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  1. How funny; all six of my characters will be those last two races specifically. The only question is ... 4 and 2 or 3 and 3!
  2. Every time I keep thinking of getting into GoT you people remind me of how much I resent it! Ashin and I are expert grumblers/sighers/moaners; better hope we don't both fill rotational spots on the same night! Red Rover Level:
  3. Hi and welcome! I don't know anything about LoL but Diamond 1 / 2 sounds pretty ultra. I know what the competitive PvP feel is like; I was able to dabble in WoW arenas a little bit and feel much like a wolf who has tasted blood >.> although thankfully I can channel that positively and not lose my mind like some people (they get sooo crazy). The sushi chef bit is exciting be prepared for lots of attention on that wavelength! lol Cheers.
  4. Hello and welcome! We have definitely decided to Dom. Owner of a martial arts school, you say? That sounds extremely rewarding! What kind(s) of martial arts do you teach? (Not that I would have any idea if you named them. What's unique or different about them, I guess I would like to ask.) I'll set you up with Guest access so you can poke around and get more of a feel for us generally.
  5. We don't speak of healing in DS. And hello and welcome ^^ (just realized I hadn't said that yet) Congrats on finishing school! I'm back to school as of last fall myself and slogging through general ed requirements (done with them after this fall--can't wait). What's your major/what kind of work are you looking to do?
  6. The thing I remember most about healadins in Cata was alllll the tears over tranquility. Yes! Let me drink in your sorrow!
  7. So many suns ago! And wombats are adorable. I would wrangle the shit out of them.
  8. Hi and welcome! I'll set you up with Guest access so you can cruise around the site. I'm amazed at how pumped this game has seemed to make everyone. I'm so tired of it not being out yet! >.>
  9. Hi there and welcome! Your raiding history just about coincides with my own. I started healing raids at the end of ICC in Wrath but didn't really know the ABCs of progression raiding until we got into Cataclysm (those cata 5-man heroics really whetted my appetite for moar resto druid! too bad mana management became trivial in subsequent tiers ). I moved to bear-tanking in early Dragon Soul and stuck with it the rest of the way. By the time we cleared all of Throne of Thunder, we had run out of gas as our main raid leadership (including myself) turned more attention to RL pursuits and nobody was able to step in and lead the raid the way we would have wanted. I'm with you one hundred thousand percent in feeling sorry for the people managing a 40-spot raid team! Handling 25 spots was a full time job on its own, not even counting encounter prep or the raiding itself! The only thing about your intro that causes me any concern (and it may just be ambiguous wording) is that you say your next step is to find a guild to go through the leveling/dungeons process. Do you have your eye on another group for raiding, or for the future generally? In WoW we got to the point where we were simply recruiting for raid spots, but that's not the case here. Now, we have the opportunity to go back to looking for applicants to join SoH the guild, rather than SoH the raid team. I'm not trying to browbeat you (though I do generate quite a bit of hot air sometimes); I just want to be extra clear on this point. Cheers!
  10. Oh, and I'm bumping you up to Guest access so you can cruise around the site and get a better feel for us.
  11. Hello and welcome! Huntyre is right. Everyone applying does need to post their own intro--tell us about themselves in their own words. We very much treat people as individuals, though we have almost too many gaming couples to count. It helps us get to know everyone, and it's fairer to all recruits, especially in a situation like this where it's difficult enough for all of us crotchety SoH veterans to sort out nearly twenty (and counting) new applicants at once!
  12. Hi there! 3rd shift at what, exactly? I've set you to Guest so you can browse around the forums. Hopefully somebody will be along shortly to bombard you with sufficiently insane and/or uncomfortable questions! I don't have the focus for it at the moment. :< Cheers!
  13. We really appreciate it when people seem excited to be here! Even if the social overhead of sorting out 15 (and counting) new people is kind of ultra. I'm gladder every day that I took two days off for launch just to wrap my head around it all! lol
  14. That's fantastic; I love reading about this stuff from someone who lives it! Do you do any work with exotic birds? Any Alex the Parrot-like experiences? Also, since we pretty much latched onto your job as our topic of discussion from the get-go, I feel like bringing it back to WS for a moment. You say you'd roll whatever we need, but to be perfectly honest we're at the start of the game and we don't know who all will be around, who will be able to raid that we didn't expect, who will suddenly burn out or become disinterested, who comes to hate their first class choice and feels the need to re-roll, etc... What catches your eye the most? If you've checked out the WS forum you've probably seen our Class Choice poll. For the record, esper shot out to the lead at first and spellslinger sat at 0 votes for a good three days, so I don't trust this group of goons to really tell us what our class makeup will be for raids.
  15. Hello and welcome! I also mostly leave the insane questions to others.
  16. Yes! More snake info! *clamor*
  17. I think I'm more jealous of your job than that of anyone else we've had around here~ Welcome!
  18. Such a pretty name for something so sinister. Welcome!
  19. Yay, nerdy namesakes for felines! Tilluk and I named our cat after Niko Bellic from GTA4 (kind of; more of a coincidence as far as I'm concerned. I just really liked the name Niko for a cat lol)
  20. Chuuuuuaaaaa Welcome to the site! Prepare for a bombardment of questions. For now, I'll set you up with guest access so you can cruise around the forums.
  21. Obligatory: (also maybe slightly nsfw )
  22. Hi Matt from Canada! I can see you have enough on your plate, so I'll leave it mostly at that. We're all so excited to have intro threads to bombard again.
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