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Old South of Heaven members hoping their guild returns

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Hey everyone I used to play Jeskal with the gang who played Aion back when it launched, I remember Sebastian and Biscuits and some others I ran with regularly. I was hoping to hear that some of yall were coming back to Classic when it launches next week. Hope to hear from you all!

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Hey Jeskal - I played Aion as well, but it's been so long I barely remember anyone, hahaha. They're trying to do a 'classic' revival just like WoW, huh?


These forums are pretty inactive, but we do have a Discord server where a bunch of us are still hanging out. Our current active-ish games are Destiny 2, EVE Online, and a wanderlust/nomadic group that's currently messing around in FO76. It looks like you left SoH on good terms (you created 'Jeskal' back in 2010!) so I'll PM you a link.

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Hey SoH Peeps!


Just checking in on if anyone is checking out New World?  Got a few in Sacrifice going in but not sure if its enough to guild up or search for something new.  LMK if anyone is interested and we can swap some discord info and keep in touch.  :)


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Aloha, Traxx! I guess New World has a lot of people checking up with old crews ... my own plan is to follow one of my favorite streamers into the game (SolidFPS). I had a ton of fun during the beta.


Odd are we won't cross paths (and wouldn't recognize each other if we did) ... but best of luck to you and your Sacrifice peeps!


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