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Vincentia Sadame

[EvE] Intro - Vincentia Sadame

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Hi everyone,


I'm a 38 year-old dude in US ESTZ, married almost 5 years now with a 2 year old daughter. IRL I'm a spreadsheet-facing analyst that crunches numbers for a local contact center. Most nights I like to at least log in for a little bit to get an EvE fix; I've been playing on and off for a few years, but I'm finding this 'on' streak to be my longest running one. I'm an aspiring logi pilot because I've always liked playing healers/support roles (played BRD, RDM and WHM in FFXI [yes 11, not 14], and Priest in WoW during BC/WotLK); though overall I'm pretty versatile in what I can fly. I like what I've seen of SOH so far, and I hope to be flying with you in space soon.

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Hello potential new space friend!


I remember having a 2-year-old... my youngest is 10 now, and life is so much easier when all the kids are able to make their own sandwiches. :)


Can you tell us some more about your EVE experience? What sorts of space have you lived in? Were you a part of any corps before? How do you like to earn ISK?


Other random (and non-EVE related) question time!


What's your favorite flavor of yogurt?


What genre of music would you take with you on a trip to Mars?


What's the longest train ride you've ever taken?

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Hi Tyrlis,


As far as EvE goes, I've been exposed to a lot: I've lived in high, low, null, and wormhole space, as well as just roamed around, gotten lost, and found my way back. Normally I research things to death, then attempt to do those things in-game. Usually badly. I've been in RvB (pre-FW), faction warfare, SOUND, Signal Cartel, and Horde across several characters over the years. Tried ganking too, but it's not my thing. I decided to consolidate things because of some RL stuff, eventually settling on this character, which is now my only one except for a Jita trading alt. For ISK, it depends on how the mood strikes me; sometimes I explore; sometimes run/salvage L4s, or blow up Sleepers for blue loot, or run sites, and sometimes I just buy a few plex to sell. Might try running Abyssal sites soon, they look pretty cool.


I'm not a fan of yogurt; ice cream is strictly better anyway. I can usually be bribed with cookies 'n cream. This has had unfortunate consequences from time to time.

Do I have to only choose once genre of music? YouTube counts as a genre, right? 

Never really ridden on trains, but I've flown from the east coast of the US to Alaska, which is a 16-hour flight if you count the time difference. Alaska is HUGE. Like, unfairly big. Kinda like Xbox. (Probably just showed my age there)

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Hi Vincentia - welcome to the corp! I just sent you an invite, so you should have it next time you log on.


I totally forgot to mention this to you last night, but we do have some options for you to start checking out logi. We have a Scythe in our Caracal PvP doctrine, and an Augoror in our WH PvE doctrine. We haven't been using the Scythe that much (we generally need more Caracals for those fleets), but we're using the Augoror pretty much every WH PvE night (Thursdays @ 0100). We have the Aug fit saved in our corp doctrines in-game if you want to check it out/see if you need any training for it. There's also always room for random logi when we do small roams through low sec, so feel free to import some of your own fits for kitchen sink action.


It was nice talking to you last night, and we look forward to flying with you! The next schedule event is PvE night on Thursday @ 0100, followed by PvP night on Saturday @ 0100.

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Sleepers for blue loot
That evening I had to step out for abit was the day I anchored up in my WH. Appreciate you coming out to help finish bashing the Athanor, btw! You're welcome, too, to come run sites if you ever want. There is also the corp's "farm-hole" which is a regular C3. I try to keep our statics posted in the MotD.

Abyssal sites soon
I have a love hate relationship with Abyssals. They are super cool!!! But, my internet hates me and likes to randomly d/c, and if you're not orbiting you're very likely to go "out of bounds" and die before you can relog. Womp womp. There's some general interest, though, in running the 3-man frigate abyssals amongst the corp. There is also a discord community for PUG'n them. I personally have a pretty cheap stabber fit that can do tier 2 - not the most profitable, but a good starting point rather then the standard gila or HACs.

> This has had unfortunate consequences from time to time.
I feel like there is a story here?

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