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  1. Just want to say hi to everyone! Sending my love to my SoH family <3

  2. Its not thursday yet but here's a throwback: 


    1. Morkgrim
    2. Darlantan


      It makes me happy that this still exists.

    3. Drpibb


      :) so happy I found this. I have more mumble recordings from our dragon soul days.  I'll dig them up and post them too! 

  3. 2 days until Cancun!!! :airplane::beer:

    My Spanish is a bit rusty but I think I'll manage..... Dos cervezas por favor... yeah I'll be fine. :cool:

    1. Ashin


      Be safe cutie.

  4. Overwatch has arrived. Prepare for battle.

  5. Going to Cancun in a month.... CAN NOT WAIT. :D

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    2. Stasis



    3. Drpibb


      @Kantankerous  - KT, my biffle, its for a bachelor party otherwise I would have obviously invited you! Next time for sure!


      @Ashin - First one's free... I charge after that 

    4. Drpibb


      Here is a video my roommate made for spring break 2015 in cancun .... 


  6. Once I win Powerball I'm building a private island for SoH

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    2. Fera


      Can we make it golf-cart only? Or dune-buggies? yeah!

    3. Drpibb


      Update: Once I win the 1.3 Billion looks like we'll be getting a bigger island. I like the only golf cart idea.... may as well make 18 holes for us to play too

    4. Minori


      I didn't win, but I'm sure I will on Wednesday. :3

  7. Life. The balance between social life, work life, and sleep. I've thrown away sleep and I am now 98.9% caffeine

    1. Inedit


      It's adorable that you think work/life balance is a thing.

    2. Ashin


      For some it is!

  8. Almost 4 years ago I joined the SoH guild. It pains me to say that I will be leaving the guild to join a raiding guild. Even long after the guild stopped raiding it still makes me sad to be departing. I have my fondest memories raiding and playing with you all and love you all. In order to get back on the raiding wagon I will be joining another guild. If the WoW chapter starts raiding again I'll be back in a heartbeat :) With that said I'll still be active on the forums! You'l...

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    2. Darlantan


      Have fun! Hopefully you found an enjoyable group!

    3. Drpibb


      Thanks guys! Nyisha is that a serious question. I'm like 32% pizza of course pizza will be there! Ashin unfortunately we are not neighbors I still live in Jersey

    4. Huntyre


      best wishes to you Pibb and don't be a stranger.

  9. My full time job starts tomorrow! Hello real world people.

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    2. Inedit


      Didja ask for a new backpack?

    3. Drpibb


      I actually asked for the computer bag this time.... but they gave me the backpack lol

    4. Ashin


      Pibb are you saying that you are in my neck of the woods now? *ideas*

  10. Graduated from college, back to being a full time nerd.

  11. Last day of my online summer class!!! \o/ woot

    1. Darlantan


      Gratssss~ One more month for me.

    2. Ashin


      One more month for me tooo

    3. Nez


      ^ Same for me! So excited.

  12. Life goal number 1: Dunk on a 10ft basketnball hoop. Will update once achieved.

  13. Ed Reed is now on the Jets! LETS GO

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