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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'm Kyle, LOTRO name is Bossjim, I go by Cluboris in other games, a buddy of mine gave me that nickname a while ago and I still use it for gaming since it's usually not taken. Bossjim is another deal which is kind of a tribute to an old band I listen to, I needed a nick and their CD was laying on the computer desk. Anyway, I'm 45, married, 2 kids, a boy, 10, and a girl, 9. Oh, and a dog, can't forget the dog. She's a lab mix, a rescue we got 3 years ago. I'm East Coast, teach history for a living. I have been playing video games forever, but my game time
  2. Greetings fellow gamers and enthusiasts! So this is me: My name is Likafoss ("Like-a-Foss" or just "Foss") on literally every site and game, no one takes it conveniently and while I mostly play games solo, I'm starting to play more and more Destiny 2 and other games that are highly group based. I heard about South of Heaven from my friend theRundown, well, I noticed he hadn't left his guild in a while so I got curious as I was beginning my search. Anyways, he spoke highly of your group and I learned enough about it through Grieve and additional reading that I fel
  3. Hi! My name is Gavin. I'm 23 years into existence. My best friend is Justin (901Krool). I've been playing MMO's since about 2007 and video games in general since 1998. My very first game was X-Men on Sega Genesis. My favorite game currently has to be Guilty Gear Xrd. I enjoy playing the drums with the band, and I love the shoegaze genre the most. I just graduated from a CIT (computer information technology) course and am hopeful to find work soon as a Desktop Technician. I'm a pretty quiet guy, giggly at times, but I love to listen and lurk in conversation. I like a bit of anime, but I
  4. Hey there friends, I'm Paige. I'm vibrant & can have a potty mouth. I'm new to ESO and learning the ways of the force... errrr magic. I'm totes into PVE. Please teach me the things, and thanks for having me! *Edit - I'm also super sad you guys don't play D2 on xbox. Otherwise, I'd be cooler and be able to join in that.
  5. Hello everyone! I found this group through reddit's r/evejobs board, where one of your people responded encouraging me to check out this group. Having done a little bit of sleuthing about SoH, as well as Blades of Grass, I have to say I am pretty excited at the prospect of getting to play with you all. The community and atmosphere sound like they would be a great fit. I'm 31 years old and a parent to two lovely kiddos (daughter 6, son 3). I work in a senior technology position in the research integrity office of the local university managing a couple of servers, some specialized so
  6. Hello all! Thank you for the privilege of possibly joining your fine corp. A buddy and in-game mentor of mine began looking for a new home recently, and I decided it was time to make a change. About Thorsten Scott.. He's a three month old Omega character almost 8mil SP. This is my first MMO (former GTA/COD nut). Started looking for a strategy game like the old Unification Wars and found this insanity instead. The learning curve is steep, but I love the challenge (ENTJ-A) and the social atmosphere. Right now, my main focus is establishing the character, learning as much as possible
  7. Good afternoon! I'm Kaizen (Kaizen Nacht on FFXIV and Kaïzen - Bleeding Hollow US on World of Warcraft) and currently I am playing a Dark Knight though I intend to switch to Paladin for the purposes of our raid (and hopefully level Ninja to give Grieve a chance to flex his tanking muscles). In a past gaming life, I've been one of the tanks for a guild that is now top-200 world and at the time was top-25 US on Blackrock (raiding six nights a week for five hours a night while I was still in my undergraduate program). Fortunately, I've grown out of that phase. Though the urge to raid at th
  8. Hey guys! My name is Minori Thanos and I play a black mage with a side of scholar-in-progress. I've been playing XIV since 1.0, though I never got into it heavily until ARR. Kaizen, my friend that just applied as well, and I have been looking for a progressive FC for adults. You guys seem to hit the mark! I haven't heavily raided in ARR yet, but I have raided fairly hardcore in WoW and Everquest while I was in school. I've always been really involved and enthusiastic when it comes to gaming, and I'm a sponge when it come to learning. Spreadsheets are suspiciously entertaining to me.
  9. Hi everyone! If you don't know me by now you will sooner or later, because I'll probably end up asking you a question about something really simple and easily Wiki-able, hehe. I came to find SoH thanks to Fera. After lumbering around WvW unsure what I was doing, I was offered a spot and I accepted and have been enjoying my time in SoH since. I've been playing RPG games all my life, so I couldn't give you a definitive list of all the games I've played. Some of my favorites include the original Guildwars, WoW, Dungeons and Dragons, and Neverwinter Nights. The Guildwars fra
  10. Hello people of SoH, I'm Franz and I'm really interested to join your guild for Guild Wars 2. I discovered your thread on GW2Guru and got attracted to how mature your guild seems to be. Regarding activity, I'll come clean: I'm not a hardcore player. My priority will always be school and academics, but that doesn't mean that you will only rarely see me in-game. Reason for joining... Originally I had planned to simply play the game and look for a guild by meeting people in-game, but then I read all about the explorable dungeon mode and realized that I would need a reasonable and organized group
  11. Good evening, I'm applying for a spot in this guild. I just recently re-activated my WoW accound (Within the last couple of days) since I de-activated it shortly after launch of Cata. I've been playing this game since vanilla, though most of my raiding experience come from Wrath. Do to me currently living in Hawaii, it makes getting into raids difficult for me, so my main focus has always been PVP (BGs and Arena). My main objective is to join this guild to be in the same guild as my friends Longtotem and Kantankerous, whom I've been playing with since the early days of BC, though I do h
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