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intro to Harmacist

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Hello my name is kaleb im 23 and i sell lawn mowers and lawn mower accessories
I'm defiantly  excited to be playing d2 again most my clan fizzled out after CoO.

Destiny is the game im playing inbtween whatever single player game im playing

God of War was awesome i will also dabble in some over watch as well

I mostly do crucible but i am always down for a raid or a nightfall.
I prefer dogs to cats
french fries are my favorite food
i look forward to playing with everyone!

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Hi Harmacist :)


Do you currently have a dog? If so, what kind and can we see pics? ^^  Although I'm a devoted cat-lover, I've had a couple dogs -- an Afghan hound rescue named Plato who was, in fact, the dumbest dog on the planet, lol. He was, however, also the very sweetest. He'd contracted mange and looked very unlike an Afghan. My other was a wolf-husky mix, who I cherished till the day she passed. Lovely creature, and one of a kind.


Some other folks (who play Dest.2) will likely drop by and say "hi" but they may be raiding tonight so it might not be right away!

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Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to gaming with you!


@Fera No raid on Tuesday. I was actually tied up with after hours work. I'm not sure about the others. 😛


Anyways, getting back to Harmacist. I'll have another forum mail coming your way shortly with a couple more things to look through, but for now some questions!


What Single Player games are you most looking forward to in the next few months?

What are some of your favorite single player games that you've played? Why?

Any other hobbies or interests?

Favorite food?

If you were chosen by the traveler to be a guardian, what class would you be?

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Hello potential new friend!


3 hours ago, harmacist said:

i sell lawn mowers and lawn mower accessories


King of the Hill reference? Story time! *cue dreamy music* No shit, there I was. Just finished up my 12-hour shift inside a mountain during another military exercise in South Korea. I was sitting on the bus ready for my 45-minute ride home to start, thinking about drifting off to sleep, when an officer sat down a few rows in front of me and started talking. It might have been the 6 straight 14-hour days talking, but I swear he was either the guy who voiced Hank Hill, or he grew up in the same town. It was uncanny. I spent most of the ride listening to him talk.


Random question time!


52 minutes ago, Grieve said:

Favorite food?


I'll take Grieve's question (that you already answered) and twist it - what do you dip your french fries in?


Do you keep any toys or trinkets on your desk? My favorite is a USB hub modeled after a Rifter from EVE Online.


You get one conversation with one of the following - Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, or Nikola Tesla. Which do you choose and why?

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I am really excited for the new spider man game and red dead
My favorites are Pokémon and la noire
Pokémon you know cuz its Pokémon
LA noire because I love the story and the setting I think its a really great game

when I'm not playing games I'm working on my 92 golf gti or my 82 rabbit truck
I would most definitely be a hunter because they have been and always will be the best class
My desk has a ton of stuff on it some pop figures some amibo some dbz statues an omni blade corvos mask from dishonored 2 and a lot more
my favorite is my cayde 6 statue I got for my pre order
Einstein simply because he would be most fun to talk to
and lastly ketchup but only if the fries aren't that great I like em the way they come

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901krool who is hands down my favorite person alive and the only dude who id ever go to the gym with (if i ever went)
he is fine i miss that joke
of course one of these days
shes great kickin ass and cutting hair
im shooting for something late october maybe thanksgiving
aww shucks i aint that cute

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Hey man! Hope to get some Raiding in with you this week!

I'm always down for some Overwatch as well! We have to build our numbers and start a revolution here for some Overwatch :devil:

NOw down to the REAL issues here.....

If you could be any vegetable...what would you be?

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