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Wildstar Intro - Reign

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Hello.  So, I saw the post on reddit and I think SOH is what I'm looking for.  Essentially a pvp server guild with friendly, mature Dominionites.  I've played MMOs on and off for ~8 years or so.  I've raided hardcore and softcore in WoW as a ranged dps, with a healing alt, for many years.  However, I really like the healing model so far in Wildstar, so I might be rolling a medic healer.  Going to give Esper a shot though to see how it compares.  Really, it's hard to choose since so many of the classes are fun.  I'm sort of melee averse in PVE since I prefer to be able to stand back and see what's going on.  Looking forward to some warplots in Wildstar too.


Outside of gaming, I do sort of outdoorsy stuff like moutain biking and snowboarding.  I'm about a month from graduating from college with a degree in Environmental Science and am working on landing a job working in environmental remediation.


Feel free to ask questions and what not.  Hope to catch up with you all soon in Mumble.

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Welcome!  I'm sure someone will be along in a bit to set you up with Guest access so you can stalk around the forums and then ask more official questions... but for now:


1)  How many pairs of shoes do you own?

2)  booze of choice, if any?

3)  favorite classic rock band?

4)  Event Horizon or Aliens?

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Hi Reign, I've gone ahead and upgraded you to Guest for the time being. Please feel free to poke around the forums and make friends.


I love medic healing, too!


I'm not sure if I like the sounds of "softcore" raiding ... for that matter, I'm not sure why that sounds worse to me than "hardcore" raiding. 


I'm going to echo Booker Bear's questions about your field, it sounds interesting!

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Thanks for the intro and welcome to the forums! Warplots seem so foreign to me still, but I'm also looking forward them.


Are you an altaholic, or do you tend to stick to one character?


What's the oddest thing you ever saw in one of your college courses?


Did you ever live in dorms? If so, did you go random?

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Hello and welcome!!  Where's your favorite place to go mountain biking?  I love outdoorsy things!  I'm thinking of saving up for a bike myself, and once I do, I would like to go to lots and lots and lots of places and bike/hike/camp/etc.  So, where is your #1 recommendation?  :D

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!


1) Probably more than a guy should have.  Trail runners, Every day shoes, three pairs of sandals (just moved to Utah from California where sandals are appropriate regardless of circumstance), a pair of running shoes, snowboard boots, regular boots, lightweight boots, snow boots.

2) Mostly beer.  There's a San Diego brewery called Ballast Point that makes an awesome Pale Ale called .  Highly recommended.

3) Probably AC/DC.  So many good songs.

4) Aliens.  Ripley is a badass.


What made you want to get into Environmental Science? What exactly is environmental remediation?

-I'm not really a desk job sort of person.  Worked in an office for ~ a year and found out it wasn't for me, so when I went back to school I wanted went looking for a job that would let me spend a lot of time in the field.  Environmental remediation involves testing soil, and water for contaminants and chemicals.  You then come up with a plan for the client to remove the contaminants so they can use the land in accordance to local regulations.  For me, it means I get to be outside and the paperwork isn't so bad.


Are you an altaholic, or do you tend to stick to one character?

-I tend to stick to one or two characters.  I tend to have a healer and a ranged dps.  I dabble with melee, but don't really like chasing bosses all over the place.  Otherwise I feel like I never get anything done.  That said, in WoW I ran all the classes up to 90 just for a change of pace.


What's the oddest thing you ever saw in one of your college courses?

- I was in a Philosophy class a few years ago at a really crummy junior college and there was a debate going on something related to Plato.  Anyway, this girl got into a heated debate with this guy and decided to dive over a desk to attack him.  She literally dove over the desk between them.  On the way down, she smacked her chin on the corner of another desk and blood went everywhere.  I want to say she passed out, but I can't remember anymore.  An ambulance came and took her away.  Never saw the girl again; I'm pretty sure she was expelled.


Did you ever live in dorms? If so, did you go random?

-I've been lucky and never had to live in the dorms.


Are you male or female? Reign could kind of go either way.

-I'm a guy.  The name comes from an old guild a few of us had.  I took over the email address when the guild went under, so I kind of just inhereted the name.


Who is your favorite band? What is your favorite song they sing?

-At the moment, it's probably Minus the Bear.  I really like their song Cold Company.  I used to be really into the Hold Steady and Kings of Leon, but have since moved on I guess.


Where's your favorite place to go mountain biking?

-There are some nice local places here in San Diego.  Nobel Canyon is awesome.  One of the best trails in the US, or so I'm told.  We're moving to Utah soon and I'm looking forward to doing some riding up there.


So, where is your #1 recommendation?

-As far as bikes go, I'm a huge fan of Santa Cruz bikes.  If I had my pick, I'd go with a Santa Cruz Blur TRc in black.  Fantastic looking bike and a dream to ride.  I've been riding a Giant Trance X1 for the last few years and it's been great.

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