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  1. Caiffena


    Welcome, Keg/Shrap! Looking forward to meeting you in one or some of the games we'll be playing through in!
  2. Caiffena

    Hello and Intro

    Welcome, Loda! I look forward to meeting you and playing something fun in the future with you and Shrap!
  3. Caiffena

    Cohort Proposal - ESO

    I'm in for taking this on, too! It may be alot of fun!!
  4. Caiffena

    Intro to madestro

    Hi there and welcome!!
  5. Caiffena

    Intro-Returning ESO player

    Welcome to SOH! The water's fine, but be sure to read all the books and watch every cut scene :)
  6. Caiffena

    Intro, ESO player

    Hello Syy, I'm often late to the party on boards but want to welcome you to the guild! I've seen you online a few times and am always happy to help, anytime! I am still very new to the game, so you're probably light years ahead of me!
  7. Caiffena

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    I'm tardy to the party! Welcome, Qi'o, I hope you are enjoying your time in SOH! I think my favorite Russian cuisine is Vodka!
  8. Caiffena

    Code of Conduct

    Hi! I've read and agreed to these a couple times over the years. Just thought I'd reaffirm my agreement!
  9. Caiffena

    GW2 member application

    Welcome to SoH, Latino! Hope to meet you and play with you, soon!
  10. I think I have this flu that's going around. So yuck ;(

    1. Fera


      Aww! My poor friend! Feel better soon -- miss you <3!

    2. Harth
  11. Caiffena

    Application - Theodragus

  12. Caiffena

    GW2 Application

    Welcome to SoH, Michael! Looking forward to meeting you!
  13. Caiffena

    Guild Wars 2 Application

    Welcome to the guild, Dire!
  14. Caiffena

    Reapplication from an old SoH member

    Amatsu! Good to see you're still around! Congratulations on the degree and the upcoming nuptials! Should I offer another congrats on the promotion, as well? Hope to see you soon!
  15. Caiffena

    GW2 Guild Application

    Welcome, Dave! Been nice WvW'g with ya!