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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I'm will. New player to the group. Been on destiny 2 since it came out. Long time online gamer from the days of wow pre litch king lol.. Quit after panda. I have always raised with higher end and love team work. Clan I left was fun but most left due to being selfish. Basically got light level max and quit. Or did what they wanted then never helped anyone else Anyway. Hope to see everyone online and get some great team work going. Personally. Married with kids ,work 6 days a week and still find time to have fun. Working on opening my own place up. But I'll always be here lol
  2. Greetings to everyone of south of heaven...is that a moment to self realize I'm now in hell, or just purgatory? I'll work on that next time the power goes off. And no joke, 10 minutes later, my power did go off. I happened upon your group after a frustrating search in many directions for some other adults who were playing Destiny 2. I didn't think anything in the world would be harder than finding my car keys, and that's what I get for thinking. So I suppose I'll be somewhat concise, otherwise this will start to sound like that person who talks loud enough in airports that ensures the 20 people closest to them are also involved in their conversation. Normally, I'd go on about how I'm old and crusty in some varying ways, maybe mentioning the Atari 2600 or Crystal Pepsi or Entertech water guns (batteries and water...the 80's was a special time)...but, I suspect my near 38 years of age doesn't make me the oldest 'round these parts perhaps. I presently work live and work in Kansas City, Missouri, as a contractor doing information architecture stuff. It puts a roof over my head and my dog and keeps most other problems manageable. Gaming wise I've seen and played a lot, lately my favorite activity has been killing the backlog of games I've barely touched. Since January of 2017 I've knocked down 30 games, some classics, some not known at all...and I tried to do Destiny 2 by myself...but, the game just seems rather unwelcoming by yourself. I've spent some time with ESO as well, and even while it certainly looks enjoyable with friends, it just..."feels" like it welcomes a solo player more. Other than that, I guess on a more serious note, just trying to make some gaming friends. A while ago I realized I only know people who like to talk about games, they don't like to play them. I spent a lot of time talking as well, and now I'm back to playing. But, if I continue solo, someday the backlog killing won't be enough, and then I'll be searching for a new hobby. For now anyway, I'd rather trying to get the most out of this. Hope to see you all around the Discord soon.
  3. Hey all! About me: My name's Ted, and I'm a 28 year old Colorado resident returning to school for a music degree. Most of my hobbies are music related (production, violin), except for the gaming. As a Boulder, CO resident I have access to a ton of craft breweries, so I guess you could throw finding and drinking delicious beer in there too. I grew up in Maryland, northwest of DC near Rockville, and moved out here a few years back. Oh and before you ask, I've never seen The Rundown starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and at this point I think it would ruin things if I did Games I've been really into over the years include Super Smash Bros Melee (I was a competitive player who traveled out of state for tournaments), various Call of Duties (CoD4 was my first real PC game and first FPS), Rocket League, Borderlands 2, Halo 3, Overwatch, and all the Guitar Hero and Rockband games. In addition to D2 right now I also play some PUBG and Slay the Spire. I've been playing D2 since a little after PC launch, and done as much as I can do. Sadly, the clan I was in was pretty small and a lot of players fell out of playing, which has led to myself and a few other members to move on. We got to do the first couple raids a few times, but not much more than that, so I'm really looking forward to a chance to raid more, maybe even try the prestige raids if you do them. I've also been grinding PvP for both casual and comp, and it would be nice to have other people to play with if any of you are down! Looking forward to playing with you all!
  4. Hi! My name is Gavin. I'm 23 years into existence. My best friend is Justin (901Krool). I've been playing MMO's since about 2007 and video games in general since 1998. My very first game was X-Men on Sega Genesis. My favorite game currently has to be Guilty Gear Xrd. I enjoy playing the drums with the band, and I love the shoegaze genre the most. I just graduated from a CIT (computer information technology) course and am hopeful to find work soon as a Desktop Technician. I'm a pretty quiet guy, giggly at times, but I love to listen and lurk in conversation. I like a bit of anime, but I usually just watch the popular ones. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have for me! Thanks for reading, TipTappers
  5. "It is better to yeet than to be yote" Hello my name is Justin, age 25, happily engaged, and currently not in state of poverty. I love anime, the gym, and video games. Just looking to get back into structured play with D2 and potentially WoW in the future expansion. I'm a little loud, sometimes I say things that don't make sense, but I'm honest so I think that makes up for it. Just shoot me a PM if I'm being too much or something and I'll tone it down. Please be prepared for me to Jojo meme/reference regularly, it's my favorite anime/manga. That's all I got, I'm pretty two dimensional.
  6. Hi guys! I mostly just play Destiny as far as online games go. I play somewhat often, but would be happy to jump on if other players needed me! It would also be cool to be able to actually voice chat with other members. As far as other games go, I play a lot of Nintendo which isn't super online based, but I have a good time with it. Since I play mostly on a console that has little to no online play, I don't know much about communities/clans/groups/etc. A bit about me: I am 21 years old, working toward a degree in college, and working part time. Just trying to figure out my young adult life and working toward bettering myself! If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask! I'm not sure what to put in these about me introduction things.
  7. yo, its the guy they told me to right an intro thing here so i am. i think. anyway im GGW aka Good Guy Wooper on el youtube. been playing Destiny 2 avidly since launch. ahhh..... pretty chill i guess. i dont know how to talk to people. so you wanna know what im like here this https://t.co/z80IVJiUJq oh and also im an artist https://pkmntrainercarmine.deviantart.com/. im 22 working and living on my own. availability is usually good. anddddddddddddddddddddddd our channel and art can occasionally be 18+ so fair warning
  8. Hello everyone, this is Velius here. I didn't read any other introductory posts prior to making my own, so, I hope that this will suffice. I'm here for Destiny 2, primarily, though, I play quite a lot of other games. I also regularly play Hearthstone (mostly Druid and Paladin), Overwatch (mostly D.Va), and League of Legends (mostly mid lane). I'm not a very high rank in any of them, unfortunately. I started playing Destiny during the beta for D1 on Xbox One and I recently decided to starting playing D2 on PC. I'm probably more obsessed about the Destiny lore more than I am any other aspect of the game. Tidbit information about myself: I'm very into anime, science fiction, the same pop-culture you likely are, and as far as music goes, I listen to a lot of different genres, including dnb, pop-punk, and death metal. Lastly, I'm 30 and have a family, who will always take precedent over my video game time. Thanks for reading!
  9. Hi, I'm Cvil. I'm 21, at community college atm, technically undecided, but i'm heavily leaning towards psychology and/or criminal justice. Working part time on the weekends. I'm pretty relaxed, and level-headed, but I still like to win, so I can get a bit emotional when in any type of competition. Got into Destiny 2 over the holidays, been in love since. Love raiding, and although a bit frustrating at times, pvp is fun as well. Used to play other MMOs, such as SWTOR, which first got me into gaming, as well as FFXIV, which I recently lost interest in, and I play a few other games. Namely Pokemon, League of Legends, Overwatch on occasion. Nice to meet you!
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