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[EVE] Zivoca Introduction

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Hello all,


Here is a great long wall of text detailing my EVE journey up until this point. 

I have been playing EVE off and on since 2017. I started my EVE journey in  EVE University  learning the basics. After a few months in E-UNI I became interested in hauling for fun and profit. I participated in and won a crazy cross-universe race for a 3 billion ISK cash prize and those funds help kickstart my solo hauling career, I ran public contracts and did a lot of exploring to supplement the income from hauling, daytripping into WH space running pirate relic and data sites. Eventually as I skilled into a blockade runner I started taking riskier contracts into nullsec. 


During one of these adventures I caught the attention of a small renting nullsec corp,  Divine Reapers, and was eventually recruited into their ranks. I enjoyed hauling to and from Jita for my corpmates, who ranged from small-time miners to carrier pilots. DR was also part of a large nullsec alliance so I enjoyed the blue standings and was able to continue exploring and hauling to my heart's content. I look back on my short time in Divine Reapers as the most fulfilling and fun time in EVE so far- I really enjoyed the small group atmosphere and would like to join a similar group again.  After a while the corp started to die out after many of the wealthier pilots lost their carriers in a big fight with a different nullsec alliance and we were moved into a much bigger corporation,  HIgh Sec Care Bears. 

In HISCB I found it much harder to replicate the small corp relationships and experiences I had in DR, as it was a much bigger corp mainly full of rorqual miners and ratting super pilots. There was less of a need for a small cloaky hauler such as myself so I spent most of my time alone WH daytripping and participating in Bomber's Bar fleets. Eventually I left the corp and have been playing off and on in an NPC corp. Currently I live in a lowsec system and look for quiet wormholes and asteroid belts to make a little ISK in. 

Skills-wise most of my points are in scanning and in hauling. I do have some SP in basic combat skills, and can fly stealth bombers. While I would be happy to fill whatever role is needed in the corp, I offer my services as a small, fast, and cloaky hauler. I also intend to fill support and logistics roles for individual members and the fleets. 


The SOH code of conduct sounds like a great environment to learn and teach alongside fellow space-faring capsuleers. I really enjoy smaller groups, especially one-on-one interactions because both in EVE and in real life every single person's journey is wildly different, and I enjoy hearing about experiences people have had, and hope to create and share some new ones with you all in the future. 

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Hey Zivoca! Glad to see you turned your EVEMail into an app.


We're quite a violent bunch nowadays (we haven't even had a proper mining fleet since re-starting over a month ago). I love the idea of having someone around to help with hauling, though I'm sure we don't have enough to keep you busy full time. Most of our social interaction is in PvP fleets, and we often don't have big enough fleets to warrant a logistics ship - do you mind flying DPS and contributing to the pew-pew?


Random question time!


What's the weirdest thing you've ever moved in EVE?


How do you make your real-life ISK?


How much sugar & creamer do you put in your coffee?

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