoW at a high level. In Classic I raided on my priest as a healer and my mage as a DPS, we made it to kel’thuzad, but did not achieve a kill. Once TBC was released, I ran my own guild and finished 3rd on my server (Scarlett Crusade) at the time. I played Prot on Thwack, and my priest as holy. The progression killed Illidan (pre-nerf) and made it to Mu’ru but did not achieve a kill. In WoTLK I focused on my paladin as my main more firmly, I was mainly holy in wrath. I raided with my guild until the release of ICC. Then my daughter was born and I no longer had time to be GM. It was during this period I moved to Gilneas to raid with a top 200 guild. I did all of ICC25 heroic with the exception of a Heroic Lich king and heroic Professor Putricide kill. I was there however, for several weeks of LK progression. I quit just before the release of Ruby Sanctum to focus on finishing school and finding a job. Now I am back and ready to raid (with a degree in Computer Science and a job, hooray.) I am choosing to main-set as prot currently because I like being in the driver’s seat with mobs and positioning, and I wanted a different challenge other than healing. Although, I am more than willing to heal again. Here is my advanced armory link: http://us.battle.net...kdaddy/advanced I am currently gemmed/reforged/enchanted to make a smoother damage curve, as spiky damage tends to kill tanks. I am at the exp hard cap, and I am capped on hit. This helps generate holy power faster, thus enabling a higher Shield of the righteous uptime, and reducing overall damage taken. My next focus will be mastery to improve my DR from Shield of the Righteous. Here is my in-combat UI. For some reason Mik’s Scrolling combat text is not showing up today, probably due to the patch. I use ElvUI for most of the rest of the UI elements. I use DBM for my bossmod, and Weak Auras for the buttons you see under my character. For healing I use Clique along with the ElvUI raid frames, though I have used grid and VuhDo in the past for healing.
  23. Hello everybody! I have seen SoH around in WvW a lot, and although I was previously in another large WvW guild, [VIP], they have switched servers which I am choosing not to do. I'm looking to leave them and remembered being a huge mob of SoH in WvW more times than I was in VIP and was lucky enough to encounter a very friendly SoH member while running a dungeon (sorry for forgetting your name!). I was directed here and would be honored if I could join this guild, as it seems much more organized, friendly, and mature. I'm an avid GW2 player and I also play LoL on the side, if anyone here is interested in that. I remember reading the CoC for the guild but I'm not sure where to sign (/feeling stupid). If someone could point me in the right direction, i'd greatly appreciate it! Also, as far as mumble goes: I prefer TS3 or Skype, as I have had trouble with mumble (my mic likes to screech on mumble, nothing else) but if someone could also help me with that I would gladly use mumble. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear a response from you all soon! IGN GW2: Lexari (lv.80 Necromancer) - I have others but she's my main for the most part.
  24. Hello! My name is Jason, I'm a 31 year old Programmer from North Carolina and I have been playing WoW since BC launched. I am returning to this game from a 6 month layoff, mainly brought on by my guild slowly breaking apart and finally cancelling its raids to due others real life responsibilities and burnout. I am applying here because of my love for this game and my want to get back into the thick of real raiding again. Brief History: Started playing this game on my Rogue on this very server (Alliance). Raided all through BT (while current content) with Omega Order and while we werent "Hardcore" we had fun and pushed content to the best of our abilities. We then took the free transfers off and migrated to Drak'Tharon, where we proceded to be a very competetive guild (right behind OOL) until our GM went AWOL. A few of us tried to right the ship, but to no avail and thus the demise of the guild. Durring this time, I had switched mains from my Rogue to my Shaman, mainly because it was what we needed at the time. After the disbanding, I transfered servers to Cho'gall to raid at a more serious pace with a guild called Clearly Outplayed. We were one of 2 Alliance guilds, along side VANQUISH on this server. We pushed hard, getting a US 23rd Hodir Hardmode kill. Unfortunately, VANQUISH didnt appreciate the competition and stole a few key members, GM included, shortly after this and jumped servers to Alterac Mountains. I decided not to join them and transfered back to Drak to raid with friends.Upon returning to Drak, I met some great people on Horde side and transfered over and joined Bad Example. This was my home for over 2 years (All my characters are still there sans the Priest and a Hunter, both located here on SR). We raided well, competed for server firsts, and had fun. Unfortunately, like anything, things started to get in the way of that. New recruits and vets didnt see eye to eye, cliques formed and the guild split into multiple 10 mans. We raided well, for a while, untill r/l caught up with some. I stoped my progression with them 2 weeks shy of my legendary and on HM Ragnaros. Moved my Priest here to SR to join Cue the Credits, a move I regret. I was lied to, led to believe I could finish my legendary, which didnt happen, and not long after coming here, they broke up. This is when I decided to step away for a while, play other games (LoL, D3, SMITE, etc..) I feel like I am ready to step back into raiding, provided I can find a good home and renew my love of this game and get back to the feeling of real progression and accomplishment. As far as add ons go, I run a version of Syronius' Ultimate Shaman UI with a lot of class specific Power Auras. Everything is keybound, I do not click! UI: http://i49.tinypic.com/25i6r0w.jpg Characters: Rogue(First Character) http://us.battle.net...Kinettic/simple Shaman(Most Raiding Experience) http://us.battle.net...Kinettik/simple Priest(Current toon and applicant) http://us.battle.net.../Squinks/simple Thanks in advance for looking at this application, I look forward to your comments. Quick note: This toon is Ally, if accepted I have no issues making the transfer to Horde ASAP.
  25. Hello Y'all, I found the guild on GWOnline. I'm in my early 20's, and play casually due to time constraints. I enjoy the Story of games and the competitive side of them as well. Here's a bit of old gaming rep - http://hom.guildwars...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - http://www.bungie.ne...?player=USSGraf - http://www.bungie.ne...?player=USSGraf I'm trying to scope out a Guild that understands real life is the first priority, can relax and have fun playing games, and can also be serious in competitive situations. I'd like to have a trial run and see what this guild is.
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