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1 hour ago, Ghastis said:



Now if we can only get our benevolent dictator to rais emy access so I can at least get on the chat here...sheesh.


I have been working nonstop since this morning, with a 15 minute break for food.  Not expecting to leave work for another hour or two.


You should change the name on your old account, so all that history is not lost.  If you try to log in as Devilspawn, there is a password reset option.  Once you are logged in, you can change your own display name in the profile.  This will also fix the access issue, since you'll then be recognized as a Ghost.  Stop trying to make more work for me!


We do purge accounts to go inactive for long periods of time.  You have the option to rejoin when you return, of course.  But no guarantees as to what might happen to your assets if you're away for months - this would be true with any null or low-sec entity that could be prone to relocation.  Can talk more about this later.

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 I have been a low sec dweller my whole Eve career which anyone that wants to see from my API can search and I have never had to worry about my assests because I was never purged but I also never put all my eggs in one basket either :)  Doesn't matter I am here on the web page connecting with old friends, if/when I join is anothe rmatter. I can attest to my honor being the same as before though and I will not divulge anything either way I go. Hell I was part of Snuff when I went on a mining op when you guys first came back to Eve and would have joined then if Elend and Ty did not love Amaar space so much :p I am KoS there beyond any repair due to 3 years of FW; alas, then I went afk for a year and a half with no regrets :)


I will try to remember my old log in info but I got tired of getting locked out last time :p

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