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  1. Welcome, Keg/Shrap! Looking forward to meeting you in one or some of the games we'll be playing through in!
  2. Welcome, Loda! I look forward to meeting you and playing something fun in the future with you and Shrap!
  3. I'm in for taking this on, too! It may be alot of fun!!
  4. Welcome to SOH! The water's fine, but be sure to read all the books and watch every cut scene :)
  5. Hello Syy, I'm often late to the party on boards but want to welcome you to the guild! I've seen you online a few times and am always happy to help, anytime! I am still very new to the game, so you're probably light years ahead of me!
  6. I'm tardy to the party! Welcome, Qi'o, I hope you are enjoying your time in SOH! I think my favorite Russian cuisine is Vodka!
  7. Hi! I've read and agreed to these a couple times over the years. Just thought I'd reaffirm my agreement!
  8. Welcome to SoH, Latino! Hope to meet you and play with you, soon!
  9. I think I have this flu that's going around. So yuck ;(

    1. Fera


      Aww! My poor friend! Feel better soon -- miss you <3!

    2. Harth
  10. Welcome to SoH, Michael! Looking forward to meeting you!
  11. Amatsu! Good to see you're still around! Congratulations on the degree and the upcoming nuptials! Should I offer another congrats on the promotion, as well? Hope to see you soon!
  12. Welcome, Dave! Been nice WvW'g with ya!
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