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Elder scrolls online guild

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Yes - though it would seem we do not have a forum for it yet. I see you found our discord, too, which is good because I believe for the ESO chapter/cohort for now we're trying out not having a chapter forum - just discord. I think Simone may want to connect with you first prior, but traditionally new folks post an introduction thread here telling us a bit about them. You can check out mine or others here in this forum to get an idea of what those look like if you want. 

If you have any questions, feel free to speak up in the discord lobby (it should be public access) and I believe you'll get a fast response.

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Practical's got it covered! Writing a short intro post about yourself is SoH right of passage #1. :D I'm on Discord now if you'd like to PM me to talk more about the guild or get an invite (the intro post and a couple of quick questions from me in a PM are prerequisites for an invite).

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