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  1. You, sir, have just earned my ire!
  2. Hey and welcome =) Everyone else handled all the pertinent questions, but is the most important imo!
  3. So THIS is what midterms are like. WTB time to play games lol.

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    2. Stasis


      Wait until finals!

    3. Noesis


      What's your hardest one you think? I just finished a Social Theory one

    4. Darlantan


      I'm certain both of them will be take-home, and I know one of them is (it was just given to me last night). I'm sure that my first one will be harder.. the class is Intercultural Communication

  4. Precisely. I love the bugs around CoE b/c you can just go ham on 'em!
  5. At the mercy of incompetent bank. :(

    1. Darlantan


      (I mean at work. I don't have a personal account with incompetent bank.)

    2. Ashin
    3. Dililah


      send me their money

  6. /suspicious Dun make me bite u..
  7. Thumbs up if you're listening to this in 2013!

  8. AMG http://imgur.com/gallery/z4qVr0C (Yeah yeah yeah, you've all seen it. I don't go to imgur that much so cut me some slack.)

  9. I think I'm finally starting to adjust to being back in school... Not good times so far :|

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    2. Ashin


      That will get better after you have taken a few tests and received more positive reinforcement. Right now its too new and you're overly worried about how you'll do.

    3. Midri


      You can do it! School is great. Are you doing CS??

    4. Darlantan


      I'm pretending to do CS atm! At this point I feel I would do badly if I tried to take more than two classes, so I'm muddling through some of the interdisciplinary/core stuff right now.

  10. I could really go for some weekend right now.

  11. Certainly not. That's as absurd as Negs!
  12. Negido's off his crocker.

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    2. Ashin


      Needs to be spanked.

    3. Stasis


      Is it Betty now? I can't keep up with these names! And I'm sure he'd trade a spank for a "bud" or two...

    4. Negido


      Betty loves me. Ashin, I will trade 10 spanks for 5 'bud's. Deal?

  13. "Off (your/his/her) rocker"
  14. A negs friend?! This is a good day. Welcome! I believe Inedit picked up on the meaning of the forum name but was more subtle about mentioning it. Foo Fighters and Priests would also have been correct categories for Halo.
  15. Welcome welcome! Indeed, this is where all the good people go. ;P Glad to have you aboard.
  16. The FFXIV character name generator is even better than the Carlos Danger name generator

    1. Tilluk


      not possible!

    2. Ashin


      it's quite absurd

  17. I just deleted the wrong status post. Sorry, whoever that was... >.>

  18. Heard at the office today: "I don't need anybody's meat, for sure"

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    2. Booker Boltgrinder

      Booker Boltgrinder

      "The only meat I need is my own."

    3. Morkgrim


      "I think mine vibrates the loudest"- female co-worker talking about vibrate funtions on cell phones they were all sitting there setting them off to see who was loudest/moved the most

    4. Traxx


      "Keep your hands out of his drawers!" - to an employee that kept snagging pens from peoples desks.

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