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Found 20 results

  1. Hello all, I saw the post on /r/evejobs the other day and was interested in learning more about yall's group. I'm Davos Shaile in-game to EVE Online, been playing for some years now. I've been with a great group of people for about a year now, although I wanted to try something new. We're in null-sec in one of the big blocs. I was with a roaming pvp group a while back that was great, but sadly ended up closing shop. I've been doing the big group thing for a while, so solo and small gang sort of stuff I'm pretty rusty on so looking for a good community for that sort of
  2. Greetings to everyone of south of heaven...is that a moment to self realize I'm now in hell, or just purgatory? I'll work on that next time the power goes off. And no joke, 10 minutes later, my power did go off. I happened upon your group after a frustrating search in many directions for some other adults who were playing Destiny 2. I didn't think anything in the world would be harder than finding my car keys, and that's what I get for thinking. So I suppose I'll be somewhat concise, otherwise this will start to sound like that person who talks loud enough in airports that en
  3. Hello there! I'm Adam (ingame ID @Qi'o ). I live in Russia, Moscow, I'm an English educator, a musician, a poet, a writer and ... well, i have many skills... Yup, I know, the first thought that crossed your mind, like ' What? Why d'you play on the NA server?" Well, starting the ESO at the end of Nov, 2017, I got to sit and think: " Alright! Elder Scrolls Online... I have been playing the Skyrim ever since it was released, played again and again, mage, archer, rogue classes.... Love IT! the best game ever... okay, who made this game? who made ESO? I mean... which country orig
  4. Hello Great Fellas Nice to meet all of you. A little bit about myself first My name is Jason, I live in Costa Rica (hope that is not a problem) and speak English/Spanish and a bit of Portuguese. I have been working in networking for over 5 years now, although I am a chemical engineer by profession. I like computers and networks a lot more so I started that route and never looked back, studied Cisco and Juniper and continue with those studies (certifications need to be renewed every 3 years anyways) I am 38 years old and do not have children, not married either but do
  5. Hello all! My name is Tomy I'm from Quebec in Canada. I'm a male of 24 years old. So yeah.. I've been looking for a MMO to play for awhile and found out that ESO was pretty much in every top 10.. I've already tried it when it came out but I didnt really liked it :/ but now with that new expension coming out Summerset Its making me wanna try it again so I bought it again hehe I'm playing for a week already but I feel like nobody is talking in game and I miss that social side of an MMO so just tapped ESO guild in google and yours got my attention.. Before posting this ive readed some post to se
  6. Hello everyone! I saw the recruitment post on Reddit and it piqued my interest, so here I am. My name is Thrakkar, I live in western Montana with my wife and two dogs. I've been playing MMO's since vanilla WOW and DAOC, both of which I miss dearly but will never be replicated. I tried ESO when it released and felt it was really awful. Some reviews on Youtube led me to believe it might be worth a shot again however, so here I am. So far I'm impressed but I haven't found a good group to play with yet, and solo-MMO kind of seems counter intuitive. I'm strangely fond of group cooperative p
  7. Hello everyone! I saw the guild posting on Reddit the other day and thought I'd finally join. A few things about me: I'm a cook by trade (currently in catering) and a writer/poet by hobby, I'm living in the Pacific Southwest (of Canada) and I have a turtle named Franklin. I'm very familiar with MMOs but I haven't really played one with much dedication since Old school Runescape, but that's changed with ESO. Currently I'm playing a grindy Breton/Warden tank and I love crushing PvE, but also love PvP, so hopefully I can find some people to play with for both. Work is look
  8. I recently switched from Xbox to PC going from having a vmaw completion and 12 characters 800+ cp with at least 12 characters deleted for a hopefully better gaming experience without hardcore elitist raging and in a disrespectful way telling new players what to do. I'm about 20 years old and work a night job for now in the northeast with an interesting sense of humor.
