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Found 36 results

  1. Hello hello, I've talked with a few of you over the past week and joined the corp this weekend, so for those of you that haven't seen me, HI! I am returning null vet (maybe bitter.. you'll have to decide) who was part of FCON/CFC for a few years. I've been out of EvE for almost a year and a half now, so I've missed all the WWB fun (and propaganda), but have more time to be in space now. While listening to the EvE "celebrities" on comms was entertaining, I kind of got burnt out with the culture of the larger groups and the callousness of most of the leadership. The corp I was in was small and a nice group of people, but it was spread across all timezones which made it hard to interact a lot. Coming back, I was interested in finding a corporation that was 1) conducive to people with real life obligations and 2) was closer to the timezone I was active in. Also, I never consolidated all my assets I left in Branch, so win-win! I've spent most of my time in null and have lots of experience with alliance/coalition level ops and know how to contribute as a ship of the line or logi in doctrine based fleets. I have two characters, one focused on carriers down to HACs and another that is T2/T3 cruiser-frigate oriented. However, I do really enjoy small-gang activities, I'm just not as experienced in it. I had started doing some combat probing, but I'm probably terrible at it now, and I can dust off a BLOPS if anyone is interested in doing some covops hunting. As a person, I've been playing EvE since mid 2012. I'm nearing the end of my Ph.D. work in San Diego, so I'm Pacific TZ and am on nights during the week and variable times over the weekend depending on experiments, otherwise I travel once or twice a month to visit my wife who just started med school. I'm 30 years old and an easygoing person who may not talk a lot in a big group, but I'll gladly get involved in a conversation with a few people if I can contribute or if someone has questions for me directly. Outside of EvE, I am a grad student--so not much of a life I do, however, have distant memories of getting outside to go for hikes and backpacking or doing trail runs. Oh, and I like photography. Game-wise, I play Overwatch some (and PS2 before that) but I'm not an amazing FPS gamer, just something for wasting short time periods. I guess it's time for questions??
  2. Hi everyone, I will be joining soon and I look forward to flying with you. This will be my first time in null sec so any tips or advice are appreciated. While I've been loitering in Eve for the past few years and have explored a good part of it, so far my adventures have brought me to you and I think here will be a lot of fun times ahead. I am well trained in T1 hulls ranging from frigates to battlecruisers, as well as the Proteus. I have high proficiency with small and medium guns and I will be working on drones for the next few months. I'm looking to work on missiles or T2 ships after that. Most of my PvP experience comes from RvB. I was fairly active with joining fleets for about a year, so I have some experience in frigate and cruiser combat, and I am no stranger to obeying FC, following primaries etc. However RvB fleets are pretty casual so I am definitely still new to PvP. Thank you for inviting to this community, I hope that my skills and experiences will contribute to your goals. Emily -------------------- A bit about the person behind: My name is Kim (guy) and I've been on Eve online since early 2012. So far I've just been training and getting in to new ships in high sec, so I'm really looking forward to this null sec experience. I'm currently living in California bay area, so I will usually be available during Pacific time, morning and nights - and weekends are usually free for me unless I'm involved in another project. I'm in my late 20s, my background is actually in medicine (MD) but my interest shifted to Ecology and health before I completed it. I currently work in a private practice clinic as an admin, but my goal is to start a regenerative farm when the opportunity arises. I'm a strong believer of peak oil and peak energy so I'll be happy to start that conversation if desired. I'm also an avid gamer, titles that I currently play include Eve, World of Tanks, Overwatch, League of Legends. I do have guild wars 2 installed but it hadn't kept me interested from the 2 hours I played so far. That's the short story about me. You're welcome to ask some questions to quell your curiosity. Kim
  3. Hello, everyone. I've returned to EVE after an absence of several years, and am looking for a good corp to join. Blades of Grass controls the area where I was active, before, and after a bit of thrashing about, everyone recommended I talk to you guys. I started out with a pirate-hunting corp (The Department of Justice), and that remains my most favorite thing to do (despite the risk and the chronic losses...). However, out in 0.0, I led successful small-ship commerce raids against alliance foes and, although I do have the needed siege battleships, small-ship operations remains my second favorite thing to do, after hunting pirates. The two skill-sets overlap, quite a bit. I'm a few months away from reaching Gallentean carrier, but that's my primary goal, currently. After that, I'll probably train up capital ships, but I don't know that I'm all that keen on super-caps. I like the smaller ship operations best, even though I recognize that the realities of 0.0 warfare means one just about has to learn to fly at least capital gunships, eventually. I hope I get the chance to get to know you guys.
