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Wildstar Introduction- NWMSerenade


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My name's Mars and I'm here at the behest of Musushi!


It's true, I am the heals to Code's tanks, but I also play a lot of DPS characters. My main is a DPS Spellslinger Soldier, my Heals is a Medic Scientist in regards to WildStar.


I have the most recognition as a Healer, a Forsaken priest my main for a very long time on WoW (WotLK ended my WoW time, the guild leader paying for me stopped playing so I lost interest, though Code was nice and played with a Rogue character I had for a few months)


I can raid and PvP, but I am generally an adventurer kind of person, I like filling in maps, learning lore, etc. and helping out new players. But, I am good at following directions when I have to in large groups.


I am going back to college and with work I will probably not be around as much as wanted. However I will help where I can and try and feel in any niches that are missing.


I'll answer any questions people may have. I'm super friendly and willing to chat.


Till then!


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Hi Mars and welcome!

I'm going to set you up with Guest access for the time being so you can browse around the forums and starting mingling with folks. As WS is already live, you're going to want to reach out to someone either in mumble (information will be forthcoming) or in game and get a guild invite.

Others will be along shortly to ask many questions.

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Hi and welcome to SOH!  

Got a bit of time to kill since the servers are down, so a couple questions:

What are you studying in college?


How'd you get the name NWMSerenade?


I'm currently out of questions, midterms taking to much brain power.

I hear that.  At least they'll be over soon.

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I'm studying Network Analysis at my local ITT Tech. I already have a degree in General Studies and it helped knock off a few credits. Math will most likely be my downfall.

There was an ARG called Nowhere Men I was playing online, NWMSerenade was the name I used there. I use it in other places to try and reconnect with those people. It was a lot of fun, even if I lacked the proper software for some of the puzzles.

Not at all strange to post. I'm usually posting for Code and myself. I let him go for it because his gaming record is more impressive than my own. We felt silly we just missed the rule of individual postings.

Oh, we're going to vanish this weekend, we go out and have real life adventures in costumes (I do it more often, but this is one game Code plays because he can do science there)

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Don't feel silly, its very common.  We aren't exactly formal about very much around here.  104%20Big%20Grin.png


NWM keeps making me think of Neverwinter Nights (although that's NWN).  Although NWMSerenade may be difficult to type, so I'm just going to call you Ralph,,,   ok, maybe Serenade is better.

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