  9. Hello SOH! I found y'all on Reddit and messaged Fera in ESO. So I'm 21, female and a casual gamer from Texas. I have a cute black kitten( 8month old) named Jaeger. I've played ESO on and off since 2015 but never had time until now to really play it. I have the Morrowind expansion on both PC and XboxOne. I also have the DLC for the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. Some of games I play currently are: ESO, Withcer 3, FFXIV, Destiny 2, & WOW. Favorite game would have to be between Skyrim and Witcher 3. I also dabbled in Black Dessert Online a bit(have no clue what I'm doing in that gam
  10. Hey guys I recently joined this guild via ESO. I wanted to join this guild because I was looking for a better community to join. I'm 25 yrs old and I currently live and work in California. Obviously I can't be the super heavy gamer as I once was because I have to do adulting now, which is fine I know the guild is diverse with games and stuff. I don't play any of the other ones haha. I haven't met you yet Simon but hi! I'm happy to be here
  11. Greetings! My character's name is Celestial Sugar and I hail from the magical land of Tamriel within the world of Elder Scrolls Online! My favorite things to do are explore, collect lorebooks, explore, collect skyshards, explore, chase achievements, explore, gather everything in sight even the bugs because YOLO, explore, dungeon delve, and explore! Have I mentioned that I love exploration!? IRL info about me: I'm a 35 year old librarian in the foggy city of San Francisco. I have a pair of rambunctious khao manee minions who are pretty much my whole world ou
  12. BarryC


    Hello, My name is Barry and I am a 23 year old recent college grad. I had found out about SoH while browsing the ESO guilds subreddit and had figured that this would be a great opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals. I myself have been a lifelong console gamer and have just recently (within the past 3 months) built my first PC and started my journey into true PC gaming. With that said, I am now in search of new friends and believe that the SoH community could help with that :). I have always enjoyed open-world/exploration type games and within the past 3 months I have gone back to
  13. Hi, I'm Anthony and I just began playing ESO. I have been a long time MMO player but have been out of the scene for a little while. I used to play a great deal of Eve online but walked away a few years back. I am getting back into MMO gaming with ESO and have been looking for a guild for a while and SoH stuck out to me. If you have any questions for me or would just like to learn ESO with me also feel free to reach out.
  14. Hi SOH! My character name is Mikagi I'm a lvl10 DragonKnight. My history with eso is simple. When it came out, I bought the game but I never really got into it. But, I keep hearing from peoples how the game is a lot better now and I should give it a second chance. So here I am, I almost forgot everything about the game and made a new character to explore the land of tamriel while making friend. In MMO, I'm mostly interrested in PVE content like questing, dungeons, raid and crafting. But I can also try out pvp sometime if it's fun. I also play dps because I enjoy killing stuff fast
  15. Hey Guys/Gals! My alias across the web is MorpheusZero. My friends call me simply "Morph" for short--I mean you can understand in PVP shouting out long names--tends to be easier to keep it one syllable for simplicity haha! I am a 27 years old and currently hold titles for multiple things--husband, gamer, Netflix Binge Watcher, engineer, etc. I have been playing games since the original NES--but my most memorable childhood gaming systems were probably Super NES and N64. I then graduated from N64 straight to PS2--then to PS3. Around the mid-life of PS3, I got my first gaming PC an
  16. Hi there SoH! My name's Michael, in games I almost always go by Jorion or some variation, and I go by this in ESO as well. Apologies in advance if this is a bit lengthy, I tend to go overboard on these things hahaha! I've been gaming for a few years now, primarily mmorpgs. I love them! The big ones for me were TERA and BDO, and now ESO! I played an archer in both games, and also play a nightblade in ESO (can you tell what type of class I like?) I've also played all of these games with my best friend, who is also hoping to join SoH! I'm currently level 39, and I'm in the Aldmeri Dom
  17. Hey SoH, I'd love to join you all. I just wanted to say that as I'm typing this i'm walking my three dogs in the rain. I live in the "great" city of LA where the sun shines daily and we never get water.. ever. On topic though, I'm an avid pvper in the eso community and just came back from a short hiatus in black desert scene. I play stamblade. I'd love to know if ya'll are on discord and teamspeak.. thanks!!
  18. Hey there! I ran into a post on the eso forums asking for new members and after messaging Fera in game I was directed here. I guess I should start by introducing myself then I'm male, 16 years old attending high school in Canada at the moment. I have two cats and a massive great dane puppy that is a lot to handle but we still love him. I've been playing video games my entire life and I have always had a passion for MMOs (even though I never had anyone to play them with). Something about open worlds and adventure appeals to me in a way that other games just don't. My first ever
  19. Hello SoH! I came across your recruitment post from the ESO forums. I've been playing the game off and on for about year now and I never could seem to find the right place for me. What caught my eye about SoH was that you all are new to the game (so I think), and you all are still learning and growing. I think that's great because even though I've been playing the game off and on, I still haven't really done much of anything in it. SoH seems like it would be such a great guild for me. I want to experience more of what ESO has to offer: Vet Dungeons, Trials, vTrials (maybe), PvP. Al
  20. Good day from the prairies of Canada! I am giving a write-up in hopes of joining you all in the fantastic world of Elder Scrolls Online, where I am a returning player of a not too long of an absence. I am an avid gamer of multiple systems, mainly the PS4, Switch, and PC. Used to have an Xbox 360 but after awhile Microsoft never really put out anything that piqued my interest to but the newer systems. I love exploring game worlds, so am very much looking forward to getting back into ESO, after exploring the lands of Hyrule for awhile in Breath of the Wild.
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