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Ranks Defined


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Leadership Ranks

I founded this guild in 2004. In my capacity as Founder, I serve variously as: friend, counselor, tech support, battle leader, e-lover, den mother, and chapter lead.

Chapter Lead:
We are a multi-game community, and Chapter Lead is the title given to the individual who has volunteered to steer the ship in a particular game that we play.
Chapter Leads are trusted with preserving and enhancing the guild legacy. They have discretion over recruitment policy, style and objectives. I maintain oversight and will take steps to ensure each chapter is compatible with the spirit of the guild.

Game Officer:
A Chapter Lead may appoint any number of Game Officers to assistance in leadership and administration. Game Officer is a temporary position limited to a specific game. We do this to avoid fatigue and encourage a more diverse participation in leadership roles. Individuals may step up, and then back down, and their discretion.

Membership Ranks

Since we are a tight-knit guild, "fit" is important. That is what we establish during the trial period, which typically lasts two to four weeks. At the end of this period, all senior members, veterans, and leadership will vote on whether to approve the Recruit for membership. Each voter is equal, and this is done to enhance diversity and rigor of process.

Membership is awarded carefully and is a long-term friendship. We forge durable bonds with our members, and this is the reason for our stability and continued success in the games that we play. Members are subject to on-going qualification requirements discussed

Senior Member:
This is an optional rank used at the discretion of the Chapter Lead. It is a title used to recognize loyalty and contribution, for Members who are not yet eligible for Veteran. It allows Members who have served for at least 60 days to participate in the Applicant Review process.

Veterans are members who have played more than one game with the guild, or otherwise demonstrated exceptional commitment. They gain access to the Applicant Review forum, where they have the opportunity to participate directly in Member selection.

Founding Member:
Founding Member is a legacy title bestowed upon those brave souls that helped us start our guild. You cannot earn this rank; it is a title reserved for our pioneers.

Other Community Ranks

Guest access may be granted to non-members as a courtesy. It includes limited access to our message board, but active Chapter forums are usually guest-restricted.

A Friend is an active participant in our out-of-game community, and may be a former Member or a non-member whose company the guild enjoys. Friends have access comparable to Members, and are eligible for promotion to Member following a two week orientation period similar to a Recruit's trial phase.

Allies share qualities of Members (playing a game with the guild) and Friends (but not necessarily in an active Chapter). They have access equal to Friends.

A Ghost is a former Veteran who is no longer able to serve in an active Chapter, or otherwise chosen to part ways with the guild. Ghosts are eligible to have their Veteran-status restored, provided they remain in good standing with the community, and pending a two week orientation.

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