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[Eve] Kieth Agnon

Kieth Agnon

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Hello Everyone,


I am new to Eve and new to South of Heaven, my real name is David.  I first heard about the game in about January this year, I found an article on the destruction of Fort Knox, and I thought this game sounded amazing.  I was pretty busy at the time and didn't want to just jump into a game, so i waited it out and started playing about a month ago with 3 friends I've known IRL for quite some time, Rorian, Jamroar, and Sasukeuchiha.  


At this point I've watched many youtube videos, read a bunch of articles, and basically found that I still know nothing about this game.  But I'm excited and determined to keep learning, I'm certainly most enthralled by PVP.  I've enjoyed flying frigates and running drones, the Tristan has been a fun ship for me.  As far as income, get ready to laugh, but I really do enjoy mining.  I'm currently studying for a big professional exam, so sitting with my study prep open and mining in the background is a really good environment for me and has actually caused me to study more.  I've also spent a good amount of time in wormholes, huffing gas and checking out data/relic sites; that is where most of my isk has come from.  I think eventually I'd like to get into more PVE as a source of income, but I think my main purpose to this game will always be PVP.


I've played a few other MMORPG's in the past, I'm a huge star wars fan so I've played SWTOR, I also played RuneScape back in the day.  While RS is certainly far more basic than Eve, it did help me understand the idea of an economy inside of a game and how open world, hard grind, MMORPG's tend to function.  It also gave me a good heads up to avoiding scams.  


Anyway, if you want to know more, feel free to ask, I look forward to getting to know everyone, having fun, and blowing up ships.

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Hey Keith/David - great to have you in the corp! No shame in enjoying mining at all haha. I don't really do it right now, but I do think it's pretty fun and relaxing - a nice change of pace to more active PvE. Good luck on your professional exam!


Tristans are definitely cool little ships with lots of fun ways to fit them up. We have an inactive doctrine that uses neuting Tristans. The fits are still in-game corp fittings - they should still be fine fits to use for a small faction war gang.


Looking forward to getting out there and PvPing with you all some more!

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Hello potential new space friend!


9 hours ago, Kieth Agnon said:

As far as income, get ready to laugh, but I really do enjoy mining.


Some of the richest people in EVE simultaneously run 10+ accounts all flying the capital-class 'Rorqual' mining ship. They make billions of ISK per hour... no way to laugh at that. If you're ready for a little more danger, try mining in our wormhole. The 'roids last much longer, but there's always the chance of a surprise hostile... makes things spicy.


Random question time!


What did you have for breakfast this morning?


What class did you main in SWTOR?


You have to stand up and give a 10 minute speech on something with zero preparation or notes. What topic do you choose?

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Simone - Thanks, I'll definitely check that out.  I saw a neuting tristan fit in my searches somewhere, I haven't tried it out yet, but it's up there on my list of things I'm interested in trying.


Tyrlis -  I've heard of the Rorquals, haven't seen one in person yet, not sure I'm ready to run 10 accounts simultaneously in them, but yeah, definitely some profit to be made there.  I've was just talking to Jamroar yesterday about if I should try mining in our wh.  I'd love to do that, though I would need some help clearing the rats as I can't currently fly a battlecruiser.  


Some follow up questions to that...


1.    Do we have ore compressing capabilities in the wh?


2.   What is the safest way to get the ore/gas into Jita to sell?  I currently have my procurer pretty tanked out (to me anyway) it's running at 45k ehp.  Would I just sub the mining laser upgrades for warp core stabs and transport there in that?  I've read that one should maintain under 3k isk/ehp when transporting through hi sec, is that a thing?


Typically I don't eat breakfast, but I was feeling particularly hungry today, so I gave my gf my credit card (she works in the same office as I) and sent her to get bagels, so I had a sausage egg and cheese on a plain bagel from bruegers (not my fav, but ok).


I didn't get super into SWTOR, I mained Terran and usually went 3M unless I was against a Zerg player and then I'd probably go for a quick marine rush and build into 3M if that didn't pan out. 


If I had to give an impromptu 10 minute speech, at the risk of getting to political, I'd talk about why you should vote for Andrew Yang in 2020. #yanggang


d10sfan - I am, in fact, not Keith David, for I am Kieth, ;) Though I look forward to flying with you as well.



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