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  1. Hi there! High praise from Vantiy. Look forward to meeting you.
  2. Well? What kind of bear are you? http://bear.canu.se/

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    2. Ashin



    3. Darlantan


      As if there was such a thing as an unreasonable bear? Jeez.

    4. Merriwhizzle


      "You are the shaman bear. When you're the shaman bear, you create something out of nothing. Sometimes you dance too much and people die of heat. It's not nice and you know that, so you go and pray for your sins. Eventually you'll start your own fellowship where everyone has to wear pink trousers and hug everyone they see. People think it's weird."

      So I guess that means I'm going to become a cult leader. :/

  3. "The IP.Chat room limit has been reached. You will not be able to join the chat room until some users first leave." PANIC!!!

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    2. Darlantan


      Language barriers. :(

    3. Huntyre


      I just got in...

    4. Darlantan


      See? Complaining totally works.

  4. You chose.. wisely.. ^^ Fun chatting with you. Props on using the chat room first time in there! Most peek in and then dart.
  5. DAoC? *perks* Hello there! =) I'm not in GW2 much anymore (tho I will be there this Saturday) but I'm sure I'll see you around. I couldn't get into some aspects of the game but I do enjoy some WvW. I have to ask. Alb, hib, or mid?! Choose wisely.
  6. Primus fan? You should be.

  7. Lunar eclipse :) but it's so cold :

    1. Owl


      We got up to discover you couldn't see it. Total cloud cover

    2. Merriwhizzle


      Perfect view of the moon from my bedroom window. Didn't bother to check the time because I wanted to sleep.

    3. Darlantan


      Came inside at 1:15. I always like seeing things like this in person, but there was an obnoxious street light that usually doesn't work... Of course it had to function last night.

  8. Speech about haiku / Practice unnecessary / Sorrow soon follows .... wish me luck! ;P

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    2. Darlantan


      Speech flopped mightily.

      Scatterbrained stuttering fool.

      ...still expect an A.


    3. Fera
    4. Proof


      I am dissapoint.

      I expected much Success

      Still congratulate

  9. Just registered for a 7:00am Crossfit class for the summer semester. Lifestyle change inc. :p

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    2. Bryant


      prepare to be sore!

    3. Bryant


      Also, take some 'before' pics. I wish I had, even though someone told me to (I still didn't listen because I don't listen to NOBODY).

    4. Darlantan


      Luckily I started working out in December so I'm conditioned to take at least a little punishment!

  10. I'll just leave this here:

    1. Stasis


      The close-up with "cup of noooooodle" in the middle of Japanese was great.

    2. Fera


      I so loved Freddie. Truly. I can tell you exactly where I was when hearing he'd died. I actually wept right there in the restaurant, signed me, An Aging Queen Fan ^^

  11. Grats everyone and welcome to membership proper. =)
  12. I'm so sad to hear that your final raiding days in WoW had to come down to DS! Although I can't feel too badly for you if you raided during a lot of the earlier content that I never got to see. I have to say that I was so fortunate to begin tanking in that tier (DS). It was like training wheels for when I dove into the meat-grinder known as MoP 25H tanking... and with what was widely considered the worst tank at the time! The numbers even BEAR that out. ha. ha. ha. I don't meet other Bear tanks that often, so I absolutely had to hop in and say... grawrl... <cough> I mean welcome!
  13. I looooove those cross-stitches! I mean, aside from the fact that anything which includes imagery from Final Fantasy 6 (yes, specifically 6) automatically earns full marks from me. ^^ And oh yes, the eternally extant GoT thread with the titanically terrible title. It's all there. Welcome aboard. =)
  14. Jack, you missed a perfectly good opportunity to advocate for "foible" as a verb.
  15. Hi there! I'm not playing GW2 at the moment, but I went through my own deal with my PTT key a couple years ago. It might sound crazy, but I settled on Caps Lock. Yeah, you'll type some things in all-caps at first; but if you go this route, pretty soon you'll get used to glancing at your caps lock key as you start typing. Caps lock is one of those keys that doesn't make much sense to keybind in game, but for PTT it works out well. If you're using PTT you're less likely to need to type, so even the initial typing-in-caps problem is mitigated there.
  16. Tiny: A Challenger Appears. http://imgur.com/gallery/Qn34ruz

    1. Midri


      Eeeeee how cute!!

    2. Tinymanz



      yankee and I will discuss how to rise to this challenge.

  17. Such dissect. Many language. So illuminate. Wow. http://the-toast.net/2014/02/06/linguist-explains-grammar-doge-wow/

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    2. Darlantan


      I like to think that we understood this concept well before people started writing about it.. ^^

    3. Midri


      Isn't sociolinguistics funnn~

    4. Ashin


      Yes we were ahead of our time!

  18. Cheers, and welcome back! A shame about Warhammer, but at least we had a lot of fun there. Have fun in gw2!
  19. I have to commend you on the Kroq-Gar avatar. Bravo, sir.
  20. Welcome! Looks like I missed the nickname train. I was going to push for Agood'un.
  21. Coworker just saw What Does The Fox Say for the first time this morning. I think she's broken now.

    1. Fera
    2. Darlantan


      Make that two coworkers who've now seen it for the first time. This is turning out to be a great day.

    3. Dililah


      I have not seen it either, but I'm already broke so ....

  22. You can edit it to say something random, though!
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