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Application Nezastus: Prot Paladin


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Character basics:

Name: Nezastus

Class: Paladin

Spec: Protection / Retribution (Off spec)

Professions: BS (600) / Enchanting (600)

Armory link: http://us.battle.net...zastus/advanced


Name: Adam

Age: 38

Occupation: Sales Manager/ New account Sales…. Job change to 8th Grade Science Teacher.

My Information:

I started playing wow late compared to most people that I know. I started with about 4-5 months left in TBC. Like most new people to the game (noob) I ran my paladin up to level 55 to make a death knight, played him a little and then went back to leveling my paladin and I have been playing him ever since. I did raid for about 4-6 weeks on my hunter to help my old, old, old guild out as we needed a ranged for a bit. In the beginning I really had no clue what I was doing but a few pally tanks that I could seek guidance from helped me on my way. Why did I tank? That was easy back in wrath there were always dps and healers but there never seemed to be tanks and if you wanted to run heroics you needed one. So, I fell in with a group that ran heroics and then I joined there guild and started tanking in Naxx then Ulduar.

I’m also a father of 3, and I spend a ton of time traveling with my current job which should be changing in the next 2 weeks (finally).

Why am I leaving my current guild?

Really it isn’t by choice. My guild is on Pacific Time zone which has been great. With my upcoming job change raiding until 1:30/2:00 am and then being up 4 hours later and trying to teach 8th graders would be just not good. Knowing this I decided that it wouldn’t be fair to miss raids or leave early to the rest of the raid team. I’m also an officer in the guild (I do the recruiting) which would also be next to impossible to do with my current time constraints. I’m not looking to make a quick jump from my current guild. I want to make sure of two things before I leave. The first is that we have a tank to take my place (which I think we do) and that I find the right guild for me to become a part of. I don’t change guilds very often. FA has been a great home for the last almost 2 years, while I’m sad to go I think it great to meet new people and make new friends.

Raiding/Guild History:


I can’t remember the guild I was in for Naxx it was so long ago

Naxx: 10/25 completed 25 man and I think all but the military wing in 10 man

Joined Vanguard of War on Khaz Modan we ran a 25 man 2 days a week then a 10 man 2 more days

Ulduar: All but the final 3 boss for our 10 man group and maybe the first 8 bosses for our 25 man

ToC: We were only able to get the normal mode bosses down.

ICC: 12/12 normal with 11/12H. No one our server killed the LK before the cata expansion.


Joined Sunder (was the top 25 man guild on the server) they changed to running 3 10 mans. We tried to combine the groups to make a 25 man that lasted about 3 weeks before that fell apart and ½ of the 25 man left the server.

We had completed all the normal mods for BOT, BD, and Throne and were 3/6h on BD.

I moved to FA on Hyjal and my first raid with them was on H. Nef, which we killed for the first time as a guild. We then proceeded to go 6/7h on FL and 8/8h on DS


Currently on MOP we are 4/16H with all normal modes cleared. We have started working on H blade lord and will probably down him this week as we are going to run a 10 man based on Christmas and a good chunk of the raid team being off or out of town this week.

MoP logs: http://www.worldoflo...om/guilds/1396/


I have Vent, I hear mumble is much better though. I have a mic, and use it when necessary.

I am able to attend all raids.

I will be transferring over an ele shaman, as he is my JC and elixir maker.

battletag: Nezastus#1746

I have noticed a common theme to the apps and questions:

TV: I like Game of Thrones, Watching football (go Raiders) yea I know, Big Bang Theory, and movies with my kids.

I prefer the haste build for tanking over the mastery one, and I can change out my haste trinket for more stam when needed. If only the jade warlord trinket would ever drop.

If there are any other questions just let me know, and thanks for taking the time to read all of this information.


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How goes it?

Haste. Have you tried mastery? Just curious what differences you find survivability/damage taken wise if any.

You say you switch to a stam trinket from haste on fights when you need it. What would be an example of such a fight?

