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Wildstar Intro - Vaxattack

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Hey Everyone, 


Posted up on the LFG superthread and someone from SoH contacted me to throw out an intro post, so here I am :)


In Wildstar I plan on playing a warrior DPS, although I have also been looking into medic/stalker DPS. As far as race goes, I'm unsure! I was planning on playing exile, but this guild might just convince me into dominion! I have a lot of experience tanking, as a lot of the server first kills I was a part of had me calling/tanking. If the guild is a good fit and needs the role, I am more than willing to play a role/class other than warrior DPS, although between me and you, you dont want me healing. 


(Copy and pasted from my forum post)

About Me: I am a 22 year old male senior econ student at UC Berkeley. I have been raiding on and off for the last 8 years, starting in WoW when I was young (and horrible at raiding). My life picks up on occasion, which has led to me raiding intensely for short periods of time, and then having to back off as school flares up. Recently I have moved into primarily working on research, and as a result my life has become much more flexible. Wildstar seems like a great game if a good guild can be found, and I would like to reenter the serious raiding scene. I am looking for a guild that is serious about progression while keeping a grip on the fact that we are people with lives. Guild atmosphere is important to me, and would like to find a guild that expects the best out of its raiders, but at the same time can take a joke and laugh. My primary raiding experiences have come from WoW and Rift (before its FTP days, right around HK). I have been in top server guilds in WoW when I could devote the time, and my most serious raiding came while playing Rift. While playing Rift I acted as a class leader, and helped lead the guild into several server first kills and a few server first raid achievements. I recognize that this is a game, and don't take myself seriously, but at the same time I strive to be the best that I can be as a player. I can take (and welcome) criticism, and enjoy helping other people have a better gaming experience. I'm pretty social, so I will be doing a lot more than just logging on for raids, saying nothing, and logging off as soon as gear is distro'd. I'm super excited for WIldstar, and would love to find a good home where I can push my limits with like minded people.


That explains a lot of what and who I am. I love challenge, and wildstar seems like a great place to find it. SoH seems like a great guild, and I'm looking for a home. Some of my favorite games outside of the MMOs listed above are the ME series, up to the last 5 min of the game (played through all three again in two weeks so I would be able to appreciate the story lines only to get that awesome ending), Borderlands, Dark Souls 1/2, and D3. I also love playing DF and Dungeon crawl, although I doubt anyone here is as lame as I am and knows what I'm talking about.


SoH seems like a great fit, I want to find more than 19-39 people to kill things with, I want to find a community and home. This seems like the place to go.


That's about it from me, if anyone has any questions about me or my experience, let me know :) I am curious as to what days/times you guys plan on raiding, as I haven't been able to find it posted so far. Also, are there any classes/roles that you guys are lacking. I think I am more excited about Wildstar in and of itself, and I could easily fall in love with a more needed class/role!


Hope to hear back, and hopefully I will see you all in game!

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Be honest..........is Vax Attack something you scream at a person before you jump on them/go all bear hug style?


What are you looking to do with econ?  I'm hopeful the answer is draw supply/demand curves ALL DAY LONG.


What WoW servers have you been a part of? 


Are you a free spirit?  Do you support human blankets?

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Welcome Vaxattack (although I may shorten that to Vaxa) - I've updated your status to Guest so you can browse the forums and mingle with our members and fellow potential recruits.


More questions and greetings will be coming...

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Welcome!... wait... wait.


There is another econ major!  I'm finally not alone!  Awwww yeah, lets get down like it's ERTA.


What are you looking to do with econ?  I'm hopeful the answer is draw supply/demand curves ALL DAY LONG.


We don't draw them ALL DAY LONG.  We draw the graph(s) ONCE and then use that graph for 12098374087126359876 other things.


What drew you to be an econ major?  Are you like me and just enjoy pain/math?

Any plans to do an MBA of something?

As for your WildStar race, i'd go with Chua.  It's the guild favorite.

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@Inedit: I am not nearly agile enough to jump hug, and I think my potential victims are happy for it! If I play a warrior though, it sounds like a great thing to macro into my leap ;). Right now in Econ my research focuses around county economic reactions to adverse employment shocks when..blah.....blah...blah..blah..blah. In all seriousness I enjoy research, but long run I really want to help integrate behavioral Econ into public policy, and short term I'll most likely be working in finance (don't shoot!) or consulting. I love Econ and can talk about it for days, but won't put everyone to sleep! Recently I have been in Uther because a few IRL friends were there, other than that I have been in shatter spine, frost wolf and a few others. I've been playing that game for a while, and migrate around as I catch back up to friends. I'm as much a free spirit as someone looking at Econ models and excel/stata outputs all day can be, but on another note I googled human blanket and don't recommend it :p

@Noesis: a lot of my recent play time in WoW actually was in PvP, and I was doing pretty well (moving close to 1800 before leaving). It was my first push into PvP, and I really enjoyed it, just didn't spend enough time (before finals consumed me) to get acclimated properly. I think there is something uniquely exciting against putting yourself against another person, it makes everything incredibly complex and interesting (once you get over panicking over its quick pace). As far as theory crafting goes it's surprising that I don't do a lot of it. I have the math/stats/technical background for it, it's just never been a step I've made. That being said, I'm actually interested in learning the tricks, and will probably be somthing I do over the summer. I don't drink a whole lot, but the last time wasn't super interesting so I'll tell my favorite two! The first was me at the end of the year academic senate party, in which a friend and I ended up going leprechaun hunting in his neiborhood. The next day I woke up still drunk, and ended up going to an early morning state wide student senate meeting where I ran for a regional position, and lost horribly, because those things only work in the movies. That was actually the most I've ever had to drink, and I haven't been drinking a lot since then, but still a funny story. The other one ended with me in drag playing beer pong for gold coins, not a long story with that one, was just interesting.

@Pride Lionheart: Hey, I recognize your name! If I could be anything I would be a Honey Badger. Those things are amazing!

Thanks for all the awesome questions, and sorry (almost) for the super long answers!

TLDR: this guy talks wayyyy too much.

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@Nyisha: Awesome, more Econ majors! I'm typically alone, and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy! The quantitative/sleepless hole of despair part is totally a factor. In the beginning Econ just really clicked with me, it was love at first sight. Late in the game what really appealed to me was how relevant and challenging it is. Econ is a major factor in almost every facet of modern life, which makes it incredibly fascinating. It also feels incredibly rewarding. It is a difficult skill learning the material, let alone applying it to the real world, but I feel that the subject is fair. If you put in the time and really push yourself things work out and you can understand incredibly complicated things with a good deal of detail. I can talk about Econ all day, and it sounds like some day I'll be able to wax on and on about monetary policy with someone, which is awesome! Long term I am going to get my PhD in Econ, but in the short term I need to make money to support my sister, of whom I'm taking legal guardianship of within the year.

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I pick up what you are throwing down.  I love that it is has theory and numeric calculations, both of which are of equal importance.  Real world application is amazing, to actually understand the world-wide economy (International Trade/Open-Economy Macroeconomics is my focus) is quite intriguing.  


I agree that we need to have an Econ Majors SoH club.


What are you wanting to do with a Ph.D in Econ?  Most people give one of two answers; teach or research.  Occasionally I meet someone who isn't going into those (like myself!).


Good luck with supporting your sister.  I supported mine for 4 years (while she was in college) so I understand the burden. 頑張って!

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