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  1. Rode out my first tornado. It was awesome!

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    2. Stasis


      And possibly hooting as well.

    3. Hyna


      Well I did like the 90s tornado documentary " Twister" showed me and tied myself to a deep well with a leather strap. It worked. 


      In seriousness i was getting ready to haul some berries to dole and it came through when I was about to fuel up the reefer truck. 


    4. Stasis


      TIL what a reefer truck is. That video was scary. I'd have been nervous as F. At least you were in a big truck but that noise. Didn't you think something might come flying out and break a window or something? Man, hail and sleet alone freak me out lol.


      Nope! (Also Dane explaining Jesus is pretty great).

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