  4. Hey all, So I'm told that the next step in the recruitment process is to make a post here and introduce myself. Please be gentle for the grammar/spelling/autocorrect issues as I was hoping to do this on my laptop but my flight has been delayed, so I'm on my phone. So after talking with Solomon in game (I am going with the spelling of the brand and hoping it's right) I have opted to go further down the rabbit hole. I'm tired of not knowing or reckognizing the people I'm playing with and the whole mature, older member base appeals to me as I'm in my early 30's with 2 kids and RL has to come before games with no exceptions. I currently have a RL job working as a supervisor in a mine and have an engineering background. The result of this is bizzare play times. On days off I'll be around after 8pm MT(or whenever the kids are in bed), when working days it will be 530-900 pm MT, and when on nights it will be 530-900 am. Other games i play are LOL (pretty terrible at it) and CSGO (used to be goodish, skills have lapsed considerably due to eve and summer honey do lists). For eve my history is all over the place but pretty carebearish. Started out loving exploring (still enjoy it and don't regret learning scanning skills) and dabbled in mining. Moved on to setting myself up to rat for ISK so I trained into drone boats. Then I started rounding out my fitting skills (a bit backwards). Can fly covops frigates because I wanted to be a bomber, even went on a couple bombers bar roams (man did I pick bad ones, not a single kill). Needless to say my skills (only 10m) are everywhere and will need some work to get into shape for doctrine fleets. I am currently full on interested in tackle, interceptors currently however I'm only a week or 2 from sitting in a Dictor with decent skills. There's not a lot of good tackle out there and it's probably the most important part of finding fights. Roaming is boring when everyone can run away before the fleet gets there. Anyhow this his got long winded so fire away with any questions.
  5. Hellooooo, My name is Klaus. I flew with some of you guys almost a year ago now. Those were the days where you few little fellow didnt even know how to set up a pos in fountain...now look at you. ::sniffle:: They grow up so fast. My eve experience started as part of naga where i stayed for 2 years through providence, catch, fountain, delve and insmother. I was the best afk leadership in the alliance. I barely did anything and am still remembered as someone with fancy opinions . As part of NAGA leadership i got the privilege to skim isk from the wallets, make sure our standings were messed up, ignore the complaints of CEOs and more. If you need more details on that feel free to ask. (In all seriousness some of you probably remember me from there and know what i am like). After I became bored of NAGAs flip flopping, I split off and made my own corp. The goal of the corp was to be a lowsec corp, but i quickly realized lowsec is shit and reunited with FU, where I said id kill their alliance if they put me, the most notably afk person, in any leadership position..Lo and behold the Unicorn Nation alliance slowly died. My corp, Plaus Collective, continues to play in Delve now as Part of JLH. I became interested in playing with you guys again when my corp did a deployment in BOSS alliance with PSYNO, to Tenal to fight the war in the north. I saw so many familiar people in local and via pm that i re-joined some pub channels and figured why not play with some friends on the side :). As for me personally, I am a university student studying for a Bachelor of Commerce aiming for a PhD in Economics. I live in montreal and work at a bank. Looking forward to flying with you again, Klaus-Kevin
  6. Hey y'all. How's it going? I have a long and tumultuous history with EVE. Can't remember most of it Cause my memory is terrible. But here is what I do remember: First I played was in 2010. I ran missions (zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.) It was okay. I needed something more though, so I Eventually joined a rather large corporation called Universal Fleet Operations. It was part of an alliance that was renting from the Northern Coalition. I had no idea how to make ISK out there, and I didn't figure it out, so I ended up jump cloning back to hisec to mission for ISK. It sucked. So did the people. But goddamn it I loved flying around in fleet and shooting people. At some point I stopped playing. I forgot my login info. I moved someplace new. I changed my legal name. I changed banks, too. When I wanted to play again, I had none of the information I needed in order to recover the account. It was completely lost. But I came back. I always come