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Found 20 results

  1. Hello all, I saw the post on /r/evejobs the other day and was interested in learning more about yall's group. I'm Davos Shaile in-game to EVE Online, been playing for some years now. I've been with a great group of people for about a year now, although I wanted to try something new. We're in null-sec in one of the big blocs. I was with a roaming pvp group a while back that was great, but sadly ended up closing shop. I've been doing the big group thing for a while, so solo and small gang sort of stuff I'm pretty rusty on so looking for a good community for that sort of thing. From what I've seen reading some other topics and reading the CoC, it seems like this'd be a good place for it. I mainly have been doing PVP, but would be interested in doing more missions, etc. I've been married for about 5 years now, and do work in the IT field (seems alot of people that play this game have some sort of job in that space). Usually end up playing late in the night (US Central) or on the weekends from time to time. Been also playing some more RPG-type games lately, and been looking for some more online communities either with more games than EVE or apart from it. I also play ESO from time to time, haven't played in quite a while, but it'd be fun to do that as part of a group. Looking forward to hearing more from you all
  2. Greetings to everyone of south of heaven...is that a moment to self realize I'm now in hell, or just purgatory? I'll work on that next time the power goes off. And no joke, 10 minutes later, my power did go off. I happened upon your group after a frustrating search in many directions for some other adults who were playing Destiny 2. I didn't think anything in the world would be harder than finding my car keys, and that's what I get for thinking. So I suppose I'll be somewhat concise, otherwise this will start to sound like that person who talks loud enough in airports that ensures the 20 people closest to them are also involved in their conversation. Normally, I'd go on about how I'm old and crusty in some varying ways, maybe mentioning the Atari 2600 or Crystal Pepsi or Entertech water guns (batteries and water...the 80's was a special time)...but, I suspect my near 38 years of age doesn't make me the oldest 'round these parts perhaps. I presently work live and work in Kansas City, Missouri, as a contractor doing information architecture stuff. It puts a roof over my head and my dog and keeps most other problems manageable. Gaming wise I've seen and played a lot, lately my favorite activity has been killing the backlog of games I've barely touched. Since January of 2017 I've knocked down 30 games, some classics, some not known at all...and I tried to do Destiny 2 by myself...but, the game just seems rather unwelcoming by yourself. I've spent some time with ESO as well, and even while it certainly looks enjoyable with friends, it just..."feels" like it welcomes a solo player more. Other than that, I guess on a more serious note, just trying to make some gaming friends. A while ago I realized I only know people who like to talk about games, they don't like to play them. I spent a lot of time talking as well, and now I'm back to playing. But, if I continue solo, someday the backlog killing won't be enough, and then I'll be searching for a new hobby. For now anyway, I'd rather trying to get the most out of this. Hope to see you all around the Discord soon.
  3. Hello there! I'm Adam (ingame ID @Qi'o ). I live in Russia, Moscow, I'm an English educator, a musician, a poet, a writer and ... well, i have many skills... Yup, I know, the first thought that crossed your mind, like ' What? Why d'you play on the NA server?" Well, starting the ESO at the end of Nov, 2017, I got to sit and think: " Alright! Elder Scrolls Online... I have been playing the Skyrim ever since it was released, played again and again, mage, archer, rogue classes.... Love IT! the best game ever... okay, who made this game? who made ESO? I mean... which country originally is in charge for programming and servers' maintenance..? the US, right? so... That would reasonable to play on the native NA server, rather than EU ;p " As a solo player, I feel pretty alright exploring Tamriel alone. Thanks the Stars, ESO allows to do so, unlike other MMORPG i used to play. I miss, though, this 'family-like' community I once had when i played Lineage II, ages ago... I was in a guild of 10-20 people , we all knew each other pretty well, used names (not in-game nicknames), were in the know of our backgrounds, shared good and bad things that happened IRL.... well, it was a place to be and come back! I miss that. So, the guild of yours seems pretty much close to what I lack in the eso guild-system. I am a helping guy... being not much experienced in eso, i've tried to help out with all i can to those you needed me... Games i played: Diablo II, III, World of Warcraft, lots of RPG PC-games the names of which i do not remember, and.... the SKYRIM (the favorite!!!) I prefer one-char-style of gaming.. Don't really like making up tons of alts... So I have the one and only char - Higuchi, a magsorc, CP ~450 (@Qi'o) I would sincerely love to join your guild! Thank you ;p
