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Wildstar Intro: Tinky (Old Murderbear!)


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Hey everyone! Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I was Murderbear in WoW, and a member of SoH, and Hyna's RL friend. I joined the military and went on deployments, etc., so games were no longer a possibility for me. Now I am on shore duty and have much more time and I wouod like to reapply to SoH! Granted I still have a busy job and a family and all that so I won't ever be back on the level of raiding every day or anything, but I would like to hang out and offer my services whenever possible.

My character name is Tinky, and I'd love to see you guys again!

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The triumphant return of Bear!


I am ultra casual these days, so I'm not sure how often our paths will cross in Wildstar.  But it will be great to have you in the guild again. :)


(p.s. Dar kind of became our Bear after you left.. I hope you don't mind.  We have needs.)

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