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Boogys App to South Of Heaven


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Boogymans Shadow Priest

Name: James

Age: 41

Raid Availability: Sunday - Saturday from 5 server to 1am Server

Race and Class: Goblin Priest

Main spec: Shadow

Off Spec: Disc

Armory Link:


World of Logs Reports:


Computer Specs:

2600 I7

64g dominator ram

GeForce GTX 670 times 4 in SLI

home built

Internet Connection:


UI Screenshot:


Past PvE experience

All content from MC to MOP

Realm 1st in Cata on Tic (Malygos, and Naxxramas the guild also did Sartharion but I was not in the kill group).

started the day it came out... well Dec 25 2004 it was a Christmas present.

Past guild experience and why I left those guilds

Out lived the guild I have been in.

I was the GM of thunderwalkers when we received server 1st on Tic. guild disband to play other games (GOW, SWOR, Conan ect....)

I have been in 4 guilds since going live in Dec 2004. Runegaurd, thunderwalkers, Reason, and Overdosed.

Why did I choose to apply to South of Heaven

you are where I am leaving off and I would like to keep the same progress I am use to. I don't want to fall a contend behind.

I also would like to see if a 25 man raid would be fun again

My attitude toward raiding

I live, it I am always ready, own flasks 300 food I would skip work to progress.

Can I play the other specs of my class

I can play Disc good Holy needs work

Which add-ons, if any, do I feel are essential to raiding for a shadow priest


Tidy plates




Ingela Rapture (Disc)


Halo pro

Heal Bot

I have been a GM, raid leader, class leader, and officer.

I was GM/RL for my server first and understand what it takes to progress

Events that will interfere with my attendance

I am a DP engineer for General Electric, this requires me to travel. on the event I travel this will affect my performance do to my connection in hotels. my travels include but not limited to US, UK, Singapore, China, Africa, and New Zealand. However I do give notice via post, cell text (if I have a contact number), and or verbally.

Why should we pick Me

I am a good raider already geared, know all the fights and do dailies with flasks and food :). Most important I am not the best Shadow Priest in the world I can improve in many ways, so I am egger to listen to people, to better my play making me a valued pick up.

I feel a trial goes both ways as in I am trialing you as a guild. I don't have a big head I just want to know if I personal mesh with the people that may become a family (so to speak), and that going back to a 25 man raid is something I want to take part in. I don't want to waste peoples time as I don't want my time wasted.

Thanks for your valued time, Happy holidays I look forward in meeting all of you and taking the next step.

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Hello James,

Welcome to the SOH forums. Do you happen to have any hobbies outside of this reality most of us call WoW? Also, have you always played your priest as you main, if not what classes have you played in the past.

Happy Holiday and Cheers,


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good day Kemono

thanks, hobbies restoring my 1967 camaro. as for my priest yes, I have a rogue and mage but they are mostly for farming my raid mats and other professions...

For my little priest :)

Total time played: 636 days, 19 hours, 33 minutes, 11 secounds

Time played this level: 19 days, 16 hours 20 minutes 20 secounds

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