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Hello all, Sammik here :)

I am a 490/491 boomkin/resto druid looking for a new raiding home. I've been playing since vanilla, did my first raid as a prot warrior in ICC, and have been raiding hardcore on my druid since the start of cata.

A little bit about me. I led my guilds raiding team in t11. We were a very large social guild that I was an officer of, so getting our first heroic Halfus kill was quite an achievement, I also helped push us to realm first Guild Level 25. When the GM of that guild quit, things fell apart, and I moved my druid to Sentinels where I joined a guild called the League. Raided with them throughout Firelands. We were far and beyond the best guild on the server, but were unable to kill Heroic rag 25 man pre-nerf. The League ultimately converted to a 10-man midway through Dragon Soul, we lost a lot of talent and limped across the finish line to 8/8 heroic after 30% nerf. So when my friend offered me a spot on his 10-man on Destromath, i took the opportunity and have been raiding with them since MOP. I am currently 2/6 HMV, and 5/6 HoF eager to push more heroic content. Unfortunately we've lost a few raiders and are currently taking a "break" from raiding, hence my current search for a new home.


As far as my character is concerned, I am currently reforged/gemmed for pure crit, which is very strong for boomkins atm. My professions are JC/Engineering. Gotta love synapse springs, super gems, and rocket boost.

Here is a video of a group of friends and I killing Heroic rag 10man post-nerf, in which you can see my UI. I know this was pre-MOP but it hasnt changed much since then so should suffice.

Hopefully I'm a good fit for you guys, I bring a competitive attitude, high raid awareness, pots, food, flask, to every raid I step in. Oh and feathers, lots of feathers. ^_^

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Hello Sammik Welcome to the forums,

Just for heads up your currently log out in your pvp resto gear, the link you provided didn't work for me just might be me but doing a simple armory search wasn't hard. Looking at your balance spec I see you picked Cenarion Ward do you favor this over renew/NS?


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While your right that HT dose incur a global, NS does not. I play a DOC feral Druid and NS pretty much mandatory I use the marco

#showtooltip Nature's Swiftness

/castsequence Nature's Swiftness, Healing Touch

/target kemono

In order to make it work you hit it once to activate NS then the second time for HT there no global to NS so you smash that key in as fast as you can the second time lol. I have it so it target myself you can also do a mouse over marco but I'm pretty greedy lol

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Sam and I already interviewed over the weekend so.. Recruit accepted. :)

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