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Okay, so I had been diligent about posting our Member promotions and I apologize for slacking off so let's see if I can list all our members that I missed. Harmacist Dys Xotic

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Today I announce a promotion so special in nature that it has never before happened in the history of the guild!


After much thought, I've decided to promote Fera to the Founder rank.  I was so impressed by the Chapter she built in Guildwars 2, and this thought had been on my mind since then.  She exudes the SoH ethos without effort, yet she managed to combine that with a steady pragmatism.  Despite our being two very different people, we've always been able to work seamlessly.  I think that's because we ultimately want the same things for the guild, and that's what makes this feel like a natural step forward to me.


Will there be more Founder promotions?  What are the criteria?  I have not decided.  It's likely to remain a highly subjective thing.


And, while it should go without saying, I'll make clear that this is in no way intended to diminish the crucial role of our active and former Chapter Leads.  They, along with our GO's and Vet's, are what allows the guild to be so stable and to cover so much ground.

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