back to EVE. I can't remember most of what I did on this character. I floated through a few hisec corps. I tried doing solo stuff. Nothing stuck. In my most recent playing, I joined SOUND. Great people, they are. I lived with them in Fountain for months. Was great fun. I flew on fleets, I mined and built in a pocket system. I shot at people roaming down the pipe. Took part in a few bombing runs. Eventually though, BRAVE fell apart. SOUND left Null and moved to wormhole space. Wormhole space is great. But it's kinda tough. People don't float through very often. The neighboring systems change every day. And you have to really work hard to find your content. This was a problem because I suffer from chronic lack of direction. I had no idea what to do. There was often nothing to do. Nothing I could do on my own anyway. Stopped logging in... eventually got kicked for inactivity. That was a few months ago. Last week, I found myself missing the game. I felt drawn back in. And I figured, hey, I've got $15 laying around, why not fly around and see what happens? So I resubbed. I flew around. Love the game. But what do I *do*? I have no idea what to do on my own in this game. So I decided I'd look for people to fly with. As much as I love SOUND, I didn't really feel like rejoining much. That's when I remembered Blades of Grass. I thought, hey, I know a few people in Blades of Grass. They're freaking great! Lemme look them up, and hey, they look like friendly, laid-back, fun loving people. SO I hopped into the Alliance's public channel. They pointed me towards South of Heaven. I figured, what's there to lose? This sounds fun anyway. I like meeting new people anyhow, and I value community. And that's how I found myself writing this here. That's quite a lot about EVE, isn't it? Well, I should move on to me. Name's Rebecca, am a trans woman. Will be 25 next week. Currently unemployed (curse you mental illness) but I'm applying to get a job at a locksmithing shop. Studying French. I love video games, been playing them my whole life. Other than EVE, I have played a LOT of Dota 2. (1500 games so far) I've also dabbled lately in World of Tanks and World of Warships. Also play a lot of RPGs and roguelikes. Oh and Dark Souls. Fun fun. Ask me anything. I have a question, too, by the way. The name, "South of Heaven", where did it come from? I really wanna hear that story.
  7. Hello. I'm Ertic, a 50 million SP pilot. I don't have any alts except a market alt in Jita that has hardly no skill points. So I really like what I have seen about this corp and am interested in joining. So a bit about me. I'm almost 38 years old, family man, two kids age 8 and 4. I'm from Western Canada, Alberta to be precise. I work for the provincial government, Human Services ministry (no school for you!) You will likely hear me talk about them a lot. I've been playing EVE off and on since 2010 or 11. I've always really enjoyed the game. My game time is quite casual. I play after the kids go to bed and when my wife is at work. Most nights I log off when she gets home from work, sometimes even before that. That means I usually play from 0300 to 0430, 3-4 nights a week. I have been through a few corps now. My first corp was a good one but they were mostly Aussie. They also tried to do everything in the game and ended up doing nothing well. I joined a C5 WH corp for a bit but my casual play style is not well adapted to WH play. Also tried living with an almost defunct member of the CFC for a few weeks but I couldn't stand the boredom. So I moved back with my original corp until my computer crapped out. I bought a new computer last summer. I joined SENEX Legio in the Great Wildlands and was having a good time out there. But then a lot of the vets became even more bitter and stopped playing. They changed a lot of their game play so I decided to try a WH hole diving PVP corp. This was my latest corp. I like the guys there, but I just didn't gel with them. They did things a particular way and the game play just didn't grab me. ]I am looking for a corp where I can PVP but make enough ISK to buy new shinies. I want people I can joke around with and understand that I suck at PVP but offer helpful suggestions rather than scorn when I do something dumb like lemming the gate (for the record, I'm getting better at that). I'm looking my EVE home. I've dismissed corps holding Sov for most of my career, but I'm willing to give this corp/alliance a try. I'm quite interested in the alliance culture. So, I'll see you guys around while I go through the peanut butter dip sensor deprivation test. I already have an essay prepared on the word 'The'. I can easily adapt it for conjunctions and pronouns. See you guys around!
