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  1. Gave in and start playing HoTs over the weekend.


    Verdict: Love it. Simple enough and fun that its easy to get into and enjoy yet there is enough depth to keep enjoying long after you graduate from barely winning against the AI.

    1. Minori


      I just tried it. It's really fun. Damn it 

    2. Xander117


      Glad u liked it...and yes im in the same boat way too many games need to be beaten for me to afford starting a new one.

  2. doing evil things and chuckling "All according to plan as I do them."



    Also played first decisively evil DnD character yesterday....it feels liberating, like I just don't have to care anymore.

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    2. Xander117


      Kestrel - I still give a reason why I kill people just goes from a long winded story about good and evil to "I want your stuff."


      Midri - I normally go CN or NG this was legit L/N EVIL


    3. Xander117


      Also since I have not purged myself of all Goodness yet I will inform you that Im afraid my heart has been stolen and our Tuesday dates together will be gone for a while


    4. Kestrel





      Why is there no "Like" button?

  3. Its been a long seven years with Coco but it ain't fair to the dog to keep her when she is in pain and cant move except by dragging herself.


    You will be missed, may you find peace in the next life.


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    2. Derodek


      it's never easy, man... I'm really sorry for your loss.

    3. Rohj


      Sorry for your loss Xander - hang in there!

    4. Stasis


      So sorry mate. Lived it recently. It's not easy, but it does pass. Cherish the memories. =/

  4. anyone have any ideas/preferences on good sleep aids/ sleeping pills. I have not been able to sleep past 4am for 4 days now and the ones im using now are not working at all.

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    2. Dililah


      What is wrong with 4 am? You can be up with the rest of us crazy people, just have to go to bed earlier. :)  Watch what you are eating and drinking in the afternoon and before bed, Alcohol, Caffeine, Sugar can keep you up but also disturb your sleep. 

    3. Minori


      LOL, Remeron made me sleep through Thanksgiving. It works!

    4. Xander117


      Stasis thanks for the names ill make a point of seeing what i can take. The Remeron sounds like a nuclear option but ill keep it on the table...didn't think about motion sickness pills that's something i will try first as i shouldn't need to use it daily.


      Dililah id love to be able to go to bed earlier but i tend to be the vampire of the family (i seem to wake up more at night and am super out of it in the morning). i could imagine my dogs revolting if i woke up and was active at 4am...they like their beauty sleep even more then me.

  5. some times its a nice feeling to take deep breathe and step away from a situation washing your hands of it entirely...

  6. The rain is coming down :(


    excercising my my right as a Texan to grab some ice cream and pig out watching critical role.


    Cya all tomorrow.

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    2. Kestrel


      Got a decent flash flood today, so many cars stalled out on the road. Glad I drive a truck!

    3. Xander117


      Trucks are great.....i only wish my H1 could have gone faster then 60mph on the highways otherwise id still be driving that beast of a Hummer till it exploded.

    4. Cryus


      Trucks FTW. I still have my first one. Hasnt let me down yet. Was always my dream to drive a truck with a big dog in the passenger seat.  Now I do :p

  7. Xander117

    [FF14] Ricky the Flash!

    Welcome to SOH....please be advised the kool aid is Midri's and to not drink anything she gives you.
  8. Trying Sword Coast Legends absolutely loving it

    1. Elend


      Accept my friend invite on Steam and get on mumble :)

    2. Huntyre
    3. Xander117


      srry just accepted invite. I'll get on mumble tonight.

  9. Family is in town so wont be on till late tonight as celebrating early B-Day

  10. Found my old PS2 and a bunch of old games....might turn tonight into old school game night

    1. Scp


      don't forget you have raid tonight, sir

    2. Xander117


      hmmmm FF7 vs FF14....i'll see how you guys did tomorrow :p

  11. Xander117


    Thank you for the promotion, playing with all of you has been a blast.
  12. I love my State and I love my Country.....the people inside it not so much

    1. Midri


      Till the sea swallows all!

    2. Ashin


      Midri's messages have become so cryptic.

    3. Xander117
  13. Debating Pro's and Con's with office mate about being Ruler of the world

  14. Wont be on tonight folks in town and work is as usual being a spawn of Hitler and a gremlin\

  15. Want to rage so hard but i'm going to keep calm and not be on national news for going on a rampage