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  1. Elend

    A Little Bit About Myself.

    Hi Pathnic and welcome! I sent you a PM so we can discuss some things, please check it out and we can get things started
  2. Elend

    Cohort Proposal - ESO

    I wouldn't feel comfortable giving my vet thumbs up for this since I know I wouldn't be playing this enough to really help make sure it goes well. I have enough other games on my plate atm that this would be something I would be extremely casual for.
  3. Elend

    Cohort Proposal - Destiny 2

    Grieve has done an amazing job with Destiny 2 so far and from what I've heard from him he will continue to do so through good and bad times in the game. Destiny 2 is the perfect example of what a good solid Cohort should be, and has potential to help SoH grow.
  4. Elend

    Cohort Proposal - ESO

    Kytn and I were playing this a little bit casually in December. I think we were looking to play it again soon so more people to play with would be nice We are playing on the Aldmeri Dominion.
  5. WoW Mythic+ happening now need 2 more ppl :)

  6. Elend

    HotS - Seasons 2 team league

    lets do it. it still counts toward our 15 and 30 game goal for the other rewards so it doesn't really make a difference.
  7. Elend


    Welcome Klaus. Glad to have the chance to fly with you again
  8. Elend

    HotS - My Thoughts by Map (Brain Dump Text Incoming)

    I guess that makes a little more sense. It seemed like it was mandatory to cover all those categories in as many ways possible.
  9. Elend

    HotS - My Thoughts by Map (Brain Dump Text Incoming)

    lol, so far most of the maps you described only have one or two heroes I like to play that I can pick from according to your suggestions. With the exception of one map which has three. Also, I'm seeing some maps don't even have a healer, does that mean any healer will work?
  10. I didn't think it possible but, Jaina has become even more desirable...to play
  11. Love the skills of the new classes so far. Kinda sad that Johanna's spellbreaker skin is just a skin and not an actual class cause an anti-mage bruiser tank would be awesome as a class on its own. I loved the spellbreakers in warcraft 3!
  12. Elend

    HotS - Team League Schedule

    i'm in
  13. Elend

    HotS - Team League Schedule

    Any day in the evening works for me.
  14. Elend

    HotS - Favored Heroes Review

    I'm fairly confident in quite a few heroes and can fill any role but I'm definitely better in a DPS role followed by Support. Using Dar's format cause it's cool. By role DPS Strong: Jaina, Thrall, Chromie Decent: Li-Ming, Raynor Want to learn: Lunara, Zeratul Support Strong: Kharazim, Tassadar Decent: Tyrande, Uther, Morales, Malfurion Want to learn: Rehgar Tank Strong: Chen, Muradin, Artanis Decent: Anub'arak, Johanna Want to learn: Dehaka, Arthas Specialist Strong: Sylvanas Decent: Sgt. Hammer Want to learn: Xul, Gazlowe So there's quite a few names in there that need some work so I can fill roles to the best ability per map. Overall though I think I've got a good start. There aren't too many others I'd really like to learn atm but that can change over time. By Map Battlefield of Eternity: Kharazim, Thrall, Jaina, Chen Cursed Hollow: Chen, Thrall, Jaina, Muradin Dragon Shire: Chen, Thrall, Jaina, Kharazim Sky Temple: Thrall, Tassadar, Jaina, Muradin Towers of Doom: Jaina, Thrall, Artanis, Tassadar Infernal Shrines: Kharazim, Thrall, Jaina, Chen Garden of Terror: Jaina, Thrall, Tassadar, Chen Tomb of the Spider Queen: Jaina, Chromie, Chen, Artanis These choices are what I consider best for the maps based on who I can play effectively. Obviously sometimes I don't want to play the "best" choice but if I did this would be the order I would choose. I didn't include any Specialists because it's really not my favorite role to play.
  15. Elend

    HoTs is turning 1yr old!

    Chromie gets even better yay lol. Maybe I'll actually one shot a non tank now