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Zínn - Protection Paladin application

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Character basics:

Name: Zínn (I plan to name change upon server transfer)

Class: Paladin

Spec: Protection / Retribution (Off spec)

Proffesions: JC (600) / BS (600)

Armory link: http://us.battle.net...g/Zínn/advanced


Name: Jacob

Age: 23

Occupation: Part time college student / Freelance author.

Key skills, applicable to WoW: Fluent in English and Danish, management skills and attention to detail.

About myself and my character(s):

I’ve always loved tanking. Paladin especially has always been my favorite since I first made one in TBC to play with my brother. I’ve played mage in Vanilla and Cataclysm for a change of pace, but I honestly get bored with DPS classes very quickly. I prefer tanking above all else, just because it is a challenge and I love a good challenge!

What you can expect from me:

You can expect a player that knows his class. I always strive to be at the top of my game, and always seek improvement, be it studying guides or taking advice from other players. I will learn from my mistakes! I always come prepared to raids, be it flasks, food or watching guides on upcoming progression fights. I’m never afraid of a challenge, even if it means wiping on a progression boss again and again. I always try to offer insight or give my perspective on things in a professional manner and not just yelling and crying when things don’t go my way. I have a lot of experience as a raid leader, and while some say I often sound angry, I’m honestly not, I tend to be more brutally honest and express myself quickly and to-the-point .

What I expect of you:

I expect to join a guild where people are friendly with each other and don’t mind joking around, not just trying to “1-up” each other, and rag each other. I expect to join a guild that is willing to do guild activities with each other such as Challenge Modes and heroics etc. and not just logging on for raids, only to disappear until next raid. I expect to join a guild that has steady progression. I expect guild leadership to actually lead the guild to success and not just sit back and hope someone else will.

Why am I leaving my current guild?

My guild is dying on a dying server. My brother, two other officers and I took over the guild shortly before MoP, since the GM and most of our core raiders left or quit. My guild tried going 25 man for MoP and while my brother and I recruited over 50 candidates, only 2 bothered to actually level to 90 and start raiding. While my brother continues to recruit, I raid lead, but it’s hard to do so efficiently when you have a new raider or two every week and a GM that takes no initiative to do any recruiting or raid leading himself and does very little to help our guild other than a “I’m good with whatever” response. Recently our progression has come to a grinding halt and I simply don’t want to put up with it anymore.

WoW career:


Crybaby Raiders (Neptulon-EU), Alliance, Hemmini, Level 60 Gnome Mage. (Raider)

-Full clear of ZG, AQ20, MC and BWL

-Freelance raider with RL friends in top guild. Cleared AQ40 and a few fights in Naxx.

-Quit the guild in TBC to play with my brother on horde side.


Various guilds (Sylvannas-EU), Horde, Chopstickz, Level 70 Holy Paladin. (Raider)

-Semi-Full KZ clear in various guilds. Most guilds disbanded.

Coup de Grace (Lightbringer-EU), Horde, Chopstickz, Level 70 Protection Paladin. (Paladin Class Leader, Raid Leader)

-Full clear of KZ, Gruul, Magtheridon, SSC, TK and partial BT.

-GM took his/her frustration out on the guild, esp. us officers, due to prolonged RL issues, so most of us got fed up and merged with another guild.

Northern Expedition (Lightbringer-EU), Horde, Chopstickz, Level 70 Protection Paladin. (Paladin Class Leader, Raid Leader)

-Full content exp, except for Sunwell, limited attempts on first boss. Gained experience as Retribution.


Northern Expedition (Lightbringer-EU), Horde, Chopstickz (Renamed Xinn later), Level 80 Protection Paladin. (Paladin Class Leader, Raid Leader)

-Naxx 10/25, Sarth 10/25 (3D 10 man), EoE 10/25, Ulduar 25, ToC limited.

-Break during ToC as I moved to the US. Full clear on normal ICC (Did not partake in heroic progression).


BEYOND GODLIKE (Deathwing-US), Horde, Xínn, Level 85 Fire/Arcane Mage. (Raider)

-BoT 1/ 4 heroic, 4/4 normal, BWD 3/6 heroic, 6/6 normal, TotFW 4/4 normal, FL 6/7 heroic, DS 8/8 heroic. All done on 10 man.


BEYOND GODLIKE (Deathwing-US), Horde, Zínn, Level 90, Protection Paladin. (Officer, Raid Leader)

-2/6 Heroic MV, 5/6 HoF, 1/ 4 ToS (Elite Kill). All done on 10 man.

MoP logs: http://www.worldoflo...m/guilds/51043/

Misc. info:

- I have Mumble, Vent and Skype. I have a mic, but will only use if instructed to.

- I am able to attend all your raids.

- I do not plan to transfer any other characters over. I plan to start a new alt (Monk) when I server transfer.

If you have any questions beyond what I have submitted in my application, please do ask. I’ll do my best to answer them!

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Hi Zinn,

It was nice to talk to you last night, and thanks for posting a solid app. We might be a little slower than usual due to the big holiday, so please be patient. I'm sure Hip will have some good feedback for you once has some time to review the logs.

Is it possible to link the EU armory of the toon that has most of your past raiding experience? Maybe the mage also.

Just curious, but what brought you to the states? Where did you grow up and do you still go back to visit family?

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I understand the holidays are upon us and I am in no rush.

US-Mage armory: http://us.battle.net...g/Xínn/advanced

EU-Pala armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/lightbringer/Xinn/advanced *NOTE This does not display ICC and Ulduar clear as I did it on a Shaman alt (crappy healer) as a fill-in for normal mode on a run or two. The shaman can't be viewed on armory due to inactivity and honestly forgot his name.

My EU mage no longer exists as I deleted him in TBC.

I moved to the US, from Denmark, with my family, with the intention of starting school. I was born in the US however, I just spent 14 years in Denmark.

Shortly after moving over I got a job with LEGO Systems Inc. After our studio was shut down, I've returned to school. As for travelling I haven't been back to Denmark for any vacations, but maybe sometime in the future I'll make time for visits.

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Hi everyone!

By the way, I just wanted to mention that I play a Blood Elf Paladin instead of a Tauren.

I like the Blood Elf racial (Arcane Torrent) more, simply because it let's me control mechanics more, and i like the freedom better. 5% base stamina is nice, but I like the mechanical advantage more.

If a race change is required, I will. I just felt I should let you know why I prefer Blood Elf.

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Whats up

Nice, thorough app. Thanks for providing the details on your past guilds, but that seems like a lot of switching. If you're accepted to SoH we'd like to see you around for a long time what would you say to reassure us you'd stick with us long term.

Gearing wise, why did you choose to go the haste route rather than mastery? Have you played with mastery route at all?

What are some typical talent/glyph switches you make during a typical raid night?

Logs look ok overall, but to survive in 25HM you're going to need to improve your CD usage.

Sacred Shield uptime is pretty low on the fights i looked at, how could you improve this?

In that vein, what tools are you using to track your CD availability and CD uptime/cooldowns?

Also, no worries if you like playing BE you will only be judged on that for social reasons, racials are no big whoop.

thanks again and I look forward to your reply.

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