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Hepes - WoW Introduction

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Hello, My name is Hepes, I just recently returned to the game after a couple years off, and was looking for a new community to join. I ran into Estarriol's post and reddit and well here I am. I've been playing wow since Warth of the Lich King. I raided pretty casually up until Mists of Pandaria where a pretty competitive guild recruited me in LFR of all places. I raided with them getting quite a few cutting edge achievements until I had to quit for schooling reasons. I recently graduated and subsequently picked up WoW again. However because I was gone for some time the old community and played with had moved on. So while I'm pretty inexperienced at the moment I'm hoping to join this community begin a new. 


Outside of WoW I have to guinea pig that are my pride and joy. I'm fairly active, as I did the LA Marathon a few years back, and this year I was slated to do the San Francisco Triathlon until that got canceled for Covid reasons. I'm generally not the most talkative person but I always enjoy when playing all sorts of games. Anyways I look forward to meeting you all!

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Hey there, Hepes!

I'm Mordigrim. Also known as Mordi. Sometimes called Brad. Every once in a while Bardly. Just not Bradley, keep that "e" out :p. I started playing in 2008 (I think?) and I've been with SoH since 2011.

What about South of Heaven appeals to you? What do you look for in a Guild? Likewise, what would be a deal-breaker for you? 

If you were going to build your ultimate plate of nachos but you could only choose up to five toppings what five toppings would you choose? What would you have to drink with your awesome nachos? 

You're the main character of a crossover mini-series that takes place in our universe, it's five episodes and each episode is a crossover with a different fictional character from a different fictional universe. What five characters do you bring to our universe and what do you do with them while they're here?

I look forward to getting to know you, feel free to hit me with any questions you might have (serious, silly, or otherwise)!

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Hi Hepes! I'm Caresia/Valyrria, but tbqh I really only respond to Jocelyn (guess I'm a one trick horse /shrug). I've been playing since BC, but only really started raiding seriously in BfA- so don't feel like you're in poor company when it comes to getting the hang of things :p


What's your biggest human interaction pet peeve, and how do you handle it when you encounter it?


What are your guinea pigs names, how old are they, and what's the cutest/funniest thing they do that's unique to them? (If you can't tell, I'm a big animal lover :love:)


What did you get your degree in?


Feel free to ask me anything you want, but be warned- my sense of humor is a desert of broken glass- dry and full of sharp edges :clap:

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Hi, Hepes!


I'm always interested to know what got people into WoW in the first place, so what was that for you?

What was your favorite raid in MoP and your favorite fight? What was your role then?


5 hours ago, Estarriol said:

Aaaand please pay pet tax. 🙃

Yes, please do it.

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1 hour ago, Devotional said:
6 hours ago, Estarriol said:

Aaaand please pay pet tax. 🙃

Yes, please do it.


They're asking for pictures, and I would like to add my own /bump


Also, hi! I'm Jim. I won't ask any more questions for the moment since there's a bunch in here already, but I talk a lot so if you stick around I'm looking forward to getting to chat!

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Hi Everyone sorry for the slow response, had a bit of a busy week. 


@Mordigrim I feel South of Heaven reminds me a lot of my first guild I every joined (From The Internet) It was a tight knit group that had fun doing any sorts of stuff with each other. I remember at the time it was Challenge Modes which were a good deal of fun. In terms of what I look for in a guild I like a community that overall just enjoys playing with one another. I've been in a few guilds that were kinda on the toxic side in terms of attitude to one another. In line with everything else I just said the biggest deal breaker is just playing with a group of people that aren't friends and do not enjoy playing with each other. As for the nachos I'm going to step outside of the idea of the traditional plate and go with, I assume the chips are include,  I'm going to go with Chicken, Cheese, Pico, and I've always been a rice and beans man myself so fuck it I throw rice and beans on it. I would add guacamole if I had another topping. In terms of drinks I'm sorta really tame in that 99% of what I drink is just water. I seldom consume any other beverage save for the occasional drink with friends and even that is few and far between. If I get to merge Universes I suppose I will bring over Albus Dumbledore so that he can teach me magic, Brandon Stark/ Three eyed raven just to hold a conversation with him, my Palico from Monster Hunter World because I mean look at him, The main character of the game Factorio so I can build tons of different shit, and Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece so that I can go on an adventure with him. 


@orokkevalo  I don't really have any pet peeves but, I do I suppose I get really annoyed by people who cause a lot of drama themselves and then complain about it. I see it a lot in my line of work sadly. So I have two guinea pigs currently, they are both girls and their names are Gabby and Tiki. Gabby I got a couple months ago when as I used to have a boy but he passed away in February and his name was Nixon he was 7 years and 11 months old. . Tiki I have had since she was a baby at 4 weeks old. Tiki is currently 6 and Gabby is 5 and a half. I would say the cutest thing that is unique about them is their interactions with each other. Gabby is more docile and more social while Tiki can be a bit of a brat. I got my degree in Chemistry with a minor in philosophy, admittedly I wasn't the greatest student and I switched majors a fair bit so it took me a decade to get the job done. 


@Estarriol Cause I switched majors, alot, I studied various different subjects. I started with Chemistry, then moved on to Biology, Computer Science, Philosophy, History, Math, Economics, Ethics and several more I'm forgetting. Ultimately I did settle on Chemistry and finished the degree in that. I also happened to have enough units for a philosophy minor so that was cool. 


@Devotional I honestly played because my best friend was playing at the time. Now I'm still here but he quite somewhere along the way. In MoP my favorite fight was probably Heroic Lei Shen (There was no mythic at the time) I remember all the intricate movement and interaction  that had to be done making in order to down it very exciting. I was a warlock then as I am now . 






Soooo A lot of my pictures are tooo big so I just uploaded the pet tax to the social Discord. Sorry If I didn't hit every question!







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