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Zute - Rift

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Hey yall, first I'd just like to say I really like the guild name. I find it's the most important aspect of a guild.. after all, it does go under my name!

Currently living in BC, Canada, eh. And go by Johnny. I'm an apprentice electrician, but losing interest due to lack of work.

Here's what I'm looking for; casual, all pvp, all pve, fun peeps. Pretty sure If I read right, this is SoH. I would be bringing a Cleric to the table, spec not sure as I'm only lvl 22.

I feel this was important to add; I play to the best of my ability all the time, love criticism.. anything that ups my game.

I've played many many mmos and fps. WoW has occupied my time the most.

I'm not huge on big intro posts, well get to know each other in due time.

Just lookin for my online family!

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So I'm at home now and had a chance to look at the videos. Wow.

Tayomi's video proves that masturbation can be a workout!

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Glad the video was thoroughly enjoyed =)

Hi all, think I still need access to Rift section and that guild post I have to respond to!

And Merri that is one cute kid!

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