  4. Hello Great Fellas Nice to meet all of you. A little bit about myself first My name is Jason, I live in Costa Rica (hope that is not a problem) and speak English/Spanish and a bit of Portuguese. I have been working in networking for over 5 years now, although I am a chemical engineer by profession. I like computers and networks a lot more so I started that route and never looked back, studied Cisco and Juniper and continue with those studies (certifications need to be renewed every 3 years anyways) I am 38 years old and do not have children, not married either but do have a gf I love videogames and have played them all the way back to Atari and Asteroids. Mostly play on PC but do have a Switch, probably gonna get a PS4 at some point. My favorite games are RPGs, especially the long traditional ones like Witcher, Elder Scrolls and Fallout. I was not really into MMOs, tried WoW when it came out and could not finish the month. Tried Guild Wars, liked it but got lost so easily in the maps I stopped playing, same with Guild Wars 2. Also tried City of Heroes, liked the combat but hated the "quests" and lack of overall content for solo players. Enter ESO, as a massive Elder Scrolls fan (I even played Daggerfall) I had to get this one. I also collect games so the CE was a must for me, after seeing the quality of that CE I have bought all the other CEs ZOS has released (I have many more CEs but not for Elder Scrolls games) and this was the first time I wanted to get serious in an MMO I was a pretty competitive gamer back in my youth, but mostly for games like Starcraft and Dota (and the current ones Dota 2 and SC2, I still love to watch tournaments) and for single player ones the definitive masochism of Dark Souls always tickled my fancy. But now that I am older and no longer have that much time, I tend to play games that do not require "training" lol. Still, some of that competitive nature stayed and I always loved being a support in Dota so I figured I would do the same here. Amazing that here healers can actually do dmg so I started a templar/healer and enjoy dungeons a lot with that. Got to CP and the guild I was in kinda dissipated and suddenly I had to go solo again, was a bit boring so started another toon to check but left the game because of life. Then came Morrowind and tried the Warden class, did not like it but at least I finished the Vvardenfell content. Now with Summerset I plan on playing a lot more, currently lvling up my stamina DPS nightblade (at lvl28 now) but would still love to use my CP toon (I think he is like CP100) for dungeons and trials and PvP and whatever a group is involved. Or maybe morph my stamina DPS to a magicka healer/DPS nighblade, don't know yet. Anyways, sorry for the long post. Looking forwards to joining the guild and add to it, be it crafting whatever you guys need or healing in PvP/Dungeons/Trials. Thanks for reading (you can reach me ingame with the same name)
  5. Hello all! My name is Tomy I'm from Quebec in Canada. I'm a male of 24 years old. So yeah.. I've been looking for a MMO to play for awhile and found out that ESO was pretty much in every top 10.. I've already tried it when it came out but I didnt really liked it :/ but now with that new expension coming out Summerset Its making me wanna try it again so I bought it again hehe I'm playing for a week already but I feel like nobody is talking in game and I miss that social side of an MMO so just tapped ESO guild in google and yours got my attention.. Before posting this ive readed some post to see how you guys are and you all seems really friendly hehe and I can't wait having some question.. thats funny. Anyway so yeah I would love having a nice group to play with in ESO. Now I'm like lvl 20 trying to see what build I wanna do and if I wanna create another character or not 🤔. So about me.. I'm a French canadian.. I'm gaming MMO till like i'm 12 I love FPS game too I was playing a lot to CSGO and I have Destiny2 but sadly on ps4 haha. I have a rabbit named Lewis.. I work a lot so sadly im mostly playing weekend and late night. Hmm.. I can't wait to get my racer on the track again I guess thats it! Hopefully we can play togeter and you guys can show me some of The Elder Scroll Online Not able to put a picture of Lewis o.o haha .
