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Destiny 2 Status -- Chapter

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It is with great joy that I am able to announce the conversion of the Destiny 2 Cohort to a full Chapter.


Given that SoH has previously only considered MMOs for "official" chapter status, Grieve's commitment, care and hard work in making a success out of this Cohort is laudable.


The Leadership Council unanimously agreed that their 8-month tenure, stability and visible growth, makes it retroactively eligible for this status update. In making this decision, we also considered the active roster, the weekly raids for 2 full groups, and the imminent content release which will continue to allow for this level of activity into the new year.


 Congratulations Destiny 2! And congratulations to Grieve, Chapter Lead, on a job well-done ^^

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This is great news! maximum respect for grieve, the core SoH and the fanatics that were recruited that made this chapter possible. What they had to work with and what they have made from it is nothing short of remarkable. 


Also, I want to  make a ploy to my fellow SoH lifers. If you have played destiny 2 in the past or have never played it at all, PLEASE come give it a shot(or another shot), the game is about to take off and go places. There will be a completely new loot system, hybrid PvE PvP game mode(holy shit its fun),deeper RPG elements,  tons of secrets to discover and completionist things to complete.  We in the Destiny 2 chapter would love for you to be there with us when it all kicks off Tuesday. 

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