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Howdy! I saw your Corp advert and it sounds like the sort of place I'd be interested in. I started eve in a small Corp of returning members which disbanded due to poor leadership in game financial choices coupled with an IRL hurricane that left the Corp leader with more important things to take care of. I tried to assimilate into the null Corp we had made friends with but my low skills/experience in a large renter krab Corp had me feeling out of place. So I decided to shake things up and try the wormhole life. Brave drew me in with their advertised "keep it classy" motto but found that their wormhole division was less classy than I had hoped for and my landscaping business then sapped most of my time this past spring/summer. Which brings us to the present day. 


I'm a mid 30's father striving to be a jack of all trades. I've become the family IT guy, mechanic, metal worker, and all around Mr. Fixit sort of thing. My most recent project has been a new muffler for my lawn mower made from a busted chain link fence post, old exhaust piece from my truck, and some junk scrap metal I happened across.


I've a handful of eve toons, most being a never fulfilled attempt at an SP farm/PI endeavor. Main char has poorly allocated 12m SP. Then an 8m SP WH daytripper, and a 6mil trader that's a week or 2 from getting into a blockade runner. 


Anywho, my long-winded nature is shining through so I'll wrap this up. What I enjoyed most in eve was having a meaningful impact with a group of friends. I'd rather race a corpmate shuttling fuel back and forth to see who could do it faster than to plow my way through rats watching my wallet grow. I also want to learn the pvp ropes as my only experience is surprising a couple of explo frigs in an astero.


Edit: realized I didn't explicitly refer to the CoC in my intro. Not only is that no problem by me, but the type of environment I've been looking for. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. :)

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Hello potential new space friend! My main in-game is TBert.


A great app - the best teacher in EVE is painful experience, and you have the right attitude to learn, hahaha.


That's an impressive repair on your lawn mower... did you do the welding yourself? If I ever had access to a welder I would just use it to make Iron Man references. 


I have an alt in BRAVE and I keep thinking I'll go on some of their strat ops buuuut every time a ping comes out I make excuses...


What sort of ships do you enjoy flying, and what sorts are you interested in flying? 

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Hey Kamella, nice to meet you! That's a very fine intro post. Your corp history and SP situation sounds very much like my own when I joined SOHCO. I bounced around some pretty terrible corps until I found SOHCO. I had about 11mil skill points spread over a bunch of unrelated stuff. Tbert and our old director Ashin showed me some of the finer points of skill planning, taught me how to PvP, and I never looked back! I'm going to send you a PM with our Discord link here soon. Let's set up a time to chat - we'll talk about where we live, how we can get you started PvPing, and I'll answer any questions you have about the corp. We'll have you send in an in-game app after that. I'm free every evening this week, so let me know what time works for you.


Real interesting muffler repair! I'm picturing some kind of awesome Frankenstein's lawnmower - i'd pay to see that movie for sure!

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Hello Kamella! It's great to meet you and read about  your experience so far. I'll say that after almost four years in this game there are only two corporations that have left a largely positive impact on me and the memories I have with this game - a HS indy corp I joined early on that I made several RL friends from and this one. South of Heaven has class and an atmosphere that you can't help but be drawn in to. Great group of guys and I'm extremely hopeful about the SOHCO Eve Reboot (I think I need to trademark that or something) and the future it will bring. 


Hope to fly with you soon! o7

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Hello Tyrlis! I haven't gotten to the welding stage of the muffler just yet, but yes I will be doing the welding. I just purchased the welder this summer to do exhaust work on my truck so I don't claim to be any good... life is similar to eve in the painful experience aspect Haha. 


I'm excited to start flying the blockade runner, my first Corp leader was impressed with how slippery I was in a lowly imicus... particularly when I scanned a chain into occupied null space, ran a relic site with 10 in local (25 by the time I finished) and realizing I forgot to bookmark my exit wh, bounced around a couple systems before returning to scan the wh and dodge a bomber as I left the system. The eve shakes are real!

I love my astero and the imicus is what made me my first billion. Kamella's odd SP choices were mostly for min/maxing for VNI ratting and PI. As for what I most look forward to flying in the future: I can't say to be sure. I'd like to get into pvp but my lack of experience deems me unqualified to name a particular ship... but I'd guess that I'll enjoy flying anything that provides a good experience (including getting blown up) as a helpful member to the group I'm flying with.


Hello Simone and Moros Ker! Thanks for the replies and interest in my frankenmower! I tried to include a pic of my progress but file size too big so I'll have to transfer to my pc before uploading... I charge by the pixel ;)

Moros, that reminds me... I'd like to get started in industry a little as well (that Jack of all trades thing is engrained in me). Whether i end up flying with yall or not, im excited for your group's eve reboot as well... more people playing the better the game will be.

I should be around most evenings this week as well (US east tz... I live in PA). I've got to get the boy ready for school and head off to work for now but I'll be sure to accept the discord invite and arrange a time for a talk within the next 24-48 hours.


Nice chatting with y'all! And thanks again for the replies. Looking forward to getting to know ya more and always happy to share my projects.

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Ask and ye shall receive:

This is the 2 internal chambers cut/drilled/stacked. When finished these parts will be encased in a piece of exhaust pipe from my truck, which you can see the outline on the bottom plate and will have another plate at the sharpie line. The Exhaust will enter the system at the top, come out the holes just under the sharpie line as there is a small end plate between the 2 drilled sections. It will then travel down while encased in truck pipe, into the bottom fence post and out the bottom through the (to be cut out) hole in the bottom plate.


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