  6. Hello everyone! I saw the recruitment post on Reddit and it piqued my interest, so here I am. My name is Thrakkar, I live in western Montana with my wife and two dogs. I've been playing MMO's since vanilla WOW and DAOC, both of which I miss dearly but will never be replicated. I tried ESO when it released and felt it was really awful. Some reviews on Youtube led me to believe it might be worth a shot again however, so here I am. So far I'm impressed but I haven't found a good group to play with yet, and solo-MMO kind of seems counter intuitive. I'm strangely fond of group cooperative play and teamwork being an anti-social introvert who generally dislikes social activity. The post on reddit and some of the things I've read here on the forums about the guild lead me to believe you have a good thing going here, and I'd like to be part of that. Look forward to seeing you all in-game. Bonus photo of sleeping doggos:
  7. Hello everyone! I saw the guild posting on Reddit the other day and thought I'd finally join. A few things about me: I'm a cook by trade (currently in catering) and a writer/poet by hobby, I'm living in the Pacific Southwest (of Canada) and I have a turtle named Franklin. I'm very familiar with MMOs but I haven't really played one with much dedication since Old school Runescape, but that's changed with ESO. Currently I'm playing a grindy Breton/Warden tank and I love crushing PvE, but also love PvP, so hopefully I can find some people to play with for both. Work is looking pretty slow so I've been able to put quite a bit of time into ESO and other games like Forza, Monster Hunter, and Heroes of the Storm. (And if anyone else is playing any of those I'd be happy for them to join me.) Pleasure to meet all of you! IGN : brouzouf.major
  8. I recently switched from Xbox to PC going from having a vmaw completion and 12 characters 800+ cp with at least 12 characters deleted for a hopefully better gaming experience without hardcore elitist raging and in a disrespectful way telling new players what to do. I'm about 20 years old and work a night job for now in the northeast with an interesting sense of humor.
  9. Hello SOH! I found y'all on Reddit and messaged Fera in ESO. So I'm 21, female and a casual gamer from Texas. I have a cute black kitten( 8month old) named Jaeger. I've played ESO on and off since 2015 but never had time until now to really play it. I have the Morrowind expansion on both PC and XboxOne. I also have the DLC for the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. Some of games I play currently are: ESO, Withcer 3, FFXIV, Destiny 2, & WOW. Favorite game would have to be between Skyrim and Witcher 3. I also dabbled in Black Dessert Online a bit(have no clue what I'm doing in that game lol). I've always been a loner in games but always wanted to play as a team with people, so I would like to join your guild that way I could have some others to play online with or give me some pointer about the game, and see what a Guild actually does and how i can contribute. I've been in a guild before in ESO in 2012, but i was lost & players were never on and then everyone kinda left so.. yeah.:/ I haven't done a whole lot of PVP yet in ESO so if y'all do PVP at all I'll try my best thanks y'all
  10. Hey guys I recently joined this guild via ESO. I wanted to join this guild because I was looking for a better community to join. I'm 25 yrs old and I currently live and work in California. Obviously I can't be the super heavy gamer as I once was because I have to do adulting now, which is fine I know the guild is diverse with games and stuff. I don't play any of the other ones haha. I haven't met you yet Simon but hi! I'm happy to be here
  11. Greetings! My character's name is Celestial Sugar and I hail from the magical land of Tamriel within the world of Elder Scrolls Online! My favorite things to do are explore, collect lorebooks, explore, collect skyshards, explore, chase achievements, explore, gather everything in sight even the bugs because YOLO, explore, dungeon delve, and explore! Have I mentioned that I love exploration!? IRL info about me: I'm a 35 year old librarian in the foggy city of San Francisco. I have a pair of rambunctious khao manee minions who are pretty much my whole world outside of gaming and doing nerdy shenanigans like collecting funny socks. I play LOTS of other games(my steam library alone has nearly 1000 titles in it) so there are lots of other games that I could possibly join you guys in. I have accounts on WoW(casual scrub on Moon Guard, don't judge me!), Eve Online(capable of flying a titan/freighter/carrier/pretty much everything), and FFXIV(inactive but willing to reactivate for the right reasons). I've been playing games since I could reach the keyboard of my Dad's Apple II. I just love the worlds we can disappear into and the puzzles we can solve. The never ending challenges that they present with all the pretty colors and pew pews that make the propellers in my brain go bananas. The feels that we get when we see Tidus and Yuna kiss for the first time or watch Commander Shepard fall from the sky. <3 I also love horror/sci-fi/fantasy/ movies/tv, travel programs, martial arts stuff, memes, chocolate, poetry, dancing, singing, cooking, and knitting. Recently I've been looking into starting a small community tank with some blue lobsters and other freshwater oddities. I think I'll stop here since I'm probably being a bit boring. I mostly just wanted to say: Hello, nice to meet you all! Let's be friends!
