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  1. I feel immortal after a good workout. Gotta love endorphins



    Im so good at this game.

    1. Luc


      yesterday I got a quadruple kill with reinhardt with 2 seconds left in overtime... came around a corner to the payload, hit entire enemy team with Hammer Down.   So clutch. :p  was play of the game, felt pretty pro.

  3. Finally did it.



    1. Tinymanz


      CONGRATULATIONS you dirty hunter.

  4. Thank god its friday, i get to forget that the world is filled with horrible people for a few days.

  5. Hearthstone nerfs are here. My opinion to abuse the next 2 days is play Control warrior, Patron, Freeze mage or Priest.

  6. While drunk celebrating my brothers bday i created the best ejuice i have ever made...Now to remember what i just did and record it!

  7. 50 gigs of crap deleted off of this mac. Did i mention that i HATE macs? At least this thing runs semi smooth now.

  8. For Luc




    If your a HS player and want a easy rank 5 copy and play this lol.

  9. 67 games to go from rank 18 to rank 5. Not bad. Wall druid OP.

    1. Kantankerous
    2. acierCRISIS


      Damn straight, kitty too powerful.

  10. How many 4th qtr leads have the giants blown this season now? 4? 5?. Unless the redskins blow 3 games i dont see us making the postseason...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Torick


      Redskins play a gimp cowboy team I mean.

    3. Grieve


      Ya, the Redskin fans down here in DC are already getting excited at the possibility of making the playoffs.

    4. Torick


      Based on how the Skins and Boys are playing I don't think they should be excited.

  11. managed to find cotton candy, marshmallow and lorann banana cream in stock at the same time. Guess i should play megamillions because im feeling lucky.

    1. Ashin


      What's scary to me is that I believe you're describing three things you smoke lol.

    2. Tinymanz


      What in the world are you making?!

  12. 4 gallons of raw juice material and flavorings arrived today. Let the mixing begin. Got orders to fill.

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    2. Ashin


      Oh god.. 2-year naming process INC

    3. Sunny


      You should also name a juice after SoH.

    4. Ashin


      Purgatory Juice doesn't sound appealing..

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