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  1. Merry Christmas SoH!! :)

  2. I can definitely vouch for him We've been trying to look at guides and tutorials online as well as working on the in-game beginner missions, but it would definitely be amazing to have you guys point us to the right direction! We have already been talking non-stop about how amazing the game is lol definitely looking forward to be able to contribute something to the corp as well as having fun with everyone.
  3. So I've decided to play ArcheAge very very casually, not sure if I'll be of contribution to the guild. However I can help do trade runs when I do play. Could I still join up? (can't use mumble atm)

    1. Fera


      Certainly, Chibi. PM one of us and we'll toss you an invite ^^

    2. Tyrlis


      If you buy patron and play casually, you'll probably be able to help us plenty with the spare labor points. See you in game!

  4. Going on a hiatus from any online activities for awhile. Will post when I come back. :)

    1. Negido


      Bad hiatus or good hiatus? Don't be gone forever. :(

    2. Chibikuma


      I guess you could say it's a good one. Taking some time off to focus on other stuff. :)

    3. Darlantan


      Take care of yourself! We can summon foxes together when you get back. :D

  5. GTA 5 here I come. Just had my thyroid treatment and took a day off. Not a bad day afterall !

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chibikuma


      Nice! which system are you playing it on? I've only played an hour worth lol so far so good!

    3. Tilluk


      playing it on xbox 360

    4. Noesis
  6. This 1017 World Full is driving me NUTS!!!!

    1. Atrael


      Yeah, me too. Couldn't play at all tonight.

  7. Does anyone have a link to the most updated FFXIV client?

  8. Going to Ottawa and Montreal this Sunday, anywhere I MUST visit?

    1. Noesis


      I don't think USA is in Montreal

    2. Tinymanz
  9. JWong.. :(

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Chibikuma


      ZERO pissed me off! lol so cheap but soo OP! that match is CRAZY! I was so hyped too hahaha

    3. Noesis


      I ran and told me Dad in the next room. He said "huh?"

    4. Sunny


      The really amazing part of flockers zero, is his consistency with lightning loops. The Buster Shot charging is reasonable, but tiger kneeing motion, low to the ground messes up everyone.

      tiger knee motion = look at number pad on keyboard, its motions are 2639

  10. I miss all of you from WoW and GW2! Can't wait to play FF14 with you all~

  11. Very stressful week, one of those rare days that I actually don't wanna go to work. :(

    1. Fera


      You mean there are days when you do? ... amazing

    2. Chibikuma


      Yeah~ I love my job :) I make custom cakes for a living. So most days are really enjoyable.

    3. Fera


      Wow, that's terrific! (and rare :)

  12. Friendly reminder, Blizzcon tickets going on sale April 24 Wednesday! 7pm PDT

    1. Tinymanz


      so expensive! but i might just do it this year...

    2. Chibikuma


      If we both get tickets we could go together! and then meet up with everyone there!! :D

  13. Did you guys know that a lot of girls like to play WoW with their boobs hanging out? Well now you do!

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    2. Kiffen


      This should be Blizzards new ad campaign.

    3. Ankin


      Not sure if I should ask for proof on this one or not

    4. Chibikuma


      Proof is at Twitch.tv, MoP section.. ;)

  14. Feel like I'm loosing it... Maybe I need a break.

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    2. Ashin


      If you tunnel PvP too hard you can get burnt. Have to take it in stride and make sure to get variety in your diet.

    3. Chibikuma


      Quite honestly it's the other way around for me, I'm not getting enough of it I find myself sitting around at times. oQueue isn't working for me anymore, neither is trade chat. I'm at a lost.

    4. Negido
  15. Welcome to the forums! Just one question from me, Do you PvP?!
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