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Freezerburnd Frost/Arcane Mage

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Hello people!

I recently transferred to Stormreaver so I could continue playing with my real life friends, Boken and his brother.

My main focus is to get better at PvP with my mage, Freezerburnd and to find people who have the same mindset, whether its random BG's or Arenas or even Rated BG's im looking to improve my game, and have fun while im doing it.

I don't have much raid experience since early Wrath ( Naxx and a little bit of Ulduar) and that was mainly on my holy paladin. But I do enjoy running Heroics, for the points, helping people gear up so they can raid, etc.

That's all that I can think of off the top of my head, it's a little late here, so hopefully I will be a part of your amazing guild! Thanks!!

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Hello! As I mentioned last night, our recruitment is not officially "open" for mages. However, we always accept friends and family, regardless of class and level.

You'll still be on trial period and I'd ask you to start off by having a look at our Guild Policy forum (and in particular sign off on the Code of Conduct), when you have a moment.

I'm sure any friend of the Pelkey brothers is an awesome guy, so I look forward to killing some Alliance with ya! 110%20Cool.png

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