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[EVE] Jamroar is here!

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Hey everyone! My real name is James and I'm looking for my first Eve corp. I joined Eve with 3 IRL friends, who will/have joined, at the same time and after a month we're looking for our next step. After the tutorial we moved straight to exploring wormholes to make ISK, but we're ready for more content. We were attracted to Eve from reading the stories online about massive battles and politics backstabbing. I'm a complete noob, less than one month played, but I'm eager to dig deep and learn more. I have an addictive personality and I can't wait to learn more about this game which has an endless amount of things to do. I went on my first fleet with you a few days ago and that was one of my best video game experiences. I've never played a game before, except a couple raids in WoW many years ago, with that many people on the same page and working towards the same objective.


More personally, I'm a father of a 3-year old and she takes up a lot of my free time. At the end of this month my wife and I are going to Las Vegas for a milestone birthday of mine. Friends that live near me are traveling out with us and other friends that live in Los Angeles are coming too. We have reservations at Gordon Ramsay Steak. I ate there about a year ago and had the Beef Wellington and I've been thinking about that meal ever since. We're basically going to Las Vegas so we have dinner (and a weekend without the kid).


I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone in the corp and learning more about Eve.



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Hey Jamroar/James - welcome to the corp! Glad you had a good time on the fleet this weekend, there will be more where that came from haha. Looking forward to helping you learn more about the game through cryptic non-answers to direct questions. (For real though I had a good time answer questions in Discord last night, even if we had a hard time giving straightforward answers!) While you're on the forums, check out this thread about a possible PvE night: https://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/20383-pve-night/ (there us a ton of other interesting stuff in our Eve subforum too)



Sounds like you've got s great trip to Vegas planned, have a great time man!

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Howdy Jamroar, that was a fun fleet this weekend! I just joined SoH recently and also am excited to have much to learn about eve. To be honest, I was a little intimidated about being inexperienced amongst a group who know what they're doing so well. Should be good fun having someone else along to learn the ropes with.


Good luck on the Vegas trip... a proper meal is reason enough to go near anywhere.

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Hey there! Good to see such enthusiasm for learning the game. I’m still learning a lot and continually learning through experience, so I’d be happy to fleet up sometime. I also hang out on discord when I’m online so your welcome to jump into voice chat if you have questions.


Whats your your favourite way to make ISK as the moment?


Man I’m even more sad that I missed the fleet this weekend. Sounds like I might have to start posting noobie roams so we can all learn together. 

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Welcome potential new space friend!


Your group has the eagerness to learn and the willingness to take risks that will get you far in this game. Glad to have you along.


Random question time!


What's your favorite beverage for relaxing on a Friday night?


Soup or salad?


Favorite planet?

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Hello Jamroar & welcome! Looking forward to more space shenanigans in the future!

Some random questions!

1. I have a bag of Jelly Beans. I know this isn't a question, I just felt like sharing.
2. What is your favorite EVE ship so far?
3. Oh no! (or Oh yes?!) You've been bitten by a space spider! You now gain awesome super powers. What are they? And, what is the ironically fitting weakness that accompanies your new found power?

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Tyrlis - Favorite beverage is definitely beer. Recently I've been drinking a lot 

from a brewery in Hawaii called Kona.


Salad over soup. I feel like an old person when I eat soup.


Planet has to be Saturn, right? The rings of ice and rock and the hexagon at the pole make it's #1.


Practical - Jelly beans are nice. What's your favorite flavor? I always liked mixing the fruit ones and eating them all together.


I'm so new that I only know a few ships, but I've had a lot of fun exploring so I'll go with the Magnate for now.


Space spider? Damn. I would be able to ignore gravity, but my feet are too sticky to ever leave the found.

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