  12. BarryC


    Hello, My name is Barry and I am a 23 year old recent college grad. I had found out about SoH while browsing the ESO guilds subreddit and had figured that this would be a great opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals. I myself have been a lifelong console gamer and have just recently (within the past 3 months) built my first PC and started my journey into true PC gaming. With that said, I am now in search of new friends and believe that the SoH community could help with that :). I have always enjoyed open-world/exploration type games and within the past 3 months I have gone back to play some of my favorite games in Borderlands 2 and ESO. I have played ESO on/off for the better part of 2 years on console; however essentially stopped playing just prior to the Shadow of the Hist expansion. I had amassed nearly 500 cp on console, but will be starting from scratch on the PC and am currently traveling Tamriel alone as a lowly level 24 . I much prefer playing through PvE content such as dungeons/Trials or even just running around Tamriel gathering resources and killing stuff. On occasion I enjoy jumping into PvP, but only as a medium to large group as I am not the most skillful in PvP encounters. Nevertheless, I hope that I fit in with the SoH community and can become a member of the guild in-game and thanks to Simone (@GorbCorb) for directing me here to the forums. Looking forward to gaming with SoH, Barry
  13. Hi, I'm Anthony and I just began playing ESO. I have been a long time MMO player but have been out of the scene for a little while. I used to play a great deal of Eve online but walked away a few years back. I am getting back into MMO gaming with ESO and have been looking for a guild for a while and SoH stuck out to me. If you have any questions for me or would just like to learn ESO with me also feel free to reach out.
  14. Hi SOH! My character name is Mikagi I'm a lvl10 DragonKnight. My history with eso is simple. When it came out, I bought the game but I never really got into it. But, I keep hearing from peoples how the game is a lot better now and I should give it a second chance. So here I am, I almost forgot everything about the game and made a new character to explore the land of tamriel while making friend. In MMO, I'm mostly interrested in PVE content like questing, dungeons, raid and crafting. But I can also try out pvp sometime if it's fun. I also play dps because I enjoy killing stuff fast and learn a rotation. The only mmo I played for a lot of time is FFXIV. I enjoyed this game a lot but I decided to take a break because I got burned out and playing almost felt like a chore. I also play a lot of RPG and my favorite game/ series are FF7, suikoden 2, tales of the abyss and the legend of heroes series In real life, I'm a 23 years old French Canadian. I'm currently studying to be a software engineer. So if I make mistakes while writing sorry about that. Thanks for taking your time to read this and if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  15. Hey Guys/Gals! My alias across the web is MorpheusZero. My friends call me simply "Morph" for short--I mean you can understand in PVP shouting out long names--tends to be easier to keep it one syllable for simplicity haha! I am a 27 years old and currently hold titles for multiple things--husband, gamer, Netflix Binge Watcher, engineer, etc. I have been playing games since the original NES--but my most memorable childhood gaming systems were probably Super NES and N64. I then graduated from N64 straight to PS2--then to PS3. Around the mid-life of PS3, I got my first gaming PC and the taste of that world. I continued on to PS4--but I barely play on PS4 these days, its mostly a Netflix machine, and also my wife plays on it mostly. I mostly use it for console exclusive titles. I am primarily a PC player now. When I'm not gaming--by day I am a Software Engineer for a very large Fortune 10 company for the past 4 years.I am a full stack developer, writing backend code mostly in Java, while writing front-end in mostly Typescript/Javascript using frameworks like AngularJS or libraries such as React. Programming and gaming are my passions--and at any given time of day, if Im not doing one--I'm doing the other. In 2011--I started a PS4 Gaming Community with a few friends whom I played Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 with. Shortly after, we migrated over to Battlefield 3. Over the next 4 years, the clan had become mostly a Battlefield 3 and 4 community--managing well over 200 active users and about 12 staff that I had weekly meetings with. Over time though as I stated earlier, I drifted away from the PS4 and more into PC. So I eventually stepped down as the Founder of that clan and passed the torch onto more able hands who were more involved with