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  1. Hi Pathnic and welcome! I sent you a PM so we can discuss some things, please check it out and we can get things started
  2. I wouldn't feel comfortable giving my vet thumbs up for this since I know I wouldn't be playing this enough to really help make sure it goes well. I have enough other games on my plate atm that this would be something I would be extremely casual for.
  3. Grieve has done an amazing job with Destiny 2 so far and from what I've heard from him he will continue to do so through good and bad times in the game. Destiny 2 is the perfect example of what a good solid Cohort should be, and has potential to help SoH grow.
  4. Kytn and I were playing this a little bit casually in December. I think we were looking to play it again soon so more people to play with would be nice We are playing on the Aldmeri Dominion.
  5. WoW Mythic+ happening now need 2 more ppl :)

  6. Welcome Klaus. Glad to have the chance to fly with you again
  7. Elend

    Ranks Defined

    What about the Guild Wars 2 chapter where it is viable to be a part of multiple guilds on the same character/account? You are technically members of however many guilds you accept no matter which one you are currently representing. What defines if and how that is acceptable? As long as someone wasn't removed from the guild by those in charge they are still members whether they are currently representing SoH or a different guild and must still be a part of the guild if the option to switch back is still available to them. If I am reading that incorrectly what are the guidelines on that?
  8. Hey dude! It's about time you made it over here lol. Glad that you decided to join us and I look forward to gaming with you again
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