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  1. Pfft...who needs laws.

    1. Ashin


      I feel like people who say this often do so when laws have been followed and the outcome is not what they wanted.

    2. Hyna


      na. She broke the law, handling classified and top secret information In that way is illegal and just the fact she had the server in itself is illegal.What she did was illegal. People have gotten their lives ruined and  raked over the coals for much less.  


      Sadly, for whatever reason they could lay out every thing she had done but were not able show her that her intent was criminal and went on to say it was however dangerously neglegant. They felt that they would not get a indictment with what they had so to pursue it regardless of that could lead to a huge embarrassment for the FBI. 

    3. Owl


      I think it's all politics.  The democrats don't want her indicted.  The republicans don't want her indicted. If she was indicted, the democrats may have gone for Barry Sanders.  This way her campaign goes on but this will be continually used to question her ability / judgment to lead the country.

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