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  1. Hi there. No, sorry; we're on Stormreaver. Here's hoping you find the site you're looking for!
  2. What?! I just think children make a terrible player race! And goblins, well.. I just don't like their look/style/feel. Anyway, welcome Lylly to recruitdom. When you get a sec, head over to our code of conduct thread, read it through, and give it your agreement or signature or whatever you like.
  3. It really is transcendent. Ever since I jumped into FFXIV at launch I just couldn't even with them. I can't even defend it as rational...
  4. Welcome I'm glad to see you apply; Tiny gave you a strong recommendation! And it was fun to have you along last night. Alright, on to the important stuff: 1) What's your favorite color? 2) Do you now, or have you ever, wanted a pony for your birthday? 3) Other than sourdough, what is your favorite bread? 3a) Sub-question: what would you put on a sandwich made with said bread? 4) Are you familiar with Charlie the Unicorn, and would YOU have gone to Candy Mountain? 5) How do you feel about Lalafell? 6) Do you ever do arenas or BGs? 7) What's your favorite spell in WoW? 8) Do you have more achievement points than I do? 9) Have you ever been to another country? 10) Do you ever watch terrible movies specifically because they are so terrible? 11) (BONUS) Over Macho Grande?
  5. First time in NFL history that a 6-10 team has played in a conference championship game. This is a historic day indeed..

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    2. Sunny


      I have to admit that the final 4 mins of the SEA/GB game was some exciting football. The GB kick off returning must feel terrible about messing up that onside kick

    3. Darlantan


      I can't feel good about anything I saw before the last four minutes, except maybe Sherman's great pick in the endzone and our defense's monster goal line stands in the first half.

      It takes something special to pull off a comeback like that, though. And the drive in overtime to seal it was as pretty as football gets.

    4. Sunny


      Also i feel that this Football issue could be the catalyst for a SoH civil war. Obviously NE is the far superior North, and Seattle will have to be the South. Who's side are you on?

      Massholes unite!

  6. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees??? http://i.imgur.com/3e88WV0.gif

    1. Tilluk
    2. Tinymanz


      that's just outright disturbing.

    3. Xander117


      the stuff of nightmares that is

  7. Ran into this issue today. Thought I'd share (and I largely agree with the author's feelings.) http://www.thatdanny.com/2008/11/20/one-fewer-or-one-less-a-definitive-answer/

  8. Oh exciting; congratulations. ^^
  9. lol, Hey there! I was witness to Tilly's piece of that mumble conversation. I was going to come crash the party as well but it ended before I could get there.
  10. Always brings a smile:

  11. Hadn't seen this before. Had to try very hard not to giggle uncontrollably when I saw it at work. http://imgur.com/gallery/xaGDn

  12. Between this thread and the chat room I think it's high time we got you an invite and recruit status. I really only play my esper Darlantan; I'll try to contact you in game and get you an invite. Will you be around tonight? And is there a character that you prefer to main over the others?
  13. I do remember you from chat room! Glad you decided to come on over. Our FFXIV chapter sure has attracted some great people; hope to see you around the forums and chat room in the future. Unfortunately I always end up being "that guy", but... could you have your husband also post an intro if he's interested in us? Our recruitment process focuses on the individual all the way from start to finish; separating all couples' apps is the first step in ensuring we know each and every one of you, and nobody is just so-and-so's SO (see what I did there?!), brother, or whatever. Cheers!~
  14. Totes! Hope to see you back somewhere down the road. =)
  15. Any excuse to post this thing.
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