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  1. Yo peeps

    1. Hyna


      We have a discord server now. Join up. 


  2. Minor update: 52 days without smoking :) Hi yall!

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    2. Twelvesoft
    3. Stasis


      It's in the bag! First 5 days is the hardest part, then it's the first month. Gets a lot easier now imo. Great job!

    4. Mytralala


      Hai Corbonbino, grats sir!

  3. www.humblebundle.com get 6 or 7 games for your choice of payment...

    1. Torick


      If you are a RTS fan and haven't played Company of Heroes it's a must imo.

    2. Corbendallas


      Also I should clarify 2 of those are expansions for another game included in this.

  4. Hi everyone. Just hi. Lonely for SoH atm!

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    2. Ashin


      So many flies.

    3. Karayne


      That's an uncomfortable number of flies. Borderline nope-level, even.

    4. Corbendallas


      Very many flies. If you've ever seen those flytraps you put bait in and fill with water, they're about 8 inches in diameter. We routinely throw them away when they are about 6 inches deep with flies. About once every 2 days. I don't know the math on that but...

  5. It takes nothing but hard work and dedication

  6. Happy Birthday to apparently half our guild

    1. Karayne


      Woo! Clearly the best day of the year.

  7. When I close my eyes I turn into a circle!

  8. Torchlight 2, you are awesome

  9. So I bought this candy here called MAOAM. I open the wrapper, and in the wrapper is 5 more wrapped sleeves of MAOAMs. I opened one of the 5 sleeves, and inside this wrapper was another 5 smaller rectangular packs. I open this wrapper, and inside this is 5 individually wrapped candies. Inside THE FINAL WRAPPER is the candy. Yo dawg, I heard you like wrappers.

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    2. Corbendallas


      I was stroking out at how much time it took to eat one candy

    3. Vitemorte


      they do that so you burn the calories from the candy :) heheheh I kid i kid

    4. Corbendallas
  10. Still alive.. How are you all?

    1. Darlantan


      Are you also doing science?! And, busy.

    2. Corbendallas


      No science, but cake. Busy with what?

    3. Ant


      Alive as well. I think...

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