the PS4 side of things. They are still going strong today and still have a handful of friends that I play miscellaneous games with regularly on PC with that I met there. These days I mostly play with those same 5 or 6 friends that I met while running the clan (those who don't really play PS4 anymore either, but we don't all play the same kinds of games.) Although I chat with them daily in our Discord server that the few of us are in, I'm looking for a more permanent gaming community with active players who are playing the same kinds of games as me. MMOs, Shooters, etc. I got ESO about 6 months ago, and have played off and on SOLO--but really would love to be able to join in some group stuff for longevity. I play off and on because playing solo, I tend to get to areas that I cant do alone and just give up. I recently bought Overwatch and love it--so if anyone plays that and fancies some games--I'm all there as well. I'd love to be able to play with a competitive team. I bought the Ultimate Edition (or whatever its called--the expensive one) for Destiny 2 when it launched. I played it non-stop for Season 1 until I mostly maxed out--then I quit. I came back for a few hours for Curse of Osiris, but never finished it because the group I was playing with had quit as well. So I could get back into that if there are people there as well. I love to do the raids on Destiny and the gunplay is second to none! I first played EVE Online about 6 months ago--and played for a solid 3 or 4 months straight non-stop as a subbed player. I ran with a few smaller Mining Corps in High and Low Sec--never played any null sec stuff before. I mostly did mining stuff and never really experienced any PVP stuff apart from getting destroyed during a war once or twice in my mining barge. (Procurer)./ I REALLY like Eve Online--I just would rather play with some groups who tend to do more PvE than PVP, and the Corp I used to play with eventually moved to Null Sec and I didnt want to go so I stopped playing. But I could see myself getting back into this as well if there is interest. I played SWTOR a little--it was fun, but kind of dated and I hate the combat. But with a group, I think I'd have more fun. I still Minecraft from time to time. I recently downloaded TERA and am thinking about trying it out as well. My favorite game genre is probably RPG (I'm a huge fan of Bethesda games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout--also love Borderlands). I also love survival and strategy titles. Subnautica was a gem. Factorio is epic. etc. So if you'll have me--I'll play with ya! You can find me in almost anything as one of the following variations of MorpheusZero. ESO: @MorpheusZero Blizzard BattleNet: MorpheusZero#1642 Steam: MorpheusZero or MorpheusZer0 ----not sure which one it is, account name and display name are different. Discord: MorpheusZero#8992
  16. Hi there SoH! My name's Michael, in games I almost always go by Jorion or some variation, and I go by this in ESO as well. Apologies in advance if this is a bit lengthy, I tend to go overboard on these things hahaha! I've been gaming for a few years now, primarily mmorpgs. I love them! The big ones for me were TERA and BDO, and now ESO! I played an archer in both games, and also play a nightblade in ESO (can you tell what type of class I like?) I've also played all of these games with my best friend, who is also hoping to join SoH! I'm currently level 39, and I'm in the Aldmeri Dominion, which I also saw most of you are as well! I poked around the forum a little bit, and between that and the description on the ESO recruitment page, I am very excited to potentially be able to join this guild! I've always wanted to be in a mature, fun and competitive guild and this seems like just the group! I especially like that this is a more mature and respectful group than a lot of other guilds, and I also like that it's an easy-going group that still wants to be competitive. I've only been playing ESO for about two weeks now, but I'm absolutely loving the game so far! I can't wait to explore more of the world, and I'm suuuuper excited to try PvP and raids, and I'd love to find a family in SoH to do these things with! That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now, so shoot me your questions! I can't wait to meet you all in game and here on the forums, and tell you more about myself! Thanks!
  17. Salome

    My intro :)

    Hey SoH, I'd love to join you all. I just wanted to say that as I'm typing this i'm walking my three dogs in the rain. I live in the "great" city of LA where the sun shines daily and we never get water.. ever. On topic though, I'm an avid pvper in the eso community and just came back from a short hiatus in black desert scene. I play stamblade. I'd love to know if ya'll are on discord and teamspeak.. thanks!!