  8. Greetings my name is Giao ... (no i didnt pick a name that people would butcher ) but most people call me gigi or just g. I have been playing eve for around 5 years, so if it moves i tend to be able to fly it lol. in real life i am a 34 year old security guard and happily married to a fellow gamer (and eve player ) ... it means i get a excuse to goto fanfest lol. Other games i play include ff14, diablo, borderlands, dragon age, ark etc. erm oh and stuff and things (im not very good at this intro thing .... feel free to ask any questions )
  9. Hi all, I've been a gamer for almost as long as I can remember. I was fortunate enough to have easy access to a computer at a very young age so I'm a PC gamer at heart. The first game I can remember falling in love with was a turn based strategy game by Red Orb Entertainment called Warlords 3. Ever since then I've always spent the majority of my free time playing games. I can't imagine not playing games. Strategy games tend to be my favorite. EVE has always fascinated me but since it required a monthly fee to play I was not in a good enough position financially until about 5 years ago to play. EVE was part of one of the steam sales in 2010 so I decided it was a good time to jump in. I liked the game but I was about to graduate and needed to focus on getting a job and moving so I quit. About 3 years later I found out some friends I met back in middle school played and decided to pick it up again and joined their small corp. The corp ended up not being very active so I quit EVE again. It has been two or so years since I last played EVE and I still get the urge to play every once in a while. It's like that itch you get that just won't go away until you scratch it, so I'm jumping into EVE for the third time. - Ronran
  10. Hey ladies, gents, and space aliens. My name is Pardet Kynes. I saw your reddit ad and was directed to this forum to introduce myself. In regards to gaming, EvE is the first MMO I have played more seriously than a trial account, mostly due to the fact I hate theme parks. Other games that I like are the Paradox Grand Strategy line(CK2, EU4, VIC2, and last but not least HOI3) and TF2. I also enjoy the cult clasic Space Station 13, also known as internet asshole simulator. And I also enjoy various indie titles, such as Dwarf Fortress, Risk of Rain, etc. Just look at my steam profile(Name there is Werty). In EvE Online, I like stealthy bullshit PvP, but I also like to brawl. I'm a Brave Newbies veteran, as in I was there when they died horribly, and also experienced in wormholes. I left Brave shortly before the fountain collapse and have been tooling around with Spectre Fleet and Bombers bar ever since, steadily getting bored and bleeding money. I also have no idea how highsec works. I am a student currently residing in the land of the free(hah!), more specifically the state that everyone remembers for it's great tea parties. I am interested in becoming a entrepreneur when I finally finish getting told various bullshit that I pay loads of money a year for. In my spare time outside of gaming I like to read books, am a fan of a famous sci-fi series, as anyone can tell based on my name. I also spend time chilling, hanging out with friends, and working through whatever stuff I get assinged, and occasionally when I feel like torturing myself, go for a run. That's basically all I have to say, feel free to bombard me with you questions in three... two... one.
  11. Good day everyone, I was referred to you guys by my RL friend, Chibikuma. I just started EVE and would love to be apart of your Corp! I unfortunately don't bring any experience to the game, but have played many MMO's and games throughout my life. I have been watching tons of videos and reading forms on EVE to get the idea of it. My name on EVE is Bruce Wayhn. I have Mumble and can get any other program that may be required. I look forward to meeting you all and being apart of the wonderful stories that you and your fellow capsuleers have embarked on! Cheers
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