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Wildstar Intro-VitaniOne


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You come across as charming and disarming. I love it!


SoH is full of members that come from all walks of gaming and life, so you're in good company. Many of us can be shy and awkward, but a few weeks here and you won't realize that you ever were. :)


I like that you're a tanky player. I'm rolling my first tank for this game, and I'm really excited about it. It's all, "Get off my friend, you asshole!" and then I take all the aggro. I behave the same way irl when a female friend meets an unwanted suitor. It's a little awkward as I'm sometimes obviously gay, so the macho card is out the window. But I tell myself that training in Muay Thai for a few years (ending over almost two years ago) is enough to get me out of any demonstrations of testosterone that might arise. Yay for false confidence!


A few questions, just for fun:


What's your best dance move?
What's an embarrassing moment you've had? (in game or irl)

How did you download Pokemon Emerald for your phone? (I've never played a Pokemon game and feel like part of my childhood is missing)

If it's legal to do so, would you share with us a ridiculous encounter you've had while working in the medical field?


Welcome to SoH!

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Welcome to the community!


My mother has a mini white/pink mini poodle who will let you rub her fur right off - literally don't stop touching her or she'll find some way for your hand to pet her. She also dresses her in a red and white polka dot fleece jacket when it's cold.


As Jackal said, we were/are all socially awkward turtles in the beginning.  That quickly dissipates, I think.  I don't know.


Are you STOKED about the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!?

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Hello all! Sorry for the delays in answers, the whole sleep thing for ya know work. Thanks all for the welcome wagon, it's fantastic!

Baromega-Woo free things to do until Wildstar! Won't be much longer! I'm assuming ya'll are in the head start lol.

Pride Lionheart-oh man so much fun in Warhammer. I was a healytype so probably my favorite was when encountering PVP, healing myself and kiting to stay alive until reinforcements came and then smashing them to slimy bits. Can be fun to be annoying! What did you have most fun with in Warhammer?

Toobz-Chua are wonderful little fluffbunnies with teeth. My only question... Why isn't there a male and female? How do they procreate? Maybe they just do like cells and split? Hmm...

Vanity-thank you! Everyone here seems to have an open nature, quite cool so far!

Grieve-oh man favorite doctor. I must say it is David Tennant. They are all so wonderful. SO curious what the new one will be like. It needs to hurry up and come out lol. You watch as well? Who's your favorite doctor?

Splitting this into two posts WALL OF TEXT WARBGLARGLE!

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Hello Harrisburg!

Lancaster County here!


This is a great guild you've stumbled upon. I been here since January but feel like I've been friends with these folks for a much longer time period. Welcome.


I have just one question: How many basketballs can you fit inside your car?

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Part two...

Jackal-your avatar fits your name o.O cool!

Hooray your first tank type! Rule number one-never stop looking around and evaluating the situation. Don't have tunnel vision or people will tell you your a noob. I did first hand learning right there passing it on lol. You will have tons of fun and be great I'm sure. And if not, false confidence can go a long way! Maybe if you look ferocious everything will just hand you loots...

OK questions... Dance. Haha haha. Okay now I got that out of the way. Dancing and I are like cheese and ice cream. Two great things that will never go well together. I can do the Matt Smith (doctor who) dance though, so it's something!

Embarrassing time-oh man so many moments. Wore my shorts inside out to high school, whole home room laughed. You know though, I laughed too. Okay so maybe I have lots of embarrassing moments but I am cool with laughing at myself and it tends to take away embarrassing factors.

For pokemon I downloaded Gba (Game Boy Advanced) emulator from the Play store, got a ROM of Emerald and bam that's it. For step by step instructions, hmm can you like mail me on these forums? Would be happy to talk you through it!

The medical field stories man I could go on. I worked in family care for the last like six years (now in hematology/oncology) and that was fun. Pulled a bee out of a guys ear. That was memorable. He let it sit for a few days. He said it was alive at first but then it stopped bothering his ear so he didn't worry about it but now it hurt. That's when he came in. It was definitively dead but definitively a bee. Was interesting to say the least...

Nyisha-Yay people having Poodles! They are needy little things, haven't met one that wasn't.

Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire... Of course! The possibility of new pokemon?! Yes pls! That's one of those games where you play, look at the clock, play, and realize it's five hours later and how did that happen hahaha. Because I need more games like that in my life haha. Loooooove it!

-end wall of text-until more questions so technically temporary end wall of text-okay so really a speedbump-thanks for being awesome so far everyone! I suppose it's time for work now anyways lol. Everyone have a lovely Friday! I'll check in again after work!

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