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WildStar Intro - Skiggs

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Hi everybody!



My name is Gregg, I’m 29 years old, married and live in Florida.  As far as experience, I've played many MMOs, some a lot more than others.  The longest tenured MMO was of course WoW in which I did everything (who hasn't).  I haven’t played that in a few years.  That's where most of my raid experience lies.  I've also played SWTOR, Warhammer Online, Age of Conan, and Rift.  Lately I've been having fun playing the Diablo 3 expansion.  I like all flavors of games but tend to bounce back and forth from FPS to RPGs.  I have Playstation 4 but all it does right now is play Blu-rays.
Outside of gaming, I enjoy spending time with the wife, playing recreational softball, CrossFit, cycling, watching most sports (go Redskins, Capitals, Wizards, and Orioles!) and playing with our two cats.
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As far WildStar goes, I've had my eye on it for a very long time.  I've only gotten to play it in open beta. I still haven’t decided what class to play, but I will probably be a Chua…  I'll also be interested in a rotating raider spot if one is available!  I was looking for a mature guild to play WildStar with.  When I read what South of Heaven was all about I had contact Vanity!  I hope to be a good fit for you guys.

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