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EVE .. a introducton

giao stasarik

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Greetings my name is Giao ... (no i didnt pick a name that people would butcher   :p) but most people call me gigi or just g. I have been playing eve for around 5 years, so if it moves i tend to be able to fly it lol. in real life i am a 34 year old security guard and happily married to a fellow gamer (and eve player :) ) ... it means i get a excuse to goto fanfest lol.  Other games i play include ff14, diablo, borderlands, dragon age, ark etc. erm oh and stuff and things (im not very good at this intro thing .... feel free to ask any questions )

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I've been pondering it.. I'm still willing to do Gi-Gi, but I'm leaning toward Gio.  Was that one of the allowed options?


As we have been chatting for the better part of a week now, I don't have many more questions left to ask.  Excited to have you on board and looking forward to exploding things with you.  Since we have already conducted the background check, etc., I will also enable you proper forum access.


I suggest you make this thread your first stop:



We also ask all new folks to read and sign our general code of conduct which applies to all SoH chapters, here:



Since most of us cannot log into the game from work, you'll find we are a lot more active on our message board than most groups.  Thanks for participating in our grueling application process!

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Hey there! TBert here. I have questions!


What do you guard?


I had a friend who posted nothing but Ark pictures to her FB feed for like three weeks straight. What's the deal with that game? The only survival game I've ever really played was Rust.


I still think I should get to call you Joe, but you don't seem amenable. I will endeavor to find a name that is still wrong, but close enough that you can't help but sigh and allow me to use it anyway. Jiggy, perhaps...

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Work wise i just sit in a breezeblock room with no windows and play eve, so not really sure what i really am guarding. As for ark its a fun game but it does go very stale very fast ... more fun to play with a group on a private server with beer, than anything else..... As a ceo tylis (tbert) you can call me almost anything you feel like ... just so long as i know your referring to me :p

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