  18. Hey there! I ran into a post on the eso forums asking for new members and after messaging Fera in game I was directed here. I guess I should start by introducing myself then I'm male, 16 years old attending high school in Canada at the moment. I have two cats and a massive great dane puppy that is a lot to handle but we still love him. I've been playing video games my entire life and I have always had a passion for MMOs (even though I never had anyone to play them with). Something about open worlds and adventure appeals to me in a way that other games just don't. My first ever MMO was World of Warcraft when I was 5 or 6 and I played on my dad's account when he wasn't playing. I started playing ESO about a year ago when I bought the game for the first time on the PS4 (my primary gaming system at the time). Since I recently got a PC I bought the game and am now looking for people to play with. I currently have a lvl 11 breton sorcerer on pc as my first and only character thus far. I have the Morrowind expansion and have purchased the dark brotherhood dlc using the free crowns given to you upon starting the game. I am interested in joining SOH because it seems like a great group with friendly and accepting players. I have always wanted to play MMOs with other people and have looked to join guilds in the past in other games but it never worked out mainly because of me being intimidated by others that knew the game so much better than me. I want to get out of my comfort zone a little bit and would love to start with a friendly guild that I can learn the game alongside with. Although I did buy the game on PS4 a year ago and have dabbled with PVP occasionally I would still consider myself a noob as I know next to nothing about builds and such. Anyways I'll save your eyes the trouble of having to read any more of my introduction Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far though and thanks for having me!
  19. Hello SoH! I came across your recruitment post from the ESO forums. I've been playing the game off and on for about year now and I never could seem to find the right place for me. What caught my eye about SoH was that you all are new to the game (so I think), and you all are still learning and growing. I think that's great because even though I've been playing the game off and on, I still haven't really done much of anything in it. SoH seems like it would be such a great guild for me. I want to experience more of what ESO has to offer: Vet Dungeons, Trials, vTrials (maybe), PvP. All of it. Hard to do when none of your friends play and you're running solo most of the time. Hoping to change that! Now for a little about myself. I'm a 34 year old male from Texas. I mostly game on PC, but do have an PS4 that mostly used for Netflix and other streaming. Haha, but I do have Monster Hunter World that I hope to play soon. I work and my schedule is always changing, but I think I could make most Saturday night hang outs. I do play everyday though so I should be around most nights. (Unless I'm being dragged to play PUBG or something.) I'm a quiet guy IRL and in game. Always have been. After a while, I do tend to open up. Hope that's not a problem. Always willing to help if I can! Ok, I'm bad about talking about myself so if you all have any questions, feel free to ask! Hope to explore Tamriel with you soon! Thanks for your time! Arty ESO Name: @Kielithos
  20. Good day from the prairies of Canada! I am giving a write-up in hopes of joining you all in the fantastic world of Elder Scrolls Online, where I am a returning player of a not too long of an absence. I am an avid gamer of multiple systems, mainly the PS4, Switch, and PC. Used to have an Xbox 360 but after awhile Microsoft never really put out anything that piqued my interest to but the newer systems. I love exploring game worlds, so am very much looking forward to getting back into ESO, after exploring the lands of Hyrule for awhile in Breath of the Wild. IRL I am male (he/him) that lives with my partner of 14 years, in Alberta Canada. I am technically a retired pensioner at 34 years old - having been medically discharged from my 911 post of 10 years in 2016. I spend a lot of time at home and on the computer due to mental disabilities that prevent me from really interacting with the outside world by myself. Online gaming lets me get out of my head and not let my head take control and push me where it wants to go all the time. Now with that being said, I am not a fragile snowflake, that needs to be tip-toed around. I am human with a sense of humor and like to get to know people; play with them in an online environment where everyone is enjoying themselves. I have two dogs that I adore to death (sorry to the cat-loving folk, I can tolerate felines but never wish to own one). Both are boston terriers, one is 10 and the other is 2. You may hear them occasionally when they decide to scrap over a deer antler. Speaking of being heard in the background, I do also have a cockatiel with an attitude near my computer and sometimes she thinks she has to be louder than everything around her....so expect some chirping to be heard in discord. I want to note that the thing that really drew me here to poke Fera in discord (thanks for guiding me here) was the write up about the 5 dirty words of gaming (I think that was the title...my short term memory is somewhat lacking due to above mentioned mental illness). I am of the LGBT community and I don't know how many times I have found groups that would get into a PvP match and just let "Come here you little faggot," or "He killed me with a knife, that was gay" just roll off the tips of their tongues like it was nothing. Seeing the post and the response it got really cemented my decision to come here. Ok! So I am not sure if I have said enough, or too much...but I am going to end it here. Happy to have had the chance to say hello, and meet some of you in Tamriel! Thanks for your time, Justin ESO Tag: @Oolong Discord: @Zods#2087
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