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A Wild Kai Appears!

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I am looking for a good place to call home again in the new eden world. I love the bit about community you guys have as it's something I try to drive and promote as part of the EvE experience. Reading all these recruit posts and a bit more about the group has really pushed me towards this corp in search for some fun. I will try to be concise as I tend to ramble on when putting words to ink lol.


IN RL: I am a pretty reserved, mature 25yr old living and working full time in the beautiful big sky country of Montana. (Was pleasantly surprised to see another post from my state!) I have played other games but none have really sunk their teeth in quite like EvE has. My next favorite would be the Monster Hunter series and have played it for a long time as well. Worlds hasn't drawn my attention quite as much, but could probably chalk that up to no longer having hunting partners to join in with. On my off time, when I'm not busy being a closet weeb and snuggling my cats, I enjoy being outdoors hiking, camping, and of course shooting guns! I prefer relaxing at a campsite and fishing more then hiking just to hike but I did spend 3 days hiking around 20-30 miles across back-country trails, which was a worthwhile experience. 


EvE Online: Character name is Captain Kaiki Musana. Starting around this time in 2016 has given a great experience in people I've met and flown with since joining this game. I have done some hunting and roams or test runs in various areas of space but I feel most comfortable in WH space. After various setbacks and a lack of enthusiasm I feel like maybe something a bit different would be enjoyable. I like both the more laid-back environment as well as the smaller group you guys have set up and would hope to find my place in your corp. For a part of my EvE experiences I spent time in a pretty "elite" LS corp, It was mostly harmless banter but at some point I had slowly become more risk adverse and had trouble finding that damn undock button... I have mostly gotten back to the good ol' days of having fun and would like to continue working towards that goal. I make corp fits and enjoy beginner theory crafting however I'm still a bit reluctant to try fits and will agonize over fits and ships for an eternity. I am back to my willingness to welp in a glorious fire and finding some like minded people who log in and want to hunt and have fun would be a place I wish to be. 


Your corp may be in a similar situation as far as activity goes but I would like to test the waters and maybe help where I can. I sorta became a bit of a low time FC, I still freeze up when grid fills up and knowing where to go isn't my strong suit. Always looking to learn more and hoping to hear back!


Fly fast, fly for fun 

Capt Kai



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Hi Captain Kai - glad you found us! Sounds like we'd be a great fit for you. Let's try to set up a Discord chat sometime this week. I'm available every night until 0330 Eve time, let me know what time works for you. I'm going to PM you the link to our Discord here in a minute. Talk to you soon!

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Velociraptor for sure. I don't think I was quite as big into dinosaurs as my nephew, but I watched the first Jurassic Park and had a few books on dinosaurs that I enjoyed to read. The smaller agile specimen were always more of my favorites. 

So TBH sometimes the most memorable moments are not always the most pleasant. I decided I needed to leave the house and went camping early spring. I hit the cooler parts of the mountain and started finding snow yet kept trudging. I was severely ill prepared, no winter gear, yet burned thru calf deep snow to get where I wanted to go. Built a small fire and got some food in me, everything was going ok despite the cold so I tried to hit the hay and maybe read for a bit in the tent. From then it quickly become possibly on of the worst nights ever. Shivering to death and to top it off there were several deer or elk freaking barking or some shiz half the night. Super strange experience and I was within a mile of home but decided making the journey back in the middle of the night might not be necessary. I assume I at least had a flashlight, but really humbled me on being prepared and what it can be like out camping on your own. It sort of became a memory I look back on with some amusement and try to never mess up so badly again.     

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Hello potential new space friend!


Great app - I almost couldn't come up with any questions. Almost...


We just packed up our Remington 870 to let a friend keep for us while we're away in Europe for the next several years. What's your favorite firearm?


Looking forward to bouncing fits off you, I play the role of primary Pyfa warrior around here. What's your favorite ship to fly? Mine is the Thorax, I have a fun shield/rail nano fit that tends to surprise T3Ds with the speed and DPS.


Favorite caffeinated drink?

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Hey Tyrlis well met.  

I'm actually fairly new into the gun world. Besides some hunting when I was younger mostly just some plinking at gophers and targets. Local guy was selling a Kimber custom crimson carry II and I just couldn't resist. My pride and joy though working on the range time to make my marksmanship up to snuff for such a beauty. 


Pretty strictly coffee and maybe tea type drinks. Only a monster tea and lemonade has enough power to sway me towards stronger stuff when I need a good kick in the behind. 


Sounds like a fun ship to fly! Going to say typhoon for me. Mostly its been my dream to fly the panther when I first looked at the ship tree to decide my characters faction. Absolutely love the look of the ship hull. Tho it's hard to fly all the time. Right now I'm buckling down on my brawling bellicose and excited to test it with the application bonus. 


I would throw out the magic words and say that I love flying logi. I made a sorta meme solo osprey. 4 reppers and flux coils. So gets some solid reps and is still kinda fast. Sacrifices tank. It's only got a LASB so when you die it can be fast lol. It's cheap and can save someone and it's kinda a blast to mess around in. Auguror counterpart isn't as good but is somewhat viable, least for the memes. 



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Hello, nice to meet you!


What type of cats you have? We've got two, a Siamese and a tortoise shell.


Welping in a glorious fire is a lot of fun :) I've enjoyed being in a group that doesn't make killboard warriors out of you, just out to have a good time.


What's your favorite frigate or destroyer class ship?



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