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Wildstar Intro - nIXne

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Sup, SoH.


I was messaged to check out this guild. After looking around, I decided to apply here. Looks like you guys don't have any specific format for applying, so... here we go:


I'll be rolling a Warrior for Wildstar. I'm leaning towards DPS, but I'll tank if it's needed. I'll be pretty active, even though I work part-time. I'll totally be down for doing raids, and PvP. The last endgame experience I had was with FFXIV (and probably the most I've played). I also have a mic, so I'll definitely be on mumble. I'm pretty chill, so don't worry about any drama coming from me.


About me:


I'm 23, Asian. I've been playing MMOs since 2002, the first being Ragnarok Online. I love PvPing, and I have quite a competitive/ego-killing nature. I'm a bit of an avenger (if my guildmates/friends get bullied, PKed, etc, I will definitely come running.) I also used to play fighting games competitively, and I'm currently Diamond 2 in League of Legends (Peaked around mid-Diamond 1).


Besides games, I work part time as a sushi chef, saving up to get back in school. In my spare time, I like to b-boy, play piano, and do a little graphic design. I listen to Nujabes, J-Rock, R&B, K-Pop, and anything else that sounds good.


You guys can call me Nine. Hope I get recruited and get to chill with you all. :)

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Welcome!  What kind of fish do you think is the most under-appreciated?  My favorite is something called aburabo, I think?  The chef didn't really speak anything but Japanese, so I don't know if I got the name right.  But I've never seen it at another sushi place.  What's up with that?


What are you going back to school to study?


PS. We also have an active FFXIV chapter... ;)

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Welcome, Nine!


I've bumped you up to Guest, as Huntyre mentioned.


Mortal Kombat was one that I liked, personally. But I'm more of a (dreaded) button masher than anything else. :p


Look forward to getting to know you!

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