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  1. [EVE] Senious

    Well that's a coincidence, just last night I had a Green, Sap, and Doppleganger.... Still have a few Eureka's left over in my fridge Am originally from CT, and can confirm. Small world.
  2. [FFXIV] Kurai Kaze

    Remember when we easily beat Sephirot within the time limit totally legitimately no questions asked and got t-shirts fair and square obviouswink?
  3. [FFXIV] Moosey introduction!

    Apparently inedit's favorite album?
  4. Code of Conduct

    read and /signed.
  5. FFXIV - Gul

    I hate you.
  6. FFXIV - Gul

    Ahhh class selection, that's a tough question. Initially I was going to go LNC but I have this uncanny ability of 1) Picking the class to get nerfed the heaviest, 2) Switching to a class that gets nerfed after the nerfing of the first class. But right now my two front runners are LNC or CNJ. Race = I just gotta go with that gangly, awkward, dhalmel-necked Elvaan Elezen. I played all of b3.
  7. FFXIV - Gul

    Hi Errrrrrybuddy, My name's Tim, char name Gul. I'm friends with Cal, Inedit, JJones, and Kayvern. I'm going to be playing FFXIV at launch and they told me I should come here to introduce myself, and then be verbally abused and emotionally scarred by the responses. Anyways, I know Cal from way back playing FFXI on Bahamut, and I know Inedit, JJ, and Kay from WoW. I've played a ton of games over the years but all in all I'm pretty casual. Hope to see everyone in-game in a few weeks.. *cross your fingers*