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  1. Welcome back!
  2. We have a big social mining fleet!

  3. Grats guys!
  4. my thoughts exactly!
  5. planets - rings or no rings? How do you feel about rings...
  6. Hello and Welcome! As someone who uses the services of locksmiths and has learned some basics, I can only say I appreciate and fear your soon to be powers of locksmithery! Look forward to getting to know you in game. Hmmmm......and so.... Favorite planet? also cause why and stuff? also.....rings?
  7. Welcome! Glad Lel convinced you to join in! First I would like to say good luck on three boys! I am sure you are in for great adventures . I have two girls myself - much older and I can only assume sooooo much more drama! Now down to business! Which element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) or sub group do you like best? Again Welcome! (also in game I am Gregor Grim)
  8. Hello Myralyn! Welcome to the Forums. Look forward to flying with you in Eve. My Eve name is Gregor Grim. A couple of questions for you..... -Light or Dark? -Stone, Wood or Metal? -Beer of Choice?
  9. Republic or Empire?
  10. Well met Sir! Looking forward to meeting you in game and being in awe of your ability to pilot ships that I cannot! I must ask - Light side or Dark side? Coffee or Tea? Medium Rare, Well done or Ewww?
  11. Hola Ken! Looking forward to getting to know you and die along side of you! So - Jacob or Edward? Righty or Lefty?
  12. Hello and Welcome! Look forward to flying with you soon! Also - Favorite animal? Wood, Stone or Metal?
  13. Bob! Welcome! Looking forward to flying with you in game.
  14. Welcome!