What other fights are you making gear/talent/glyph changes for?

What seal are you typically running?

Sacred shield uptime looks very good on some fights and significantly lower on others, why the disparity and what could you do to address this?

thanks and welcome to the forums.

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Hey Hip,

You seem to be the busiest guy on the forums.

Haste. Have you tried mastery? Just curious what differences you find survivability/damage taken wise if any.

I haven't done a mastery build or tired one. What I can say on this is that I don't know if one is truely better then the other. Haste will give you more up time of SOR, but it won't stop as much inbound damage. With raid buffs I'm at about at about 48% physical damage reduction from SOR, with the 4 piece I would hit 58%, and to hit 100% is impossibe currently. That being said with the haste build I'm at about 4800 haste, which is giving me a little more the a 4 sec cooldown on CS, 5.3 sec on judgement and 8 sec on consencration. I feel that this allows me more control of inbound damage and I can create more threat on tank swaps (my tanking parnter is a dk). Cueerntly on Sha of fear (for example) I can SOR before every thrash and most of the time I can get 2 in. Haste will definately be the way to go in the future tiers when we can keep the physical damage debuff up 100% of the time.

This also helps with self heaing and BG stacking that extra 10% up to 5 times which comes in hand when needed.

"You say you switch to a stam trinket from haste on fights when you need it. What would be an example of such a fight?"

Windlord would be an example of when I would use 2 stam trinkets. I see that as where and extra 20k in health in the beginning of the fight could be the difference of survival. Heroic Elegon is another fight where I would use 2 stam trinkets. I feel that the added healh is beneficial when taking the additional damage from the boss when I take 2 breaths and have about 15-18 stacks of overcharged. I did upgrade my current stam trinket to add some additional health as the liquid courage is one of our bis trinkets. I have never seen the jade warlord trinket drop yet.

"What other fights are you making gear/talent/glyph changes for?"

I can make you a list on this one, but I'll pick 2 fights.

Tuslong- our Dk main tanks this fight, so I will swap in Holy Wrath, instead of Divine protection. I will move out during the healing part of the fight and help with stuns and interrupts on the small adds. I will also run holy avenger so I can get more use from sor to help get the adds down faster. By not using the DP glyph I can take less damage during the breath from Tsulong.

Wind Lord: I will run sanctified wrath (increased healing to me when AW is up) and 50% cooldown reduction on judgement, meaning more SOR usage. Then I use Lights Hammer as well for a 2 fold purpose. The first is for added damage to the adds and a bit of healing help, but when we just the boss up I will use that every time rain of blades happen to help with a little healing.

Glyphs I would change out would be Glyph of divine prot, and battle healer. The added cooldown is nice to have for the physical abuse, and battle healer is a good tool as I will swap from seal of right to insight once I have solid threat, or the healers are having a problem. When we have just the boss up I will swap to seal of truth for more damage, but I will swap to insight during rain of blades so I can be less of a healer focus.

"What seal are you typically running?"

Typically I run Seal of Truth, but I will use seal of right, when we have adds or trash, and then Seal of Insightwhen theer is a great deal of inbound damage like on H Elegon.

"Sacred shield uptime looks very good on some fights and significantly lower on others, why the disparity and what could you do to address this?"

The swing on sacred shield could be based on what I am doing in the fight, for example during the healing phase on Tsulong I bet it just about drops off as I'm more focused on the adds and I'm not tanking the large add (embodied terror). I actually found a week aura that I started using this week for that reason. When working on heroic progression I need to make sure that I can mitigate as much damage as possible.

It was great to hear form you and let me know if you have any more questions. I was also able to have a nice chat Ashin before xmas.

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I haven't rewatched season 2 yet, I'm waiting for it to come out on video. It is a great show with lots of twists and turns. The books follow along pretty much in line with the show. I like the fact that no one is safe, the author has no prolem with killing off the main character, and then a new one pops up. it is some much better then the one person is the hero throughout the whole story. only 3 months and 2 days to go....

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